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i was half zombie, half melai when i went to heykessy’s washi and papercutting workshop a few weeks back. usually, my writing hand can endure long periods of stress but after working for more than 13 hours, it was already shaking. both hands actually. so i trudged to pipino along jupiter street, which is just some meters from our building, like the undead but with less gore. hahaha.


i got to sit at the kabisera, prime seat at the head of the table. woooo! it meant not having to bump elbows with the other participants. the private room they had reserved for the workshop was small but it was cozy.


the papercutting kit we received had the practice sheets, a personalized rubber mat, a wooden frame, a precision knife, and heykessy’s march postcard. huzzah! we also had…


rolls of dangerous addiction err… i mean washi tape. we all get to have one for free but i bought an extra one. either that was self control or maybe i was just on zombie mode. the other participants kind of hoarded, nyahaha!


i made a kitteh! decided not to do something elaborate because i was dead tired. papercutting can really stress you because it kind of makes you oc on getting perfect curves and straight lines. this is kind of a nice skill to have though, but needs a lot of focus… you might accidentally stab someone, lol.


everyone’s else’s work. i remember liking the whale one. so eun, had a blast cutting up paper and ogling pretty washi tape at the workshop. will try this again soon!

yun lang.

♥ melai


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