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i bring you the wind’s sweet kiss

i bought a nice fuurin from saizen some days back… a fuurin is a japanese wind bell thingy, made of glass, that they use in the summer to remind them of the wind… binili ko siya for the same reason except summer’s already over here.

nung binabayaran ko na siya, the lady at the counter tried to give me a different one kasi daw it was supposed to have some design on it. i got my fuurin from underneath some frog and fish ones which bothered me. i told her i’d buy the design-less one. it looks really simple but i think that’s what makes it beautiful.

it has a calming and comforting sound too… brings back certain wonderful memories. nga pala, meron siyang paper… to catch the wind, i’ll ask my bestfriends to write something on it when they come over. i know i know, super simpleng bagay lang nito… but i’m just really happy with it, and if something brings us happiness shouldn’t we treasure it? hihihi.

yun lang.

♥ melai

now everyone can smile!

o hai guys! i’m currently endorsing a new product from lion japan. say hello to max toothpaste! ahihi. it’s for maximum gum protection and whiter teeth! now everyone can smile! it will be available this coming month at leading drugstores and supermarkets… wahehehe!

lol. biro lang poh! max’s mom had sent her packages and max was really sweet to share some with me! dagdag ko lang, she had also shared some before. it just so happened that i loved the toothpaste the most dahil sobrang sarap ng lasa at kapangalan pa ni max! tapos my wall decal has the same colors as the packaging. meron din akong toothbrush from saizen… so i thought i’d play with it. came up with “now everyone can smile!” hahaha! advertising 101, nagamit din kita finally!

here’s the rest of the loot… nao nao, melai is a chayniz girl using japaniz products. got some miso soup ; face powder ; the toothpaste, of course ; facial wash ; body wash ; soaps ; chocolate ; and a bra and panty set, max also has the same ones only in black. hahaha! thanks so much beb! these are wonderful and you’re so thoughtful! i can’t wait for our japan trip!

yun lang.

♥ melai

prelims muna… i copied the title from miming’s album for this post’s title, kekeke? miming’s started a new band with max, nilo, karl, and marv. ni raid nila yung bahay kooo~! hahaha! it was so nice that they decided to practice at home. sabik ako sa bisita. paris and madam came too!

i guess it won’t hurt to blog about their positions… miming plays bass, been blogged about ever since… ; si fafa nilo, rhythm; marv, siya yung leadista candy killer kiss ; max, kyot at ganda vox with super powers; si karl… snatcher! errr drums pala ; bading (nakaupo sa tabi ni miming), groupie! wahahahaha! the rest of the pix are here.

they’re going to play tons of japaniz music and i’m pretty sure it’d be cool and all that sort of ozummm! my iTunes is starting to randomize japanese music na… sign yan! sana lagi kayong magpractice sa bahay ko.  on a side note…

original noobs … o hai, i’m chayniz… not egyptian, ke?

there’s this shot with the original n00bcakes… it’s been a while, yes? i’m glad i was able to bond with my family… thanks for always standing by my side, thanks for making me laugh, thanks for the tissue. wahehehe! everyone buy condo unit near mine nao nao nao!

yun lang.

♥ melai

mmmm nom nom nom nom nom… had this for breakfast still half asleep…

max’s mother had sent her usual padala from the land of the rising sun and max decided to share some of them with me! awwww… eun, dumating siya sa opisina na may dala-dalang malaking paperbag na puno ng… tawagin nating… instant japanese relief goods!  isa kasi akong nasalantang blogger… hahaha! well, everybody knows what happened to my wallet and its contents last december.

mabalik tayo sa foods na ito… sobrang natuwa ako sa kanila! i received jas noodles, instant rice, instant curry, and some chocoleeeee!  the noodles were great! mas masarap kehsa sa instant noodles natin dito. finished them off in one sitting. hahaha. gutom ako eh. i wasn’t surprised with the instant curry but the instant rice… hehehe, ingenious teh! add water and ayan na shworla! tapos put ulam on top nalang. bagay saken… hahaha! (lolz, my rice cooker has served me well… ilu rice cooker! )

thanks a lot maxxie! saved some for miming! hahaha! ang dalawang hapon sa buhay ko… lolz!

yun lang.

♥ melai

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