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the up fair has been one of the default events i go to every february… and this year i went with maki on the night the ge club (her school club) was hosting the fair and that meant not having to fall in line and suffer through the throngs of zombies.. err i mean students who were all eager to get inside the fence. i also met up with my boss, and i think she was pleased by the easy breezy entrance, the ge club kid who was manning the back gates was super kind.


bought some souvenir shirts from the ge club booth and we got some free glow sticks! huzzah! maki was telling me that for the previous fairs, the club only had booths, but now the kids were doing the hosting.


there were bands all throughout and i liked the performances of gracenote, autotelic, peryodiko, join the club, banda ni kleggy, and up dharma down… too bad, silent sanctuary wasn’t able to perform. on a side note, i got hit by a bouncing premier condom balloon, lelz.


so glad they had trashcans all over because before there’d be heaps of garbage and the area was relatively cleaner than the past fairs… and then i don’t know if it’s just me, but they’d stamped us all up with some kind of strong ink this year, it took several washes before it got completely removed when all it took for the ink before was some damp tissue.


aside from the bands there are always little treasures and fun stuff, i tend to go for tea and there’s always so many new ones at the fair and also, stationery and knickknacks.


but the coolest thingies in the entire fair were those zooyork decks, i wouldn’t mind having a wall of these at my place, heehee. teh ozumness, yes? will come back next year!

yun lang.

♥ melai



went to the up fair last… err, last month, hahaha. the lines weren’t so terrible, just had to get past through zombies and some mutations, i mean throngs of students and security. i arrived just in time for tanya markova, huzzah! they played picture picture, linda blair, and disney, which reminded me of my bestfriend. she had e-mailed me those songs after i learned about the band.


i thought it rained a bit that morning, but the sunken garden grass was dry. on a side note, i haz new ox’s, yee!


roamed around… and they still have the same booths and rides… yung kumakain ng mga magsyota, hahaha!


sponsors, you gotta love them, they’ve got better booths than anyone else.


i tried to stay away from the knickknacks but couldn’t help it. didn’t buy anything though, self control at its finest, haha.


what i did buy was a pullover, which is totally useful, ahem, and ended the night with good old tapa from rodic’s. hyeah.

yun lang.

♥ melai

late post is late… went to the up fair a few days back. it was the last fair night and parokya ni edgar is playing so ang dami dami daming tao. i kind of started at the back part of the sunken garden then worked my way up, just to avoid getting trampled. IMG_1253 IMG_1254 IMG_1255 IMG_1279 IMG_1281 same old rides but different organization funding… we’ve got that octopus ride, ferris wheel, flying fiesta kind of, dart booths, and that giant training board for rock climbing. these are also known as magsyota rides and attractions, hahaha. kumakain yan ng mga magsyota. IMG_1285 my attempt at watching bands has failed, lol. kumusta naman, several hundred meters of tao! i went treasure hunting instead… IMG_1266 swap watches … not a fan of it but they have a really cool booth. IMG_1258 IMG_1259 books and comics of course, thor is looking mighty fine over there. IMG_1262 IMG_1256 sm youth … wish i could have gotten them as a sponsor back in my college days. they’ve got a nice truck filled with shirts and scary bouncers, err, guards? IMG_1263 up shirts, i wanted the witty ones, wish they had my size. o hai there, ate! IMG_1268 IMG_1270 kpop stalls … there were some carrying big bang merchandise, maki would spazz kaso ayaw niya pumunta ng fair, haha. IMG_1264 IMG_1280 IMG_1282 stationery and trinkets and… penises. i think these are pens or usb caps. i got some washi tape and some writing pads though. IMG_1271 IMG_1277 cheap thrills … they sell really cheap stuff too like glowing toys and native purses. your hundred pesos will go a long way and you’ll still have some change left. IMG_1289 fossilized flowers … i thought these were pretty. there were lots of flower headdresses that were being sold too. and after looking around for stuff and knick knacks, i head to the food. IMG_1284 good day coffee … what a nice name for coffee and the promise of good flavors to lift your mood, huh? IMG_1265 IMG_1278 oh yes, milk and bubble teas pa ren ang binebenta sa up fair. specially liked the you only live once tea. yolo! IMG_1298 IMG_1299 tapos, the perfect way to end the day is with the warm and loving smells of tapa at rodics… see the tower of rodics boxes? anyhoo,smells lang kasi naubusan ako ng kanin.  hahaha! will come back next year. yun lang. ♥ melai

decided to go the the last day of the fair din, even if maki and miming couldn’t… hmph! hahaha!


speak up … although i listened a lot …to music… that night. again, the syalan up fair tickets! on the other hand, it was actually a bit nice to wander alone in the fair grounds, i got to buy a few more trinkets and had


henna … i had the one from the first day covered up because it didn’t turn out the way i wanted to… i got compliments with this new one though. hihi.


shawarma rice … i ate this during the first day too because the kuya who was selling this is cute shawarma rice is ozumm. pero sa tingin ko, hindi na masyadong marami ang nagbebenta ng shawarma mas madami na kasi ang nagbebenta ng…


teas … so, ang benta lang ng milk teas at fruit teas sa fair. people were chugging the stuff even if they know that these are diuretics and that they might need to pee in a yucky enclosed and unlit urinal. uminom din ako. wahehehe. there were other things that seemed fun like…


jinri park … who is really pretty. she was teaching the audience a few korean words so that makes her cool in my book.


octopus ride … nangangain naman to ng mga magsyota. hahaha! i love the colored lines in the ride for some reason though…


sponsors … sometimes they have nice stuff displayed around. at siyempre…


moonstar88 … kasi ang ganda ng boses nung vocalist, kahit hindi kumakanta, she sounds really sweet. on a side note, i liked gracenote too but mostly because of the violin part. hihi.

tapoooos, i went home na before midnight, didn’t want to risk getting trapped in the narrow passage before the exit and get my butt touched again liked what happened during the first day. nyahahah!  enjoy pa ren though, sabi ko nga, next year ulit!

yun lang.

♥ melai

talaga lang nag-eenjoy ako sa up fair, pang 5th year ko na to eh, hahaha! went with maki, who got the…


syalan up fair tickets from ticketworld, courtesy of ailyn. tickets used to be simple cards with graphics pero umuunlad na ngayon. hehehe.


bulkantahan … was the first day of the fair, unang pasabog nga daw. i think sulit naman yung binayad namin… ganda ng boses ni jessica sanchez eh, although kasalanan niya kung bakit late na kami nakauwi. hahaha. they made her perform first rather than the bands… anyhoo, got to listen to spongecola, join the club, ebe, gloc 9, at siyempre, parokya ni edgar pluuuus ang kalandian ni chito miranda. hihihi.

we roamed around din… ito talaga yung gustong gusto ko sa fair eh bukod sa mga bands, yung mga cute na boys binebenta sa mga stalls saka yung mga rides, although hindi kami sumasakay. lol. heto o…

flying fiesta

flying fiesta … makulay na ride na nangangain ng kids at nagpapahilo ng mga tao! my pixxor was stolen from maki’s instagram.


maki and ninja maki … i bought a ninja plush and named it maki after my best friend. katabi ko na si ninja maki matulog ngayon, hahaha!


i got some pitaka purses too. will give the ‘arte’ one to my other friend, monique. these are cool though… they promote our culture and they’re sensible at the same time. at sa wakas…


nakabili na din ako ng up fair shirt … lagi kasi akong nauubusan during the past years.  congratulations melai! tapooos, umuwi na kami ni maki. swerte lang namin, nakasakay kami agad ng ikot at pasalamat ko na ren because maki gets super cranky when she has not had sleep… ako, cranky lang. hahaha! super enjoy ako, next year ulit.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

it has been years since i started going to the up fair. ito na naman yung isa sa mga part ng taon na magpapanggap akong taga up. hahaha! normally, non-up peeps would need to fall in line at main gates… twice. hahaha, kasi one is for buying tickets and the other line is to the entrance to the fair itself.

it would have been ok but the lines are extremely long, you’d lose your sanity in the middle of it. it’s a good thing that maki is an alumna and we always are able to get in to the fair easily. nyahaha! mabuhay ang mga engineers!


the mudness …  dahil maulan ng mga nakaraang araw, super putik ng sunken garden. it felt like walking on brown play doh. there were casualties, you know… hundreds of shoes… mostly white chucks and keds. hehehe. we walked slipped and slid around the booths though and we found…


fair treasures … well these are little gems to me… i bought this year’s ring, the thing costs like php300 at forever21 but the seller sold it to me for only php50. huzzah! then maki and i bought shirts from mightee everyday. they sell statement shirts that have sayings in excellent type art. finally, i found a lost bear.


himigsikan … we went to the fair on its last day and the theme was himigsikan. there were established bands such as parokya ni edgar, moonstar 88, updharmadown, and kamikazee… the ones i remember. there were two songs though that i literally stopped and listened to, senti and kundiman, my all time favorites. and here’s a shoutout to my friend jang, who went to himigsikan too and who texted me saying that she remembered me when they played kundiman.


mixed up … it was a sign near the rides and fun booths. maki and i don’t usually go near there but since we were with the rest of the engineering kids we did go there. the nice thing about it is there were a lot of cute boys. hahaha! we were eyeing the one above. the pixxor doesn’t do him justice though.


several math whizzes … these are some of the engineers we bumped into who know me already or whom i’ve met several times and whom maki does not need to explain why were friends and all. hahaha. from left ay si manny, lani, aileen, and maki. lani is the only person i know who does mental math like a calculator.


lots of math whizzes … these are the rest of the engineering kids who call me and maki…  ate! love them all, mostly when they’re calling me ate. parang ang cute ee. they were toddlers when i was in high school. lol.


a sweet ending … we chanced upon some cakes and we bought a slice each by the end of himigsikan, a nice way to end a long, muddy, musical, fun fun fun day. salamat sa pagsama lagi sa akin, maki… next year ulit!

yun lang.

♥ melai

so hindi pa ko nakontento sa loverage ng up fair. nyohoho! maki and i went to the upsurge concert too! i went mainly because i was really intrigued by tanya markova and it was sugarfree’s last up fair gig. upsurge was being presented by an engineering fraternity and since i’m tagging along with an engineer… hehehe. we didn’t have to fall in line at the entrance and we had backstage passes too! hyeah!

maki and i did a bit of preliminaries, aba, kailangang magdinner noh. ahaha! i was finally able to eat shawarma rice and those orange eggs! i am banned from buying street food, so i was happy to find them at the up fair. maki had gotten me a nice lego ring and we had henna done too. i always had mine done in chinese characters and this year it was this…

strong … that’s what it means. i had to and still have to be strong emotionally at sa pagharap na rin sa araw araw na pagsubok. choz! on a side note, the kuya who did my henna had light hands which were unusually soft… but he was kind of manyak. nyahahaha!

upsurge … i was finally able to see tanya markova perform. ang galing nila, naadik kaya ako sa disney at picture picture. oh, and i finally found out that iwa motors is a guy. hehehe. tapos marami pang banda ang tumugtog, the ones i remember are pedicab and callalily and of course, giniling festival kasi maki was excited to see them.

there were games too… lol. since we were backstage, we were asked if we wanted to join the game kaya lang it was a game where you blow up frenzy condoms. nyahahahaha! we all politely declined. at sa wakas sugarfree na! it was their last performance at the up fair. the best song they sang, para sakin ha, was also their last song, tulog na. the part by the end of the song, maraming salamat, tayo’y magkikitang muli was exceptionally touching… you can see it for yourself here.

it was a really great night, reminded me of first meetings and final goodbyes… ganyang mga alaala ang masarap itago sa puso. so eun, next year ulit, ha? sana makasama ko na kayo miming and max.

yun lang.

♥ melai

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