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it’s been a long week for me… there were some not so minor changes at work, specific to our team, that made us all a bit ill-tempered and tired. whenever i’d get home, i’d use my remaining energy to check out anything i can online and then dive into my loving bed. yep, that’s how draining the changes were… hindi na ako makapagblog sa sobrang pagod.

so i thought i’d look for a pick me up… ikot ikot sa mall. went to look at clothing but i’m more into summery clothes; the book i was looking for wasn’t there… so i bought some yellow flowers instead! ito o…


i think they’re really pretty. i chose yellow ones kasi parang ang saya nila tingnan and then i went around our neighborhood to give them to people…


it was very nice to see them smile. tapos nakakatuwa kasi nagtatanong sila kung ano daw ang naisip ko at binigyan ko sila ng bulaklak. hahaha!


so i was left with this pretty small one… yuki seems to like flowers too. so eun, making others smile always seem to wash away the blues. try nyo. hihi. i highly recommend it.

yun lang.

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