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i forced asked maki to come with me to the balloon fest this year. that meant waking up in the middle of the night plus traveling at 2:00 am in the morning equals one grumpy bestfriend, hahaha. but after finding our tour group in the middle of ortigas, and trying to sleep in a chartered bus, complete with a screaming kid, we made it to lubao, pampanga, where the philippine international festival 2014 was held.


it was still dark when we arrived but we were greeted by mini kites, giant beer, and stalls selling hot air balloon lanterns and kites.


we had some free time before they launched the balloons so i decided to have pork adobo binalot for breakfast because my stomach was grumbling. it was good, it had been a long time since i had salted duck eggs for breakfast. also, the stall was being manned by one whole happy family who joked around with me while they were preparing my food. thought that was cute.


while waiting for the balloons, i still had the chance to photograph my travel factor id. it was pink this time for the girls, i had a blue one for our baguio trip before, so i was pleased. also very pleased with the coordinators this time, they were polite and made sure we were comfortable, except for the screaming kid in the bus, nyahaha!


my old chucks are becoming my new travel shoes. also, there was a grass field where we could sit on unlike the last balloon fest.


found more stalls that sell miniature hot air balloons like pancakes, and finally…


a poor skinny optimus prime asking for donations. didn’t get to take a pixxor of bumblebee and iron man though.


this pixxor was taken by nyles, from work. maki is smiling in this pixxor. wait, what? hahaha! anyhoo, we headed towards the front to see the balloons…


oha oha! my favorite hot air balloons are the yamaha motorcycle, the caraco ice cream, and the giant blue jug. the good thing is that they didn’t do a race this year, instead they made the balloons fly and hover around, even the latecomers were able to see them.


the balloons in midair look pretty ozumm and no, the beer ones do not float, hehe. aside from ogling balloons there were other things you can do at the festival…


there were paragliders to watch out for…


or you can play with the non-screaming kids…


there were so many food stalls and food trucks as well… all those food smells and good drinks! maki treated me with onion rings from bk!


we also lounged around in the grassy area where they set up a giant screen showing one of manny pacquio’s previous fights. thought that was a good way to keep the people entertained.


maki and i got souvenir shirts too! these were silk screened on the spot. mine’s blue with red and i wore it when i got home.


there were other things that were good for pasalubong… i bought pianono rolls, which were really good, i wish i’d bought some more and an oregano herb, it’s the dominican kind i think. yes, for some reason they sold plants during the fest, i hope i find cherry tomatoes next year! over-all i really had a blast, special thanks to my best friend maki who’s willing to endure my quirks every now and then.

yun lang

♥ melai


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