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super late post… because again, life… so i went the annual giant lantern festival in san fernando, pampanga last… err… last december (sorry na). went on a weekday and not on the main event day because all you’ll ever see on that day are selfie sticks and people’s heads. was able to get really close to the lanterns and here are my favorite pixxors…


particularly liked sto. nino’s lantern though, it looked like a giant flower wreath most of the time but


it had a majestic finale.



dolores keeps winning yearly but i will always have a penchant for telabastagan, hihi. this baranggay won when i attended my first festival… they’re still awesome. so eun, it was fun watching the lights, hoping to see the lanterns again next time.

yun lang.

♥ melai



late post is late… anyhoo, i went to cutud in san fernando pampanga last march to see the flagellants and the crucifixion rites that’s being held there annually. we had to walk a kilometer or two to the crucifixion site and there were penitents walking as well… they had cuts on their back and they’d flog themselves almost in sync… at least those that went on groups. on a side note, i got a lot of blood spatters.


the crucifixion site was vast, but there were not enough tents and shade, they had tents for ‘vips’, meh. poor people like us had to get fried in the heat… there were no trash cans except for the vendors’, and there were no toilets. penitensiya talaga, hahaha. we found a spot near the crosses.


roamed around before i died of dehydration, lulz. there are lots of sellers that would pester you to buy their towels, hats, drinks, and such.


ventured out the streets while waiting for the crucifixion play… actually i was trying to find some shade, haha, i got really burned on this trip. on the other hand, there are lots of vendors lined up in the streets with colorful wares, you’d never get bored if you get tired of ogling the penitents.


these are probably the best pixxors i have of the play… because everything else i have is covered in umbrellas and selfie sticks, hay. i’m not the most religious person, and i went to see the culture. it was interesting to find people harming themselves to prove their devotion and atone for their sins, you should go see this event, if you need a faith boost or… err, tan yourself, haha. might come back next year.

yun lang.

♥ melai

was already near the bus terminals but i had to rush back home, actually, to get my dying ge camera before going to san fernando for the giant lantern festival. ahem, courtesy of miming who borrowed my ipad, hoho. he’s family anyway, no biggie. i should really get another camera though but but but… priorities. been saving up for some trips and then there’s the stock market… anyhoo, i was able to catch a later bus to dau and took another one to san fernando. huzzah!

by some miracle, i arrived ten minutes before the show, lol. i was able to find an excellent spot just in front of the trucks carrying the lanterns. by the pixxors’ angles, you can actually tell where i was standing, hoho.

first up was baranggay san pedro‘s lantern. it was a giant snowflake with rainbow colors.


it was followed by baranggay del pilar. their lantern had more christmassy colors.


i think baranggay sta. lucia was third place. it looked like a festive flower to me.


baranggay san juan nepomuceno had an angel! it was adorbs, but then it went on it’s disco-casino mode and turned into a giant bling roulette.


baranggay del carmen was in second place. it was very pretty. the kind that makes you feel all girly and flowery.


and then we have the winner, baranggay telabastagan! oh man, it was ozummm! it was in sync all the time with the music and it did this amazing half golden colors and half christmas colors thing.


baranggay san nicolas‘ lantern is a giant sun-star. my friend shane will love this one. plus, it was the most christmassy, it did say merry christmas!


and last but not the least, baranggay dolores‘ very nationalistic lantern! this parol is definitely for the filipino christmas.


they lit the lanterns again in sets and then all of them afterwards, my eyes feasted on all those colorful lights.


i’m slowly getting used to these bus rides all by myself, haha, but still, it’d be nice to be with max, miming, maki, shane and friends in these adventures. i’m hoping they’re not too busy next year. so eun, i heard pampanga has some exotic food, will go back soon!

yun lang.

♥ melai

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