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met up with my college friends last saturday because tin had finally come home from canada and had organized a christening for her kids. i just got off work so i was too sleepy and a bit hungry then so i wasn’t able to take a lot of pixxors but here’s

mean girls buffet 101 03

cons and me … lounging around. hahaha. cons brought her nephew along… he doesn’t smile. anyhoo, this was just after eating a plateful of chicken, oysters, salads in mini pots, hmmmm and i think i had a slab of pork. hahaha. takaw lang… i was able to take a pixxor of the


desserts! everything was good but the creme brulee was ozummm. after some more eating, we queued up for…

mean girls litrato photography 2
mean girls litrato photography 1

paw’s photobooth. this is very tiring, especially for a group of six girls rummaging around a pile of funny hats and struggling to find a spot in the monitor. lol. but i like the way the pixxors turned out. we had some laugh fests after and talked about old terror professors and classmates but i’m looking forward to a longer bonding session with my mean girls hopefully soon.

yun lang.

♥ melai


i went to a small all-girls college in mendiola and was close friends with a group of five girls and then we all graduated… which meant we didn’t see each other as often, although we keep in touch every once in awhile. so then, after more than five years, i was able to see some of my college friends again!


mean girls … or half of us. we still call ourselves ‘mean girls’,  hahaha! it’s an inside joke. from left is cons, then me, then ruch. we caught up with each other at parvati’s and we mulled over paw’s upcoming wedding, old funny things that happened when we were in college, and our current lives over wonderful sammies. heto o…


smoked salmon sandwich … with mango dill dressing! hihi. i ordered this, and this was amazing… i never had a penchant for fish but the salmon was just right and the mango closed the deal. will order again!


cons’ sandwich … i have no idea what it’s called. hahaha! it looks good too though. ruch already ate so she just had coffee with us after we ate.

so eun, it was really nice to hear from them and i’m really looking forward to more bonding sessions like these. at dahil nag-enjoy ako na makasama sila ulit at kumain ng marami, i ended the day with mini brazo de mercedes which i ordered for takeout! hahaha! ako na matakaw!

yun lang.

♥ melai

human suffering, huh? life is actually improving for my noobcakes and everyone else that we are living very fast lives. parang nasa tren lang. everyone is reaching their goals… creating more goals… something like an organized chaos.

dahil jan, changes happen… then there are things i really miss …and i comfort myself with the things that would be the counterpart of these things in the future or maybe what i’m loving now… kakamiss lang talaga.

i miss this, our cheap thrill

i miss playing henry (he’s a violin), wala akong rosin. hahaha. i’ll get him a big pot when my bahay is completed. and then come may, i’ll get him an electro-acoustic brother… then jamming!

i miss fhla and the old gang. yung pagsusunog ng kilay para sa bulprisa, yung student council meetings, lalo na yung cramming, hehehe. the last time we were almost complete was my graduation dinner. i miss nigel’s art; rio… pinuno ng lahat! cute ka pa din ha; si ryan kulit; si david, who always beat me at academics; and maki, street smart palagi. i heard rio’s coming home… woi tama na yang mga abroad abroad nyo. come home already tapos foods sa canteen. hahaha.

i miss the mean girls. i miss paw’s gorgeous voice and childish attitude; katie’s pretty face; ruch and her anxiety, which is actually a positive thing; tin and her funny antics; and connie, my sweet friend, i miss your cute chinese accent and warm hugs. gahd, biyaheng mendiola namimiss ko na din saka mga papi sa sbc. ahihi. i love how everyone’s doing well. baka gusto nyong manlibre girls.

team dy unit… the best team sa att floor. ako lang pwedeng bunso, let’s kill scot? lolz. namimiss ko yung auto pilot natin; no pressure sa stats; no disputes sa pay; pati yung team jacket! at siyempre, yung alaga ako sa floor. san ka naman nakakita ng TL na nagpapamerienda ng agents… habang nagcalls at team meeting? dy unit lang! maintain, sustain, gujab, kipitap!

i miss my noobcakes and goofing around the att floor… sobrang busy we can’t even have baog together… and being kidnapped! yung bonding sa bahay ni miming nung wala pa siyang computer… hahaha, kasi namimiss ko na yung monopoly at clue; kumain sa pares ng sweet and sour pork at shanghai; kumain ng gelatin galing sa botica; kantahan sa timezone; kahit si emocat namimiss ko… i have twister na guys, tama na yung bisi-bisihan… (teka bisi rin pala ko… lolz! pero tama na nga yung bisi-bisihan!) laro naman tayo! tara naaaa!

…and i really miss you, your sweet scent and your most beautiful smile…

yun lang.

♥ melai

hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.