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wrap! twenty and ten was an extremely crazy year. there were lots of fun moments and there were setbacks too. but here are some high lights of my year.

some people left, some stayed by my side, others came back…and new ones came! … the significant people i met this year were marv and joey ; si sweetheart dave at neechan jories ;  lani and baneee, sabi ko naman eh, masarap ang chicharong bulaklak ; my little siopao ; my new mom ; at siyempre, my big siopao! sino siya at gaano kaimportante? hehehe, makikilala niyo rin siya… importante? let’s just say na siya ang wallpaper sa cellphone at desktop ko. nyahahaha!

but there are people i’m missing so badly … paris, hugot muna. ilibre mo na ko dahil nanjan ka na daw sa fonality. hehehe. ; jang… nasan na yung party? diyan nalang tayo sa fieldwork chenes mo. hehehe. ; may-anne and cha, pretty little dolls, master melai misses you pati yung pet nyong si karlo, ahahaha. but anyhoo, no matter where life takes you… dito lang ako, lol.

i tried my hand at business but… nyahahaha. ahm, and i found out i was better off at the art department. at dun nga ako nagfocus ng lakas nalang. it’s the best outlet for me. my font collection is growing! at kaya ko palang gumawa ng mga bagay bagay. when i get compliments from the stuff i modded, mostly the rings, sobrang masaya ako. ah honga pala, i got back into reading, share nyo naman books niyo saken. kung music naman, i was given a guitar for my birthday, sana po magkaroon lang ng patience yung mga nagtuturo sakin. and finally, i enjoyed dancing for a bit din. got a swollen rib but i got to wear shorts to work. hehehe.

i had a crazy hater … at take note, crazy is an understatement. ok lang, mabilis naman ang karma niya. isang one time big time karma pa. sa akin ang huling halakhak. muhahahahahahahahahahaha… hahahahahaha!

i won a raffle … hahahaha! oh yes, and endless teasing and patting on the head. ok… so i won this at work and it’s a spa pampering package. i win weird stuff at raffles and it reminded me of the spa thingy we had at tagaytay during one of my birthdays. gonna share it with max since miming’s too finicky about girl stuff. o bebs, kelan tayo magpapalibag? wahahaha.

a bit of happiness … yung paglabas namin nila maki at max… sama na rin si miming kahit paminsan minsan lang. aba sarap kaya ng isaw. yung mga tawanan, yung mga iyakan. yung comedy moments ko. yung hugs niyo… 

it’s a wrap! now we’re on a roll! … ahahaha, yezzz, i still play this.

roll! so ano na ang plano ni melaikick? eh di magpapakasaya! nyahaha. o ayan ha.

more art work … i want to take pixxors! lots of pixxors! i need skillz for this. i might start by late january or early february. tapos drawing, paper craft, and typography … planning to combine all media. kasi naman photoshop, why u no cooperate?

cook, eat out, at movies … baka pwede naman tayong magbowling? namimiss ko na yun eh. i’ve kind of forgotten about these things, di nga ako naggrocery eh. hehehe, dami kong natututunan sa big siopao ko. *u* ahihihi.

be a big girl … ahm hahaha, i cannot do anything with how i look like a high school student at times. and i would not change my personality for anyone pero i’m working on my emotional maturity and financial stability, lagi nalang ako pinapagalitan ni max. si max yan ha. oha!

more happy, period. game na? one last huzzah for 2010!

yun lang.

♥ melai

just a short follow up post… so, i kind of have a few people to thank for helping me with demon fist.

first it was nice of miming to let me borrow his darling baby dslr. i remember how protective he was when someone first tried to borrow it… i didn’t dare travel at 2am with it. salamat kina dave, cindy neechan at ate terry na sinamahan ako sa lobby hanggang safe na magbiyahe. nyahahaha! anyhoo, i kind of suck at taking pixxors and max met up with me just to teach me how to use it. lolz.

o hai thurr… i kind of played around with it too. hehehe. and finally, i’ve got a really cooperative *ubo ubo* model named ark, he’s a bit social networking sites-elusive. you’d find him in the last post. pero… sorry di ko pwede share number niya. hehehe! so eun, thanks so much!

i haz waaaaay too ozummm friends.

yun lang.

♥ melai

demon fist

this is kind of long overdue kase i got really sick… at heto na nga! this was inspired by one of my wavemates in si-bee-gi, paul, who also goes by silverdemonfist. eh naglogin kasi siya bigla sa ym. hahaha.

what makes this one really special is that i’ve finally mastered lining and shadowing when i did this. i know it’s easy… i mean super dali but it just feels so nice when i envision something and i could really make it already in ps. the closest to this one is the one i made for moonlight avery. anyhoo, i’ve decided to turn this into a shirt, so please say hello to my model, ark.

kaya lang mukhang maamo … hahaha. cute boy is cute. ahaha! kind of looks like miming in person, except with bigger eyes. has the same energy level too. more pixxors soon at our n00bcakes store. i’m looking for far more appropriate brushes other than blots. hihihi. and yes, i have a short cutesy ‘credits to’ chervams post to follow.

yun lang.

♥ melai

continued from part one: mako 10/16/2010 … i waited for maki at the front of the bookstore. she’d invited me to watch another movie. kaya lang, when we went to the theaters, three were under renovation at hindi namin trip yung mga pelikula. so we decided to just stuff ourselves and kind of just talk.

ahaha, i eat a lot these days… on a side note, i don’t really have anything yet on the fridge. hahaha! grabe ang takaw takaw ko, hindi naman ako tumataba. we ate at sbarro. maki likes italian food, which is a good thing because i’ve been wanting to eat pasta … with a twist.

ang mga masarap kumain!

maki got one of those pizzas which looked more like a huge pie more than a pizza… i forgot the name though. on the other hand,  i ordered spaghetti with eggplant parmigiana! and it’s really good. mejo mahirap i-describe… hahaha! better try it for yourself. nom nom nom!

we talked about old classmates as always, at mga plano sa buhay buhay. maki is the type of person who has insights to everything. she tends to be more like a big sister when it comes to advices too, kahit na i’m a year older. we’ve been friends since grade two? naalala ko pa yung mga inuutusan niyang cocc just for me. hahaha! she’s really thoughtful too. binilhan ba naman ako ng ribbons, so masaya ako, i’d be able to mod new rings! and she had burned a cd for me as well. para daw mapanood ko na yung love of siam and lovely complex. lolz.

oh yes, maki is a gem of a friend i’d keep forever… a gem with a penchant for math and cute thai boys. hehehe! nga pala bago ko malimutan, i added ‘joob joob’ to the terminology.

a bit of an epilogue

siguro you notice na i always talk about my friends here at melaikick. it’s just that i’m so proud of them. i’ve been asked several times… paano daw ako nakakapag-isa. but in truth, i never am. my friends are not at my beck and call as others think. minsan nga oras bago sumagot ng text but… they will answer. they’re there and their (aba, nice… nagamit ko tong mga possessive pronouns na to! lol.) cheerful smiles, nako parang energizer.

yun lang. can’t wait for mako and maki to meet. hihihi.

♥ melai

you missed me? konting updates then! i haven’t blogged in a while… since “wor[l]d war two.” hahaha! mejo nagkasakit ako… fever went up to 38.8, sabi ko nga pwede na kong paglutuan ng itlog.  bedrest and drugs for a few days, thanks to max for taking care of me and all the encouragements. i demand card, miming. (heck, just to annoy… hahaha!)

i’ve got a few decisions to make in the coming days, some are blogworthy… di ko mapapangakong walang emo chervams but it’d still sound funny anyway.  i’m looking forward to more bonding sessions with max and joey. oh, and i hope you two meet soon! tapos, i’m just so glad i could eat nao. maki, let’s go grab some chow. ang tagal tagal ko ng gustong pumunta sa up ulit. say, maybe one of those korean joints there? hehehe.

noobcakes smile … i forgot where i got this old photo but we used to have the same smiley keychains.

so eun, setbacks and what have you, iiwanan ko na kayo sa kahapon. i’d be smiling  today… because a smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

yun lang. good vibes to you all!

♥ melai

remember my glass wind bell? sa wakas, napuno na rin siya! so i can finally put it up. here’s what they said, hehehe, coz’ i’m too lazy to have it scanned…

suzushisa wa mizu yori fukashi

max says… “Beb, Good Vibes! Haha, Aja beb! always stay happy & strong ♥ aja Go Melai! ♥ maxie” … i thank you for all the encouragements, beb. and let me take the opportunity to say that i’m really sorry. it was wrong of me to do that. i’ve been wanting to tell you that i found out salbutamol is a downer. i took it before that incident and i’ve been through a barrage of emotions. i threw the whole stock of medicine and the rosin away too. it won’t happen again. i leave it to faith you’d trust me again. huwag ka na rin magalit kay augie, he saved me… well, you both did. i love you.

joey wrote… “Melai =) Easy lang! Herher! Marvs & I are here for you ♥ Thanks for the invite. Stay nice and happy! Mwah! ♥ Joey” … so, maraming beses ko ng nakausap si joey. sa chat, sa facebook, sa formspring, but this was the first time i talked to her in person. my first impression, mukhang ok tong kaibigan, ang cute niya, parang kayang sapakin si marv anytime. she’s a breath of fresh air and very smart too. she answers questions in such a witty manner, di ako nagtatakang deadz na deadz si marv sa kanya.

si marv naman… “Ui Melai! Thanks for the friendship. Always be happy! Marvs” … hahaha. super dami kong natutunan sayo, lol. teka anong chord nga ba yun? hahaha. you’ve been really nice to me. i appreciate your insights… pero mas magaling logic ni joey, hehehe! at wish ko lang tantanan mo na yung jordan plains!

at siyempre, si miming, in his handwriting, yes, his handwriting… “B***-****! STORONG!” leche ka, i know what “b***” means. i don’t take it negatively though.  miming is my friend. a very good friend. someone whose strength, whether it be physical or emotional, i really admire. naaalala ko pa yung listahan sa notebook niya, his determination through life is one of the reasons bat isa siya sa mga kaibigang hindi dapat pakawalan. dito ako nami-misinterpret lagi eh, hehehe. don’t get me wrong there are things i don’t like about him which i don’t want to expound about. thank you for sharing a bit of that strength, at sana makaipon ka pa ng maraming chakra for all your endeavors. (was your question answered, baku?)

i’m going to take really good care of this bell. when it rings, it will remind me of my friends, it will remind me of the good times we shared, the challenges we’ve gone through. and it will remind me of the wind, aba siyempre, lol. but seriously, that’s going to be a soft gentle reminder that… good times lie ahead.

yun lang.

♥ melai

5:33 PM 10/10/2010 … perfect ten day! finally had the paper laminated… eh maulan kaya dito sa pilipinas. hahaha! and i finally put it up too! happeh melai iz happeh!

yun lang ulit.

♥ melai

6:06 AM 7/30/2010 … it’s time for another melai by the numbers … 25 years old na ko bukas. tumatanda na ko! ang bilis ng panahon, parang kahapon lang kasama ko ang mga kaibigan ko na nagtitiis sa maliit kong bahay, lumalamon ng kfc at cake… i’ve decided to do things a little differently this year. wala munang kick party, maybe just some quiet dinners. ay honga pala, heto na yung results ko from that old facebook application…

I was born on a Wednesday and since my birthday…
I’ve been living for 24 years
I’ve been living for 300 months
I’ve been living for 1,304 weeks
I’ve been living for 9,129 days
I’ve been living for 219,114 hours
I’ve been living for 13,146,843 minutes
I’ve been living for 788,810,622 seconds
I’ve breathed more than 125,000,100 times!
I’ve blinked my eyes more than 132,500,100 times!
My heart has beaten more than 920,279,010 times!

i’m really fortunate to have a heart that’s beaten more than 900 million times. (and i want to say hi to the person who owns it!) so eun, i’m really looking forward to tomorrow. sweet cakes, here i come!

yun lang muna. update soon, kekeke.

♥ melai

7/31/2010 … i woke up to 152 notifications in facebook and i’d lost count after that. lol. my phone also went crazy with all the text messages. so… maraming maraming salamat sa mga greetings, sa lahat ng nakaalala. i love you all! so…dahil ayaw kong mag-kick party this year, i decided to have dinners with my closest friends instead.

with max at max’s … lol.

first up, dinner with max at max’s! hahaha. idk, wala pa kaming isang taon na magkakilala ni max pero super gaan ng loob ko sa babaeng yan. so eun, we ordered like fussy college students, cute waiter was amused. we had chicken bbq and ube cream decadence which became my cake! om nom nom nom nom! tapos, usap usap… our favorite topics like how underpaid we were with our previous company. lololol. and of course, the girly stuff… rabuuuu, beb!

chocolate belgian bliss … om nom nom!

followed by dinner with debed… sa bahay ko. for my readers who don’t know debed… he’s my bestfriend from the old days. grade two pa kami magkakilala at lagi kaming magkatabi sa school rites (always beat me at academics … remember that tag, debed?) that’s us eating chocolate belgian bliss! super sarap nyan i swear because debed’s very finicky. anyway, i’ll have a seperate post about that ice cream in a few days, kekeke?

we talked about tons of stuff too… from our old lives in bulacan and to what we are now and what could have become of our old friends and classmates. and what i like most about debed is that he has different insights to everything. he’s a film director and teacher by the way.

then dinner with miming and his friend mark. ay sos, cheapest dinner… jollibee! wahahahahahaahahah. mr. mayor, sir… we need more food joints here. it was a short dinner but i’m happy to pester them with my cellphone’s cleaner strap. hahaha, same old same old, still annoyed with the way i’m attached to cute things.

all in all, this was an extremely happy birthday. yap, foods and laugh fests with my favorite people in the world… i’m all smiles.

yun lang.

♥ melai

hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.