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late post… my computer had died on me and it took some time to be fixed, special thanks to my best friend-technician-handyman miming who fixed teh box. so moving on, i met up with some of my friends from my previous company. we were supposed to eat at a different restaurant but it was closed because a pair of parents wanted to have a party for their kid, who wouldn’t even remember his first birthday. bitter hahaha!

and so, we ended up at shakey’s… and since it’s shakey’s, where hordes of people go and waiting for food takes some time then combine that with a bunch of hungry rta’s, we get a lot of …


crazy … june, me, and minion monique! we are the braces team. they wanted me to show my braces. uh, no. hahaha! naglokohan pa kami until the food came.


monster meal deal … akin lang lahat yan eh. hahahaha! ay kay monique pala…

attack of teh ccods

at binilhan pa nila ako ng cake! wooo! classic chocolate cake from tous les jours, haha, alam na alam.

attack of teh ccods
attack of teh ccods

aside from food, we had some laugh fests too! dami ko lang tawa sa mga kalokohan ng mga ccod na to.


ayan sila pagkatapos lumafang. merong nakasamang ulo sa gilid ni melo. hahaha! thanks for taking some time off for me guys. hoping that we can go out again very soon. lab lab!

yun lang.

♥ melai

having moved to a different company, i knew that i would’nt be able to take some time off for my birthday, so i just decided to drown myself in kicks (cakes). hahaha!

chocolate forest

chocolate forest … i brought this to work. my officemates had fun camwhoring with it! lol. having this new job is actually one of the best gifts i have received. people at my new company are so adorkable! they say they’re not nice, although i think they are, but more importantly they know the meaning of respect for uniqueness, something that i value so much. note that i still try to separate work from my personal life.

so there, going back to the cake… i’ve been eyeing this from tous les jours for a long time. it’s the sweetest cake in the planet, everyone went adhd when they had this, haha. i specially liked the chocolate shavings at the top because they kind of turned into rosettes. chocolate will always be one of the best things in life. oh yeah.

mango bravo

mango bravo … my favorite of the bunch! i bought this from conti’s… for myself. haha, please allow me to be selfish on my birthday! it’s just ozummm. it’s shaped like a tower so i thought it would be heavy but it’s very light, kind of like tiramisu, only better. plus it had mangoes and chocolate sauce, the kind the freezes up, and some wafers inside too. talagang bravo!

chocolate mousse

chocolate mousse … i bought this because of the broas or ladyfingers. according to the person who attended to me at max’s bakery, this was called, cake na may bakod, referring to the finger shaped biscuits… although i’d like to think of them as cats’ tongues. hahaha! loved the broas so much though, i haven’t had them in a long time. anyhoo, brought this to my sister because i missed her and my hyper niece. i thought she liked it too.

so eun, i’m probably bloated by now, lol. but my birthday was a happy one. lots of friends greeted me and i received some very nice gifts. i still have pending treats for my closest friends though, hoping their schedules would clear up soon! huzzah!

yun lang.

♥ melai

so i had a pre-birthday celebration with david and post birthday celebrations with miming and then max which i might put in another post… but i had a simple birthday. i kind of devoured red velvet cupcakes and chapchae while watching harry potter and the deathly hallows parts one and two. harry potter movies usually comes out during my birthday month and since harry, shane, and i have the same birthday… well there you go. afterwards, i met up with maki and we had some

chicken heaven

chicken heaven … bakit ba, eh gusto kong kumain ng manok sa birthday ko. i wanted to try hainanese chicken a long time ago, kasi naman naadik sa bon chon. hahaha! and of course we had cake!

melai cake+
love inspiration

melai cake … we got this from tous les jours, i think it’s called love inspiration. nom nom nom. it’s sweet and the red powdered top is sour which made it taste kind of lemony sweet. wish they offered smaller cakes because i can have this everyday!

so eun, i had a pretty good birthday, got ozumm gifts, and warm hugs and kisses. uh so, another year olderrr, please call me big sister nao. hahaha! here’s to birthday kicks and blessings and friendship, and love and family, and cake! cheers!

yun lng.

♥ melai

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