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wrap! twenty and ten was an extremely crazy year. there were lots of fun moments and there were setbacks too. but here are some high lights of my year.

some people left, some stayed by my side, others came back…and new ones came! … the significant people i met this year were marv and joey ; si sweetheart dave at neechan jories ;  lani and baneee, sabi ko naman eh, masarap ang chicharong bulaklak ; my little siopao ; my new mom ; at siyempre, my big siopao! sino siya at gaano kaimportante? hehehe, makikilala niyo rin siya… importante? let’s just say na siya ang wallpaper sa cellphone at desktop ko. nyahahaha!

but there are people i’m missing so badly … paris, hugot muna. ilibre mo na ko dahil nanjan ka na daw sa fonality. hehehe. ; jang… nasan na yung party? diyan nalang tayo sa fieldwork chenes mo. hehehe. ; may-anne and cha, pretty little dolls, master melai misses you pati yung pet nyong si karlo, ahahaha. but anyhoo, no matter where life takes you… dito lang ako, lol.

i tried my hand at business but… nyahahaha. ahm, and i found out i was better off at the art department. at dun nga ako nagfocus ng lakas nalang. it’s the best outlet for me. my font collection is growing! at kaya ko palang gumawa ng mga bagay bagay. when i get compliments from the stuff i modded, mostly the rings, sobrang masaya ako. ah honga pala, i got back into reading, share nyo naman books niyo saken. kung music naman, i was given a guitar for my birthday, sana po magkaroon lang ng patience yung mga nagtuturo sakin. and finally, i enjoyed dancing for a bit din. got a swollen rib but i got to wear shorts to work. hehehe.

i had a crazy hater … at take note, crazy is an understatement. ok lang, mabilis naman ang karma niya. isang one time big time karma pa. sa akin ang huling halakhak. muhahahahahahahahahahaha… hahahahahaha!

i won a raffle … hahahaha! oh yes, and endless teasing and patting on the head. ok… so i won this at work and it’s a spa pampering package. i win weird stuff at raffles and it reminded me of the spa thingy we had at tagaytay during one of my birthdays. gonna share it with max since miming’s too finicky about girl stuff. o bebs, kelan tayo magpapalibag? wahahaha.

a bit of happiness … yung paglabas namin nila maki at max… sama na rin si miming kahit paminsan minsan lang. aba sarap kaya ng isaw. yung mga tawanan, yung mga iyakan. yung comedy moments ko. yung hugs niyo… 

it’s a wrap! now we’re on a roll! … ahahaha, yezzz, i still play this.

roll! so ano na ang plano ni melaikick? eh di magpapakasaya! nyahaha. o ayan ha.

more art work … i want to take pixxors! lots of pixxors! i need skillz for this. i might start by late january or early february. tapos drawing, paper craft, and typography … planning to combine all media. kasi naman photoshop, why u no cooperate?

cook, eat out, at movies … baka pwede naman tayong magbowling? namimiss ko na yun eh. i’ve kind of forgotten about these things, di nga ako naggrocery eh. hehehe, dami kong natututunan sa big siopao ko. *u* ahihihi.

be a big girl … ahm hahaha, i cannot do anything with how i look like a high school student at times. and i would not change my personality for anyone pero i’m working on my emotional maturity and financial stability, lagi nalang ako pinapagalitan ni max. si max yan ha. oha!

more happy, period. game na? one last huzzah for 2010!

yun lang.

♥ melai

sexy kitteh

today is miming’s 24th birthday! at dahil hapon ka, otanjoubi omedeto! and here comes the yearly line i give in his birthday posts… mukha kasi siyang pusa tapos nung bago pa lang kaming magkakilala kinukuskos niya yung ulo niya sa mga tao… ayun, eh para talagang pusa kaya naman tinawag ko siyang miming.

bakit ganyan ang pixxor this year? kasi, he’s grown… meh maskels na si miming. nga pala, credits to for the pix. teka, did i mention na meh maskels na siya? hahaha. he’s grown as a person too. madami daw changes na nangyari sa buhay niya. i don’t know how he keeps up with it, we haven’t talked that much nor seen each other that much… at dun dun dun… kapitbahay ko lang siya! wahahaha!

hay nako, laging maliligo at magsabon ha? kumain ng marami wag lang noodles! happy birthday miming! …always be a good cat.

yun lang.

♥ melai


Posted on: March 5, 2010

nagpalaba ako ngayon… carried 8.5 kilos of clothes to the laundry shop. so ibig sabihin matagal din akong hindi nagpalaba and ate laundry, well… yan tawag ko sa ate na nag-aassist dun sa shop, was scolding me (note: her voice is earsplitting) for not having my clothes washed in weeks. to appease her, tinanong ko siya kung nagpalaba na din sa kanya si miming…

melaikick > ate may nagpalaba na ba sayo na michael?
ate laundry > ha? wala naman…
melaikick > hmmm yung hapon po?
ate laundry > ah si guki! (sabay turo sa mga lalabhan ni miming… see below)

guki… O.o hahahaha!

i laughed so hard when i saw it. bwaaaaaaahahahahahahaa. pinaayos ko naman sa kanya as it’s supposed to be gaki not guki… so with the help of the magical marker of the laundry world it is now…

tadaaa! that’s better.

i just had to post this… it took out today’s stress. hihihi. by the way guki is an acronym for “girl u know it” heeee!

yun lang.

♥ melai

welcome home muuning, kahit ayaw mo sa lettering ko. lolz.

sa wakas nakalipat na din ng bahay si miming. hihihi. lagi siyang nadedelay ng paglipat… mga di natupad na usapan, walang sasakyan, issue sa move in papers… nung nilabas na niya ang ninja skills niya at nalagpasan lahat ng kalaban eh di yun, gaki “the home owner” kageyama na siya. there was one time when he said to me “welcome home, we will rock them like a hurricane!” my turn now, welcome home! you cook lots, keh? hehehe!

this post was pending… for the longest time! till i remembered about it a while ago, we had sat down on a nice plot for a bit of pondering and he quipped “masarap umuwi sa sarili mong bahay.” i guess, bahay might mean, a soft bed, tons of beer, and yakult… brooding about it deeply though, i guess he meant home, love, and family. or maybe a combination.

it was nice to hear him planning stuff too, mostly beer sessions (bweeeh!) and even trips! naalala ko pa noon, he’s scoffed at almost everything that’s travel… anything that would cost much na dahil diyan meh idadagdag pala akong word sa terminology ko! safemode meant buying only necessities and saving for something really really ozumm. anyway, further pondering was cut short when the lady who owns the plot we were sitting on shooed us. and thus, miming went home… milk bought from mercury drug (pusa talaga eh) and all…

yun lang.

♥ melai

hindi ko na alam kung anong nangyayari saken. oh hyeah.

melaikick, hoodie, and micro kitties

ewan, hindi naman ako bored eh. in fact, i’m enjoying tons. i made some paper craft during the length of our cct training. ayan mga maliliit na muning. i made three, para i labs yuu. the white one reminds me of snowball, a stray cat which we adopted before. also made a black one and a yellow dotted one, which is my favorite. obvious?

nyahaha. parang elementary project lang. art was one of my favorite subjects back then… recess din siyempre! it’s been a while since i glued something. dami kong printed and colored paper noon. aba aba, laking national yata to! so eun, the vectors are from yuuki. if you want to make one, just email me and i’ll send you the pdf file. kekeke!

yun lang.

♥ melai

ang cute mo… gawin kitang keychain!

received some fancy ninja neko necklaces from a very lovely artist …turned one into a keychain tapos nibigay ko keh miming. nyahaha. eh swak na swak ba. ninja + miming = ozum! hindi lahat parepareho kasi handmade sila. special noh? they come in two colors, red and black. they’re too cute and for some reason, lagi akong meh compliments kapag suot suot ko sila. hehe. they can bring you sweet smiles too… you can get them here. oha!

yun lang.

♥ melai

for miming

what’s with me and umbrellas? hahaha. inspiration came when my iTunes started blasting kimi to iu hana, a song by asian kung fu generation, for the nth time and then i heard it… again. “shiro i iki ga kireru made…” ayun, somehow the linguist in me became bffs with my typographer side… gaki is miming’s other name, and there’s the article ga plus the word ‘kireru’ which means violent reaction. well, di naman siya violent pero sobrang energetic… so pwede na rin. nyahaha.

the font is called bleeding cowboys. it has some pretty swirls in it but i had to remove the bleeds. i also had lots of fun with the film grain effect… wan to sawa! hahaha!  the brushes are from mouritsada. thank you po, sir! at dahil import si miming from japan at masyadong girly ang cherry blossoms… absolutely no geishas, ok? lolz.  japanese umbrellas or wagasa seemed perfect. it’s strong and beautiful and practical… just like miming. oha oha!

yun lang.

♥ melai

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