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so little siopao turned one last saturday! …buti nalang hindi ako naligaw papunta sa venue, hahaha! i kind of arrived just in time kase…


charging … nagiipon pa ng chakra si ishi. hahaha! i didn’t know anyone there though, except the family, buti nalang nandun si baku… sige na, ikaw na ang gentleman!


tarp and cake and games … eh ano bang ginagawa kapag first birthday party? hehehe. that’s madam by the way, dancing with the fat bee.


proud grammies and grampas … ishi’s grandparents are cool. the grandmas kept my bag for me and were giving me balloons and jollibee headgear. hahaha! and i finally met miming’s dad who gave me a semi-bow and i didn’t know if i needed to do that too… so i shook hands with him. he looks cute, nawawala din yung mata!


family … i was on the side kaya ganyan kinalabasan. hahaha, nakakainggit sila. so happy for ishi though, she’ll have a family to support her and love her as she grows. tapos…


charging ulit siya by the end of the day. hehehe. ang cute noh?

yun lang.

♥ melai

since i was to be one of ishi’s ninangs, i ganged up on one of our stl’s to get me off of my sunday shift. hehehe. thanks to stl danny! oha oha! so bininyagan si ishi last sunday, sa st. peter’s. that morning, there was a bit of rain and a big rainbow… kind of considered as good signs, yes? tapos,i wore a dress and five inch heels for this, little siopao. lol. i’d curl my hair for you but it doesn’t curl without medicine.

aba, pretty girls! … madam (ishi’s mom), ishi, melaikick, and jamie

the ceremony lasted for around an hour at church where we made our vows to be her sort of second parent… and then reception was somewhere at qc circle… at bongga ang daming ninong at ninang ni ishi. ahaha. tinalo pa niya ang isang football team. although i could only remember mark and eka, and moonlight avery (lol, a whole musical band for godparents, san ka pa?) jamie… eeeeeeeeee was able to come too and the pixxors are credited to her.

because the only man a girl can depend on is her daddy … uhm kind of not true for me but i’m pretty sure miming would take care of his daughter. anyhoo, i’m really happy i’m one of her ninangs and i will always keep her candle… and of course, ninang melai is sure to dote on little siopao. hihi.

yun lang.

♥ melai

gigil galore … haaaang cute niya noh? the other pixxors are here.

i made a short visit to ishi, my godchild, yesterday. i heard she had a slight congestion but it seems she’s doing fine now. stor0ng baby is stor0ng? hehehe. pauwi palang ako galing sa trabaho when i decided to visit, at super pagod ako sa biyahe but when i saw her, nawala yung pagod ko.

mukha talaga siyang siopao… isang nakakagigil na siopao. hehehe. just look at those cheeks! pero ang talagang nagpasaya sakin eh nung nagpapaalam na ko sa kanya para umuwi, she held on to my index finger. i was all smiles aaaall the way home, lol.

yun lang.

♥ melai

happy feet

i’d never thought i’d be able to walk that long and narrow road to madam’s house alone. naglevel up na ang direction skillz ko! nyahahaha. i visited my godchild today (as of this writing)… and when i looked at her, she smiled. she’s the most beautiful thing. hihihi.

her name’s ishi, and i have no intention of presenting her to the world… through my silly blog. saka, that would be her parents’ job, so i only took pictures of her feet… and ours of course. hahaha, bakit paa? it was the safest thing i could touch. i didn’t dare carry her for now, not until she’s a wee bit older and her bones have fused.

anyway, she has this calming effect… cute things have a calming effect on me? hahaha! mukha kasi siyang  chibi siopao. all i did was watch her eat, sleep, she pooped once, even her poop looks cute lol… then went back to eating and sleeping. at hindi ako nabore! i can’t wait till she’s older and would call me ninang! i’m sure we’d have tons of fun.

yun lang.

♥ melai

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