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i’ve been getting requests to do this… so heto na poh! hahaha! cabal, bow. binabalik talaga ako sa nakalipas ng larong ito. at hindi ko alam kung bakit naisipan ng mga ka-opisina ko na laruin itong game na to… ngayon lang. they are all kuyas who are currently addicted to the game. i overheard them talking once, about leveling up and all… and they went like this 0_0 nung malaman nila na i knew the game.

venus and mars

at dahil diyan… i had to make a character on frakking venus (server). max had to make one too, lol. since i’m familiar with the blader character, i made another blader. so… lol. di ko alam kung anong point ng post na tooooo… other than it’s being requested of me. waaah. i guess they wanted to know why i played this or what’s special behind this game that made me play this.

i learned about this game round three years ago. i had failed to pass an interview for a promotion. para madistract ako, pinaglaro ako ng mga kaibigan ko nitong game na to. we played until everyone just sort of grew apart… and completely forgot about it. haha. i’m not playing it regularly now though, just when forced to or when i feel like it. hehehe.

before, i played it para makipag-bonding sa kaibigan. it still is special to me, reminds me of tons of memories as well as it is my one and only… mmorpg. hehe. but now i’m more interested in the graphics and art… which have been refined. killing garlies have not been so colorful as it used to be. [which reminds me, but this is totally unrelated to cabal, i’m kind of studying the artwork in bioshock 2 as well, and i just wanted to say that the graphics are surprisingly beautiful.]

so ayun…  there are still a lot of perverts in cabal ; the garlies are still annoyingly copulating, hehehe ; and melaikick… is on frakking venus. lol.

yun lang.

♥ melai


Posted on: March 25, 2010

meh celebrates with a bit of cake! it’s a mango royale mini om nom nom nom nom nom… ehem ehem. matapos ang halos tatlong taong pakikipagsapalaran… this is my 100th post! yehey!

timeline… i had blogs before prior to melaikick, the first one was on friendster… hahaha! it did not live long i was an extremely busy college student then; the second one was in multiply pero i didn’t like the platform… not much editing can be done and there are no sidebars heeee~! good for pictures though; the third one was on blogspot… i liked the platform but i didn’t understand css then; then i moved to wordpress! i made an english-korean blog called moonmirae pero i cancelled it because nobody understood my rants. nyahahahaha.

june of 2008… i started becoming stressed at home and i needed a place to vent out… so eun, i put up melaikick. my posts did not even have pictures back then and i used a minimalist three-column theme. i decided to word this blog in taglish. eh di naman maintindihan ng mga kaibigan ko ang korean tapos masyadong boring kung pure english… *u*

san ba galing ang melaikick? we had team chats before when i was with si-bee-gi. my first boss was the coolest and he’s a bit lenient when it comes to chat. so one day…

sa team dy unit chat
sobrang avail pero walang nagchachat kasi busy nagsusurf (oh yes, this was allowed before…)
melaikick > (bored na bored na bored)…
melaikick > melai… kick!
melaikick > yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
boss mickey > 0_0 melai baliw! hahahahaha!

later on that day…
team mate ko meh ginawang kalokohan…
boss mickey > melai melai
melaikick > po?
boss mickey > /kick ? kick mo si *****
melaikick > lolz. melaikick! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
boss mickey > gujab melaikick!

from then on my boss called me melaikick. kind of liked it and it stuck. hahaha.

content… i write stuff ranging from issues with friends and relatives to silly objects like tissue and eggs… about how the day could not have been gayer and the bading stuff like papercraft, girly girl games, and other pa-cute things that i do. lolz. i have here stories of my adventures with people most important to me… emo rants, and the like. baket ba?

this blog has been a part of me. (no way you’re gonna shake me you’ll always be my darling baby bloggie… lalalalala!) it’s helped me lessen my anxiety, my fears, helped me ponder and think, helped me cope up at the least. hehehe. kind of like a bestfriend na walang choice kundi makinig. harhar!

meron din namang nagbago… the theme is albeo now with all the widgets that i like and i’ve learned the workaround regarding divs. naglalagay na din ako ng pixxorz! hahaha! a big thanks to all who read this blog! salamat sa inyong pagbisita! happy 100 bloggie! let’s go melaikick! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

yun lang. meh goes back to eating cake…

♥ melai

i’ve had a very long and rough day… talked to rabbit and miming today… both were indifferent. the calls were infuriating, karamihan mga matatanda na hindi marunong gumamit ng computer. at siyempre gulong gulo na ang utak ko… major depression mode. gusto kong pumatay. bwahahahaha.

i killed a lot of monsters today in cabal, a massive multi-player online role playing game (mmorpg)… kailangang pumatay matanggal lang ang sama ng loob. i killed mostly those mosscythers, mosquito like monsters which have serrated front legs and poison stingers. they remind me of annoying people. kung pwede lang sa totoong buhay, matagal ko na silang pinatay gamit ang baygon. hehehe. please insert evil melai laugh here…

ang nagturo saken ng cabal eh yung mga pets ko. it’s my first and probably only mmorpg. lolz. i still remember choosing the character. i chose the wizard based on how it looks, pero ang sabi saken ng dalawa kong alaga eh, di ko pa daw kaya ang may magic shworla. so i chose another character, which is i think was the force blader, again they told me, it was not for me. hahaha. i chose a third character, i can’t remember what it was… however, it was also declined… and of course, we know why i ended up with a blader… they chose the character for me! bwahahaha.

everyone’s still on my buddy list but no one’s ever logged in since… haizz. miming level 40 ka pa din? hahaha. marshey, san na yung mystic (damit po yan) ko? panda, if you happen to read this, lumipat ka na sa mars (server naman po yan sa cabal). haller! i miss my friends really bad… guys? kamon…

anyway, please meet my little blader, melaikick and my pet garlie. bakit garlie? if you look closely, mukhang pusa at rabbit in one. lolz. gahd, this just increases my depression. jus ko, kick.

yun lang. i want them dead, insert evil melai laugh here…

♥ melai

hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.