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finished reading this months ago… devoured it in one day too, but i got some pending posts before this so… anyhoo, the story just gets better with the addition of a gender-fluid character, taylor swift song references, and annabeth being one of the characters.

rick riordan’s been my favorite ya writer, he’s got this way of making serious things such as death seem light and to an extent, funny. best thing though is that he’s able to get all the mythologies connected… it’s kind of nice to be able to recognize the references from the percy jackson series (and the kane chronicles in some of the percy books). so eun, i hope they release the ship of the dead real soon.

yun lang.

♥ melai


grabbed the sword of summer weeks ago… finished it in a few days, read some parts while in transit, while eating, even read some parts while in the elevator, tried not to laugh at all the funny parts although i wasn’t to help it that much because rick riordan is a genius.

i specially liked that annabeth chase is an actual character in the book and there were references to percy jackson and jason grace… and also taylor swift, haha. wasn’t really into norse mythology, but i was kind of researching stuff about it while reading this, teehee. can’t wait for the hammer of thor which is coming out next year!

yun lang.

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the moment i read rick riordan’s funny dedication in one of the house of hades’ first pages, i knew it was going to be an ozumm book. and yes it was a really great read! it picks up from where the mark of athena left, you know, that cliffhanger at the end where you had to wait for a year just to know what happened, hehehe. the house of hades begins with percabeth’s journey through tartarus and the other demigods’ travels to the doors of death with focus on, yeah well, hades’ or pluto’s children.

i’m not a big fan of the titanomachy in greek mythology, yet the book made the story really funny and light. as usual, rick riordan gives everything a modern twist, and there were a few surprises like nico liking percy and leo getting a girlfriend! but my favorite part is when bob gave his life for percabeth. *sobs*  friendship is something very important to me, you know.

oh and frank is now praetor! heehee. here’s a shout out to rick riordan, kind sir, thanks for not trolling us so much on this book, lol.

yun lang. go now and read the book, if you haven’t!

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the mark of athena

i bought the mark of athena weeks back because i absolutely love rick riordan and the whole percy jackson book series… and it’s the best one yet. i’ve always been interested in greek mythology but in the books the myths become a mix of the old and the new… think nymphs with iphones, dionysus chugging diet coke, monsters stuck in chinese handcuffs, and even giants doing ballet. hahaha!

it’s one of those books that will make you laugh like an idiot then a few paragraphs later, you’d have to fight back tears. (assuming that you don’t live under a rock and that you know the characters let me tell you that…) i was thrilled when annabeth and percy were finally reunited and that they were able to retrieve the athena parthenos and all the witty banter from the characters. however, the book will not make you sleep though, meaning it’s really hard to put down plus there’s this major heart wrenching cliffhanger by the end. yes, rick riordan, kind sir, this is all your fault.

it’s going to be one more year before the next book comes out which adds to the emotional pain but it would be really nice to see leo with a girlfriend; annabeth and percy driving around tartarus, cause there were a few cars that fell in to the pit; and hopefully the greek and roman camps don’t destroy one another. okay so now… we wait.

yun lang.

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