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treated my sisters to halowich, which is a little dessert place at d’mall. the place looked nice and the color scheme was in my favorite color and it would have been cozy but there were too many people and annoying little spoiled brats fighting over ice cream when we went.


so i think the youngest got some green tea ice up top. this looks like the regular halo halo. the eldest, uh yeah, ehem, by that i mean me… i got some mango ice. it’s mango shake, nothing special though. and the middle one got mango holic, which she shared with me. this was soft serve mango ice cream and it was really really good.


my baba (chin) one and baba two. my sisters’ personalities are worlds apart, but they have this habit of protruding their necks and chin when getting their pixxors taken, hahaha. tapos umuwi na kami.

yun lang.

♥ melai


last week maki and i went to sebastian’s katipunan to buy a boyfriend, and not just a boyfriend


but a matinong boyfriend and matinong girlfriend! we endured heavy traffic just for these artisan ice creams.


shared these with maki, matinong girlfriend is the one on the left. according to the sign, it’s dark chocolate rum ice cream with cookie butter chunks and cinnamon roasted almonds. i ate most of it, hahaha. maki’s a horrible alcohol person.

on the other hand, matinong boyfriend is raspberry sorbet swirled with vanilla whipped cream ice cream. may i add that it looks very pretty, it has the most beautiful shade of red i’ve ever seen in ice creams.

i’m not a big fan of ice creams but whoever made these is an ozummm food artisan. will try the other flavors soon.

yun lang.

♥ melai


Posted on: March 5, 2012


chocolate truffle

today i went to get a magnum… hindi yung robot ha, yung ice cream! it’s an ice cream bar that’s popular in other countries at buti nalang natripan nilang ibenta dito. packaging palang mukhang masarap na… hahaha!

i got the chocolate truffle one which is chocolate ice cream with chocolate coating. it was super rich and creamy. i love the chocolate coating too! it kind of snaps and melts in your mouth and you get that happy feeling. huzzah!

yun lang muna… gonna try the other ones soon!


almond … this one’s my favorite!

yun lang ulit.

♥ melai

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