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had a fun day out with max yesterday. we haven’t seen each other in months, so this is really significant for me. as usual pretty mode pa ren siya, the baby bump looks cute. hihihi. here you go, max fans, teh powar that is shimazu…


we had crepes at the mall tapos nanood kami ng puss in boots… parang mga kids lang. loved the movie though, ang dami kasing miming. hahaha! we also looked around for baby stuff… i enjoyed looking at the fancy pacifiers, too cute. hihihi.

all in all it was a great bonding day, max isn’t one to bore you… which is something i like about her. di lang siya pretty face, marami siyang insights, i like the way she thinks. oha oha! i labs you beb!

yun lang.

♥ melai


bunneh macu

there are three major things i suck at… life choices (lol, i’m not yet ok, but i’m on the road to recovery, more on that on another post), cooking (not so much nao…), and photography.

so what do we have here? hehehehe. just a simple set of pixxors of max in her kikay pinklaloo mode, saying i love you to her man. the thing is, i took the pictures! nyahahahaha! normally, it’d be blurry and unflattering but hey, somehow they turned ok. *smiles* it just feels nice to be able to take a picture without hearing complaints from max, lolz. plus 500 photography skillz for teh boss melaikick, yes?

yun lang.

♥ melai

the first time i saw max, aba… kawaii! hanggang ngayon naman eh. tapos tinabihan niya ko sa training namin dahil akala niya magka-age kami. hehehe. so eun, isang taon na pala kaming magkaibigan. so ibig sabihin, isang taon na kaming nagwiwindow shopping sa sm, lumalamon, nagkukulitan at nagduet ng mga kanta ni taylor swift. heeeee~!

at dahil birthday mo ngayon bebs, otanjoubi omedeto! diba, napangakuan kita ng typography art noon, and i used the purimonyorori2 font which you liked! heto…

happy birthday bebs … at more birthdays to come! thanks for showing and teaching me how to be happy even in little ways. ayusin na natin mga adventures natin next year! rabuuu always. at si boa nalang papakantahin ko… dahil di ako marunong maghapon. hehe.

yun lang.

♥ melai

10/16/2010 … a really long day. i met up with max a.k.a. mako, this afternoon. she got a new point and shoot cam and it is ozumm. we’d met up with the camera seller first tapos nag-enjoy kami sa pagkanta ng ‘mine’ at ‘hey stephen’ on the way back to the mall. and we enjoyed the random bouts so much we didn’t care if we annoyed the people in the fx. nagcrave kami ng cake so we headed to starbucks…

mako … and very berry cheesecake. i think it’s one of her tried and tested ones. and yes, we share food so i know na masarap talaga siya.

i love cake … om nom nom! max chose this for me. chocolate midnight cake, did i get that right? it tastes like a cross between tiramisu and chocolate. anyhoo, max gave me a short crash course on taking pixxors. meh needs it for a small project. hihihi!  i’d write up about it soon! we have lots of shooting planned.

we lounged around a bit tapos ikot ikot sa mall. it was extremely fun. it was extremely hilarious… yung mga bagay bagay na napag-usapan namin. i am extremely blessed. one friend like max is like a million relatives. that’s how much i care for her. just like the other n00bcakes, albeit i don’t see much of them.

since sale ngayon sa mall, there weren’t seats where we could rest, nagpunta kami sa medical city just to sit. hahaha! one of the best moments of the day. after resting, hinatid ko na si max palabas and i waited for…

yun lang… muna.

♥ melai

sinamahan ko si max last friday sa mall para bumili ng regalo sa pamangkin nya… soon to be niece? i like shopping with max, for some reason she’s in tune with my quirks. we even get the same stuff sometimes at minsan pareho pa kami ng status sa facebook. we ended up getting a cutesy, colorful rag doll… after much deliberation and to the amusement of the whole blue magic staff. hahaha!

chocolate cake … bawal sa maysakit, kaya nakasimangot yung haponesa. lumamon yung chekwa (sorry po!) hehehe!

we had merienda at ucc. i bought this pretty chocolate cake and max had coffee with lots of that foamy stuff. the cake was really good! sugar turns on our evil little modes at meh sakit pa si max nyan ha. surprisingly, hindi namin napag-usapan ang dati naming sweldo. hehehe. we talked about how beautiful a person can be… and that there are just some people who are attracted to a certain beauty that they forget or do not see the beauty in other things. alam ko magulo but this was the most meaningful talk i had all week… kahit pa-joke pa. ito yung mga usapang sa bandang huli eh mapapa “honga noh!” ka.

oh well, till our next date, beb.

yun lang. i’m extremely lucky with my friends.

♥ melai

they say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist, wahahaha. at nagdate kami ni max ngayon, pareho kasi kami ng off and since she was planning to buy make-up… no, hoard make-up is a better phrase… so i decided to tag along. we had late lunch at…

pancake house … that’s bacon asparagus pasta, max, and my fat face (huzzah!) hehe, gusto kong tumaba eh. as usual, we mulled over our favorite topics… yung dati naming sweldo, nyahaha ; stalkers ; and food! i missed max so much, so tuwang tuwa ako when we had random bouts of taylor swift while walking around the mall. that’s what i like about her, when i start singing, she continues the song (or vice-versa) and then we do the chorus together. hahaha! i missed looking at other people’s fashion with her too.

so eun, she got her loot… tons of make-up at bagong payong. on the other hand i got some stuff from etude house and the face shop and a new pair of shorts which i chanced upon when max had already left. mejo, naadik ako ngayon sa shorts for some reason. we had merienda at…

krispy kreme … si max at ang super mahal na tropicana at ako na pacute bago lamunin ang doughnut na may kitkat. hahaha! so today was a fun and blessed day with a loved one. let’s do this more often, beb. hihihi!

yun lang.

♥ melai

max had been wanting her room revamped for weeks. she’d been looking for designs while i look at food on tumblr. hahaha. with patience and bouts of taylor swift choruses, she was able to find a design that was perfect for her room. di ako nakapunta sa pagpinta sa pink and white walls niya kasi i had to be in makati, pero nakaabot ako sa paglagay ng decals niya.

we ate lunch first… tuna and rice! tapos pinagbihis ako ni max ng lumang shirt niya from school of saint anthony… tapos reminisce silang dalawa ni jude about their good old high school days. hahaha. gusto pala ni max ng bilog bilog sa room niya… we had to make stencils. so +1000 cutting skillz! i bought my wusthof scissors… they transform into knives. hehehe. (it’s a gift though, i can’t afford them. lol.) and jude… he bought his dslr and girls generation merchandise. hahaha!

ang unang bilog … we gave up on the stencils kasi kumakalat so +1000 painting skillz! max has a wonderful color palette of yellow, pink, purple, blue, and lime green. siya na rin ang nagsabi na bading na bading yung room niya, maski siya nababadingan. hahaha. it’s really cute.

circles … it’s gonna end up something like this, just more circles. that’s kuya mel (i call him kuya. lolz.) and ken. it was also a day of camwhoring… basta’t nanjan ang empleyado kong camera man! hahaha. yung isang wall ni max, super white lang talaga at malamang forever na siyang ganun for pixxorz.

melaikick and the wall … my favorite picture at “the wall”. but for the fanboys, max has a whole lot more here. this links to jude’s facebook photo album but i think you need to be friends with him… or something like that. the day ended with fried chicken for dinner! good way to end it, imo… i’m happy how max’s decals turned out real pretty. looking forward to making tambay there again.

yun lang.

♥ melai

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