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chasing butterflies

chasing butterflies

i won’t ever have a garden since i live in an mdu but i can have butterflies around. i made it from scrap paper and a bit of patience. hehe. kind of a distraction na rin, from all the difficulties i’m facing now… and butterflies are a symbol of change. parang transition days lang sa work, magbabago din ang lahat.

i have got a funny way of coping, eh kesa naman drugs! nyahahaha. biro lang! i had fun doing this, might do some more soon but for now, i’m off to those pretty blossoms. wheeeee~

yun lang.

♥ melai


mr. turkey … pwedeng brooch at maliit na pamaypay. lol. hahaha! no frontin’ dun even!

thanksgiving kase sa amerika. at dahil hindi ko alam kung san hahanap ng turkey at baka masiraan pa ko ng bait sa pagluluto nun, eh di gumawa nalang ako. nyahahaha! at dahil thanksgiving nga, i’ve made a list of things i’m thankful for. here goes…

my readers and my blog … the people who read this blog. buti nalang meh naliligaw pa dito. lol. and i’m thankful that i have a place to word my thoughts and feelings… which i can return to whenever i like. maraming maraming salamat sa pagbisita!

friends slash family … they are the people  whom i can spend time with and never feel unsafe. si maki nga kahit mas maliit siya saken sinisigurado niyang hindi ako masasagasaan ng up ikot. hehehe. david’s like that annoying little brat of a brother na mahilig magbigay ng insights sa art chenes. si max naman, kahit mas bata pa siya, minsan parang ate ko na, her perceptions for some reason, have an impact on me. and if i start talking about what miming’s done for me, that’d be an entirely different maybe, say, five posts… ah wait make that twenty posts. hihihi.

i have a home … a cozy and colorful one! it might be small, hahaha, just look at the pixxors! pero puno naman ng pagmamahal. *wink*

music and art and books … well, kung wala siguro tong mga to, boring lahat ng tao sa earth. kaya lang meron ng mga bagay na yan eh, kaya may mga taong baliw na tulad ko na gumagawa ng turkey mula sa papel. oh, by the way, kung gusto mo rin nung turkey, all you need are brown, red, and orange cardboard paper ; yarn, i chose robin’s egg blue, which i felt looked nice with brown ; and the template is here.

my little sister and chibi chan … yung kapatid ko at saka yung inaanak ko, the loveliest people i know. i love them with all my heart. my sister’s already warmed up to me at ngayon inaalagaan niya ko. si ishi, my godchild, well… i’ve warmed up to her for reasons i cannot explain. magaan lang loob ko sa kanya.

my work … finally, i’m working again with an account that i know really well and the people are generally nice and kind. they give me food. lol. and speaking of that…

food … people seem to give me food most of the time. nyahahaha! payat ko kase. i get mostly sweets ; i am able to eat three times a day *ubo… six times a day …ubo* ; and then there are my favorites! mahilig ako sa cake, eggs, eggplant, taho, gelatin, up isaw just to name a few.

the little things … like soft and warm kisses, and passionate kind of lusty ones too! hehe! mga powerhugs at yung mga tawanang tipong masakit na yung tiyan mo di ka pa rin makatigil sa kakatawa, at siyempre yung mga ngiting nakakabuo ng araw.

so eun, sa pamilya ko, sa lahat ng napapadaan dito, sa mga alaala, sa kulay ng buhay, … thank you nga.

yun lang.

♥ melai

nagsimula ang lahat dahil sa bangus. debed’s mom had visited pangasinan for the holidays and unlike debed, she dotes on me and gave me bangus! pis tayuuu! hahaha! max  agreed we cook it at her house… which would be my second visit.

there’s this big white wall in her room which she uses for taking pixxors and since i wasn’t able to do our little angel and devil theme, i thought i’d make up for it… e di hearts nalang! hehehe. i had colored paper lying around and cut up around thirty or so hearts. di ko agad sinabi kay max but when she saw them and was ok with the idea, i was thrilled. hihihi. here o…

sending you some love … yes, kahit november pa ngayon! it was funny how max’s relatives would peek in her room and ask us if it was valentines day already. lol. pero ang love dapat pang whole year! at siyempre pag nagsend ka ng love energy…

you get a heart attack … hindi yung sakit ha. you get a  kind of wonderful feeling, it’s hard to explain. i learned this from max though, hehehe. test nyo nalang, send love to 8888. lol. and in the end, after all that heart blasting, we ate mr. bangus. nom nom nom.

yun lang.

♥ melai


lemme talk about the project first before the inspiration… hehe. this is actually paper craft and typography at the same time. the font is called punched-out… and you can print and build 3d letters with it! made this with cardboard paper, pretty maped scissors, expensive (ehem ehem…) hp ink… and lots of love! placed this on the sidewalk by my building, took a snapshot then left… came back later, nandun pa din siya!

at baket awesome? una sa lahat, the font itself is awesome. just cut along the dotted lines tapos konting folding at glue and you have yourself some 3d pixel letters! thanks to the awesome font creator!

sikand, it was inspired by this comment from miming on my popteen post.

2009/12/13 at 3:22pm
lolz! the ozumness is jooooooo~!

and that comment only shows that i have awesome friends! my awesome n00bcakes. wahahaha! mahal ko talaga kayo…

nga pala, i made the letters a,w, e, s, and o with blue board paper while the letters m and e with red board paper… kasi, i wanted to emphasize the word ‘me’ so that awesome would mean i’m awesome… but i’m not pertaining to myself but to all of us. if you’re reading this now, then you’re awesome!

and finally, if you think life is awesome, then life is…

yun lang.

♥ melai

p. s.

awesome is going to be this month’s theme for my online shop, if there are no more issues with my models’ schedules then the photoshoot will take place this saturday and hopefully we’ll be online saturday next! …the word awesome totals to fifteen in this post (excluding the tags)! ahihi!

the last time i visited miming, he was making some kind of guild wars doll… ehm, make that an expensive set of guild wars dolls. i think it was his first time… na gumawa ng paper craft but it’s already complicated. hahaha, you can count on miming when it comes to tackling stuff, he almost always goes for the difficult levels.

madam and i egged him pero i thought it’d be nice to make a doll too at parang ang cute nung guild wars gwen doll (oha, nagresearch ako! lolololz, hanggang paper craft muse pa din kita?) but it would take an immense amount of patience saka di ako masyadong mahilig sa glue. so eun, nauwi ako sa paggawa ng maliliit na toki. kaya naman…

i overdosed… on paper craft. lolz. i’m starting to like this kind of artwork… meron na nga akong kasunod na project. anyway… i have some new cubes here based on cutesy animals and food. hayaan nyo na ko, there’s no vaccine for cuteness yet… ginawa ko sila habang nagcalls … removes stress like tissue ng pag-ibig. here they are…

hahaha, parang class picture lang… reminds me of my noobcakes… looks a bit similar to this picture.

miming and rabbit

>> post update january 7, 2010 >>this post used to have all the toki’s individual pictures however the picspam is really bothering me so i kept the pics of my two favorite ones… kitty and bunny because they remind me of two persons who changed my life. hehehe. whole story is here at melaikick. if you want to see the individual toki pictures click here.

i had some help though, hindi lahat ako ang nagfold… meron akong bagong pet… don’t know what he is yet. lolz. eto nga pala si jezther (rhymes with hamster… well, kinidnap nga nya yung hamster! hmmm. cute ah, caaaan be!), one of my models and kv6 team mate. he helped fold some of the toki at dahil sawa na kayo siguro sa pagmumukha ko eh di i took pictures of him nalang. hahaha.

jez, ang badboy ng kv6 pero… nyahahaha!

i know this would sound really childish pero he made a totem out of them and story too. lolz. so here goes…

the toki totem according to jez

yung banana split kinain daw nung poring (which isn’t really a poring) at yung poring kinain nung hamster na kinain nung duck na kinain nung pusa na kinain nung pig… yung pig kinain nung monkey na kinain nung panda na kinain nung bear! lmao! the end.

again… made these with cardboard paper, pretty maped scissors, expensive (ehem ehem…) hp ink, vectors from… and lots of love! pm lang poh kung need nyo yung pdf file.

yun lang.

♥ melai

the sweetest paper bag

hehe. oo na… i like cute things plus i’m still preparing the canvas for my next typography art… eun, gumawa ako ng maliit na paper bag… na pink at may blush-on! nyahahaha! anyway, don’t worry… i’m doing this just for the heck of it. di pa naman ako mag-gagantsilyo!

also made  a small cake box with strawberry design… fits nicely inside the paper bag. nga pala, i made this with cardboard paper, pretty maped scissors, clear tape, expensive (ehem ehem…) hp ink, vectors from… and lots of love! gave this as a birthday gift to one of my friends… (placed a bracelet inside)

if you want to make one, just email me… and i’ll send you the pdf file. kekeke?


yun lang.

♥ melai

hindi ko na alam kung anong nangyayari saken. oh hyeah.

melaikick, hoodie, and micro kitties

ewan, hindi naman ako bored eh. in fact, i’m enjoying tons. i made some paper craft during the length of our cct training. ayan mga maliliit na muning. i made three, para i labs yuu. the white one reminds me of snowball, a stray cat which we adopted before. also made a black one and a yellow dotted one, which is my favorite. obvious?

nyahaha. parang elementary project lang. art was one of my favorite subjects back then… recess din siyempre! it’s been a while since i glued something. dami kong printed and colored paper noon. aba aba, laking national yata to! so eun, the vectors are from yuuki. if you want to make one, just email me and i’ll send you the pdf file. kekeke!

yun lang.

♥ melai

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