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late post is late. haven’t blogged in a while because… life, haha. and so, we went to the up lantern parade some, ahem, three months ago. it was as always, really fun but there were so many people that night it was somewhat difficult to get good photos.

up lantern parade 2016 x chocolate kiss cafe fb
up lantern parade 2016 x chocolate kiss cafe fb
up lantern parade 2016 x chocolate kiss cafe fb

the building lights and the floats were very nice though, they had this ‘film’ theme going on too. on a side note, there was one point when, in an attempt to catch up with the floats, we tried crossing the whole of the sunken garden… which was very unwise, haha, but… at least to me, it was a funny moment (hey, i was wearing a dress and skate shoes with the waffles sticking to the wet ground). we stopped trying to cross after a few meters.

up lantern parade 2016 x chocolate kiss cafe transfers

we ended the night eating at the chocolate kiss cafe, i hadn’t eaten there in a long time, they still make all the old cakes (like dayap and devil’s food) and the acid orange tea. on a side note, if you’re going to have the bahay ng alumni as your meet-up place (which i did), better inform your unfamiliar friends that it is a building inside of up diliman… in my case everyone was asking “who” the alumni was… “bahay ng alumni? sinong alumni?”, nyahaha.

yun lang.

♥ melai

i went to up months ago just to gawk at the sunflowers. heto o…


i like flowers (obviously), and i think sunflowers are somewhat more special than the others… they (mostly, haha science) follow the sun and turn their backs on darkness. they stand straight, tall, and proud.

on a side note, i badly miss the up area food. will drag the best friend when the opportunity arises.

yun lang.

♥ melai

the up fair has been one of the default events i go to every february… and this year i went with maki on the night the ge club (her school club) was hosting the fair and that meant not having to fall in line and suffer through the throngs of zombies.. err i mean students who were all eager to get inside the fence. i also met up with my boss, and i think she was pleased by the easy breezy entrance, the ge club kid who was manning the back gates was super kind.


bought some souvenir shirts from the ge club booth and we got some free glow sticks! huzzah! maki was telling me that for the previous fairs, the club only had booths, but now the kids were doing the hosting.


there were bands all throughout and i liked the performances of gracenote, autotelic, peryodiko, join the club, banda ni kleggy, and up dharma down… too bad, silent sanctuary wasn’t able to perform. on a side note, i got hit by a bouncing premier condom balloon, lelz.


so glad they had trashcans all over because before there’d be heaps of garbage and the area was relatively cleaner than the past fairs… and then i don’t know if it’s just me, but they’d stamped us all up with some kind of strong ink this year, it took several washes before it got completely removed when all it took for the ink before was some damp tissue.


aside from the bands there are always little treasures and fun stuff, i tend to go for tea and there’s always so many new ones at the fair and also, stationery and knickknacks.


but the coolest thingies in the entire fair were those zooyork decks, i wouldn’t mind having a wall of these at my place, heehee. teh ozumness, yes? will come back next year!

yun lang.

♥ melai


went to up some days back to check out the sunflowers because they might not be around anymore next summer. didn’t get lost this time though, lol. just followed some joggers and found the sunflower lanes.


spotted this pretty bud. sunflowers follow the golden ratio that’s why even the buds look nice. the flower heads are even better…


some were hiding behind the leaves…


some were still sleepy,


others have just had coffee


most were already huddled in meetings…


and here’s the boss!

yun lang.

♥ melai

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