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having moved to a different company, i knew that i would’nt be able to take some time off for my birthday, so i just decided to drown myself in kicks (cakes). hahaha!

chocolate forest

chocolate forest … i brought this to work. my officemates had fun camwhoring with it! lol. having this new job is actually one of the best gifts i have received. people at my new company are so adorkable! they say they’re not nice, although i think they are, but more importantly they know the meaning of respect for uniqueness, something that i value so much. note that i still try to separate work from my personal life.

so there, going back to the cake… i’ve been eyeing this from tous les jours for a long time. it’s the sweetest cake in the planet, everyone went adhd when they had this, haha. i specially liked the chocolate shavings at the top because they kind of turned into rosettes. chocolate will always be one of the best things in life. oh yeah.

mango bravo

mango bravo … my favorite of the bunch! i bought this from conti’s… for myself. haha, please allow me to be selfish on my birthday! it’s just ozummm. it’s shaped like a tower so i thought it would be heavy but it’s very light, kind of like tiramisu, only better. plus it had mangoes and chocolate sauce, the kind the freezes up, and some wafers inside too. talagang bravo!

chocolate mousse

chocolate mousse … i bought this because of the broas or ladyfingers. according to the person who attended to me at max’s bakery, this was called, cake na may bakod, referring to the finger shaped biscuits… although i’d like to think of them as cats’ tongues. hahaha! loved the broas so much though, i haven’t had them in a long time. anyhoo, brought this to my sister because i missed her and my hyper niece. i thought she liked it too.

so eun, i’m probably bloated by now, lol. but my birthday was a happy one. lots of friends greeted me and i received some very nice gifts. i still have pending treats for my closest friends though, hoping their schedules would clear up soon! huzzah!

yun lang.

♥ melai


so i had a pre-birthday celebration with david and post birthday celebrations with miming and then max which i might put in another post… but i had a simple birthday. i kind of devoured red velvet cupcakes and chapchae while watching harry potter and the deathly hallows parts one and two. harry potter movies usually comes out during my birthday month and since harry, shane, and i have the same birthday… well there you go. afterwards, i met up with maki and we had some

chicken heaven

chicken heaven … bakit ba, eh gusto kong kumain ng manok sa birthday ko. i wanted to try hainanese chicken a long time ago, kasi naman naadik sa bon chon. hahaha! and of course we had cake!

melai cake+
love inspiration

melai cake … we got this from tous les jours, i think it’s called love inspiration. nom nom nom. it’s sweet and the red powdered top is sour which made it taste kind of lemony sweet. wish they offered smaller cakes because i can have this everyday!

so eun, i had a pretty good birthday, got ozumm gifts, and warm hugs and kisses. uh so, another year olderrr, please call me big sister nao. hahaha! here’s to birthday kicks and blessings and friendship, and love and family, and cake! cheers!

yun lng.

♥ melai

what i thought would have been one of my happiest birthdays turned out to be one of the saddest. i had plans, i usually do… but something had happened and i’d decided not to push through with those plans… pakiramdam ko boss fight na talaga yung birthday ko. ang hirap pala mag-isip matapos masira yung mga plano.

i wore my favorite red dress and heels that morning… i had to slave off say around 6.5 hours–of my birthday–although my team mates made me feel so much better spamming glorious pictures of cakes and they even waited for me for lunch.

the commute home was uneventful… nagpahinga lang ako ng konti pagkauwi ko pagkatapos nagdecide na kong imeet si maki. i decided to forego the dress and wear an old red shirt, shorts, at ang mahiwagang bota ni ms. montano. hahaha. that’s what miming calls my red boots. grabe, i’m talking about what i wore. ganyan siya kalungkot. lol. i think maki was amused with the boots though. birthday ko, suot ko trip ko. hehehe.

nakakatuwa naman kase si shane din pumunta… wala rin pala siyang plano. sabay nga kasi kami ng birthday. we horked down pasta, something i’d had wanted for my birthday since the first of july and engrossed ourselves in a bit of window shopping. i loved this part because we get to go to so many fancy shops and… annoy the sales ladies. when shane left, nanood na kami ni maki ng captain america. it was fun pointing out parts where chris evans’ head weren’t proportionate to his body double… but hey… ang gwapo pa rin nya!

e bakit parang masaya? i admit i was distracted for a while… pero nung umalis si maki, nalungkot na naman ako. naalala naman niya ako and he greeted me. but i wish i saw him. i was awake till 12 midnight kasi ako nga si cindermelai eh, kaya lang walang tagasuot nung bota ko. haha. if only things had been different… kaya lang dumating na nga yung hating-gabi. tapos na yung birthday ko…

so kumuha nalang ako ng kutsilyo at…


melaicake … it’s my birthday cake! a gift from maki. hehehe. oks ba! i would like to thank all those who greeted me, those who remembered, to all my friends and loved ones… 26 years na ko sa earth! i labshu all!

yun lang.

♥ melai

6:06 AM 7/30/2010 … it’s time for another melai by the numbers … 25 years old na ko bukas. tumatanda na ko! ang bilis ng panahon, parang kahapon lang kasama ko ang mga kaibigan ko na nagtitiis sa maliit kong bahay, lumalamon ng kfc at cake… i’ve decided to do things a little differently this year. wala munang kick party, maybe just some quiet dinners. ay honga pala, heto na yung results ko from that old facebook application…

I was born on a Wednesday and since my birthday…
I’ve been living for 24 years
I’ve been living for 300 months
I’ve been living for 1,304 weeks
I’ve been living for 9,129 days
I’ve been living for 219,114 hours
I’ve been living for 13,146,843 minutes
I’ve been living for 788,810,622 seconds
I’ve breathed more than 125,000,100 times!
I’ve blinked my eyes more than 132,500,100 times!
My heart has beaten more than 920,279,010 times!

i’m really fortunate to have a heart that’s beaten more than 900 million times. (and i want to say hi to the person who owns it!) so eun, i’m really looking forward to tomorrow. sweet cakes, here i come!

yun lang muna. update soon, kekeke.

♥ melai

7/31/2010 … i woke up to 152 notifications in facebook and i’d lost count after that. lol. my phone also went crazy with all the text messages. so… maraming maraming salamat sa mga greetings, sa lahat ng nakaalala. i love you all! so…dahil ayaw kong mag-kick party this year, i decided to have dinners with my closest friends instead.

with max at max’s … lol.

first up, dinner with max at max’s! hahaha. idk, wala pa kaming isang taon na magkakilala ni max pero super gaan ng loob ko sa babaeng yan. so eun, we ordered like fussy college students, cute waiter was amused. we had chicken bbq and ube cream decadence which became my cake! om nom nom nom nom! tapos, usap usap… our favorite topics like how underpaid we were with our previous company. lololol. and of course, the girly stuff… rabuuuu, beb!

chocolate belgian bliss … om nom nom!

followed by dinner with debed… sa bahay ko. for my readers who don’t know debed… he’s my bestfriend from the old days. grade two pa kami magkakilala at lagi kaming magkatabi sa school rites (always beat me at academics … remember that tag, debed?) that’s us eating chocolate belgian bliss! super sarap nyan i swear because debed’s very finicky. anyway, i’ll have a seperate post about that ice cream in a few days, kekeke?

we talked about tons of stuff too… from our old lives in bulacan and to what we are now and what could have become of our old friends and classmates. and what i like most about debed is that he has different insights to everything. he’s a film director and teacher by the way.

then dinner with miming and his friend mark. ay sos, cheapest dinner… jollibee! wahahahahahaahahah. mr. mayor, sir… we need more food joints here. it was a short dinner but i’m happy to pester them with my cellphone’s cleaner strap. hahaha, same old same old, still annoyed with the way i’m attached to cute things.

all in all, this was an extremely happy birthday. yap, foods and laugh fests with my favorite people in the world… i’m all smiles.

yun lang.

♥ melai

4:51 AM 7/30/2009 melai by the numbers …24 years old na ko bukas … there’s this application in facebook which calculates how long you’ve been living… eun, natuwa ako at saka super excited ako sa beerday ko at saka ang sarap magreminisce. bwehehehe. it’s been a year since that fateful night in tagaytay… tawa tawa tawa!  heto nga pala result…

Carmelle calculated how long she has been alive, and the result was:
I was born on a Wednesday and since my birthday…
I’ve been living for 23 years
I’ve been living for 288 months
I’ve been living for 8,764 days
I’ve been living for 210,352 hours
I’ve been living for 12,621,164 minutes
I’ve been living for 757,269,887 seconds
My heart has beaten more than 883,481,480 times!

oha oha! haizz if it weren’t for the stupid leave chervams, we’d all be on a plane right now… but no matter, even if it’s too frustrating. they’re making time for me… (halos masiraan kaya kami ng bait sa pagfile ng leave, all in vain)…and that’s close enough to perfect!

yun lang muna. meh update pa later … kekeke! can’t wait for the kick party!

♥ melai

eun… dahil akala ni miming di siya makakarating sa birthday kick ko, nanood kami ng ice age three! that was a day before my birthday… wahahahaha. parang kids lang. but what’s nice is that my friend made time for me… kahit wala pa siyang tulog. in the end… wala pala siyang pasok kinabukasan, at pwedeng makipagkick partee. bwahahaha.

our family picture! top l to r … madam and jamieeee; middle row l to r … padatoo, melaikick, cha ma; bottom row l to r … miming, nowie, bading (on nowie’s lap… doesn’t sound right), karlo padawan  …more pics here.

i woke up to a barrage of text messages and pm’s from old friends, my n00bcake family, and officemates… salamat sa lahat ng bumati… and mami ana greeted me on rx! astog! thanks mami…

hehe, sinong late? unang dumating sila padatoo, cha ma, at karlo padawan… mejo naligaw si jamieeeeeee. hehehe, san ka nakarating jamieeeee? basta don’t forget walang sunnyville sa area namin. hahaha. tapos si nowie, tapos yung late talaga… hurr! madam and miming! congratulations! from vaseline. hahaha!

my day turned out to be a day of camwhoring and dancing to snsd’s ‘gee’ and wonder girls’ ‘nobody’… especially karlo padawan who gives out a man-shriek at the sight of yuri. hahaha. the two girls, cha ma and padatoo… well, kinawawa nila si karlo padawan… ginawang laruan, nandung pukpukin, sakalin, at lagyan ng ribbon sa ulo. -_- si jamie naman puro internets at chat ginawa… si nowie din meh ka-landian…

my favorite pic … fierce!

i fed them… what else, my favorite… kfc! manok habang buhay. hehe. then we a had bit of cake and cuppy cakes. i made some ritz and peanut butter and marshmallow cookies… eh baket ba, it does not require cooking! anyways, will put that on a later post… kawawa yung ice cream, hindi man lang nabuksan. akala ko ba mainit? habang kumakain… chismisan to the maaaax… hehe. sekwet na yun.

i received a bear pala from cha ma, karlo padawan, and padatoo… her name’s iceberg… a white bear na lasengga. my rose pang dala dala. hahaha! o ha, meh playmate na si bading! “gusto mo ng beer ililibre kita… sige na sige na sige na…” here she is…

si iceberg lasengga!

the last time i celebrated my birthday, pinaiyak ako ng mga cakes na to… hanggang ngayon pinaiyak pa din ako… we ended the day watching ‘memories of matsuko’ (my patience! grabe ang tagal pala magdownload ng movie sa torrent chervams…) which is too much of a tearjearker, isa ka ng bato kung hindi ka iiyak… but this is what really made me cry…

a text message from miming after my cakes left…
“Mahal ka din namin. Permanent yan melai.”

tinalo nyan si matsuko… dahil sa buhay darating ang sankaterbang kaibigan pero mahirap makita kung sino yung talagang hindi ka iiwan. at sobrang sarap na maramdaman na pinahahalagahan ka nila. ilang beses ko na sigurong naulit ulit yan dito sa melaikick… haha, ang swerte swerte ko sa inyo! ang drama, pero that’s true… mahal ko kayo… forever!

…this was my best birthday kick yet! apir!

yun lang.

♥ melai

5:05 AM 7/30/2008 … every year, my birthday always is, for some reason, uneventful. sad even, i never fail to have cake and the usual handa but nothing extra special. my dad just greets me through text and my sister gives me a funny trinket or twinkies and that’s it. hirap talaga pag broken family. magdrama daw! hahaha.

so ngayon, dapat special na diba. a person only turns 23 once. i don’t care how much i spend as long as i’m happy on my birthday. lolz. i’ll be celebrating my birthday at the taal vista hotel in tagaytay with my pets, miming, madam, rabbit, marshey, and jown. hihihi. sana di kami maligaw papunta dun.

thanks nga pala sa mga efforts nyo guys. especially miming and marshey… mula pagfile ng leave pati pagbili ng board games. si miming, nakakatuwa, he actually googled how to say “happy birthday” in korean! hahaha. lolz. well, it’s sang il chukha hamnida!

excited na ko! i’ll be turning 23 later! yahoo!

yun lang sa ngayon… meh update pa kekeke.

♥ melai

my favorite pic… the n00bcakEs from L: madam, marshey, rabbit (ung nakared at mukhang rabbit), miming (eh di siyempre yung mukhang pusa), melai kick, and jown

see other pics here

i’m back! woot! heto na ang continuation ng aming adventure sa napakasaya kong birthday.

bago ako masundo ni manong driver sa bahay, meh tumawag saken na “unknown number” lolz. ang baba ng boses ng sumagot. akala ko daddy ko! hindi “hello” ang sagot ko eh, kundi “po.” di ko pala tatay, si rabbit pala! bwaaahahaha.

bumili muna ako ng foods, ganyan talaga meh “s”, namin sa sm… cookies, popcorn, twinkies… hehehe pambata! they enjoyed the food naman eh. napakagulo ng umagang yun. unang dumating si jown, tapos si rabbit, tapos sila miming at si madam, at ang supervisor on the floor… si marshey… late! tsismisan lang kami sa van. tapos yung boys, laro lang sa PSP inatupag… tinatawan ako ng mga pets dahil training pa din ako sa monster hunter… eh masaya na talaga ako sa luxor at puzzle bubble! hahaha. tapos tsismisan ulet, tapos foods.

nakarating kami sa taal vista hotel ng mga 4 na… i reserved one deluxe room but the hotel has policies about room sharing so we had to get two rooms or a room with an adjoining room. taal vista! napakaganda… dahil simple lang siya. i’ve been to other hotels sa manila na dinadaan sa bongga. sa taal vista, cozy ang dating. anyway, pagkatapos magbulatlat ng mga gamit ng mga pets ko eh tinira na nila yung board game na ‘clue’. naadik si jown. hahaha.

nung mabore na kami sa clue, nagdecide na kaming iexplore yung hotel. mukha kaming mga batang naliligaw sa isang malaking malaking mansyon. hanggang sa natagpuan namin yung game room… ayun, nagsawa naman mga pets na magbilliards, manood ng tv habang nagbibilliards, kalikutin yung mga equipment sa gym, at silipin ang mga batang gumugulong dun sa parang daycare… nang biglang… nagpumilit si rabbit magpagupit ng buhok! o ano, gumulong din kayo diba? hahaha!

di ko alam kung baket gustong gusto nyang magpagupit nung araw na yun. hahaha. pero gusto nya talaga so… we left jown, marshey, madam, and miming sa gameroom at naglakad sa kalagitnaan ng highway. ang kaso ang kulit ng rabbit, hahaha. lahat napapansin pati mula sa mga bahay hanggang sa bato sa daan. anyway, sarado ang david’s salon kaya napilitan kaming maglakbay. at sa wakas, nakakita din siya ng reyes cutters kung saan inirapan ako ng dalawang bading. (no offense po, bad lang talaga sila) haizz. hahaha. eun, pumasok si rabbit na isang 26 year old sa salon na iyon, paglabas niya isa nalang siyang high school student. pero, sinugatan siya ng bading. grrr. melai kick! yaaaaaaaah! naligaw kami pabalik sa hotel pero sabi ni rabbit, naglevel up naman kami dahil sa adventure na ito. lolz.

gutom na ang mga n00bcakes slash pets pagbalik namin, kaya isang panibagong adventure nanamam. we went to dencio’s for dinner. at madaya sila! yung set na inorder namin meh kasamang nilasing na hipon. wuhuhu. mamatay ako sa hipon. kwentuhan at picture picture inatupag namin nung dinner. wala gutom mga tao.

ang birthday kulang kapag walang cake. so, we went to starbucks to buy a cake, under renovation ang starbucks. we went to figaro, carrot cake nalang meron sila. eeeeeh. buti nalang meh mocha blends, we got a mini chocolate cake and two cheesecakes. ay grabe meh candles pa. hahaha. pero, nasermonan ako ni miming dahil magastos daw ako. mas matinding drama pa ang nangyari dito, hihihi. pero secret nalang yun. i started crying bago pa man kami makarating sa lobby… i appreciated rabbit for consoling me. kahit sabi ko mauna na siya sa rooms, sinamahan pa din nya ako. around an hour later, hinanap na din kami nila miming. at dito na nagsimula ang kaguluhan. hahaha.

miming borrowed rabbit for a while and he left madam with me. but… they never came back. my eyes were all swollen so i decided to go back to the rooms already. everyone was huddled in the other room. ako wala na sa sarili nung mga oras na yun kaya, humiga lang ako sa kama dun sa isang room. mamaya, meron ng kumakanta ng “happy birthday”. hahaha. tuwang tuwa naman ako kasi nagplano pa sila ng ganyan. masaya na ulit ng biglang nagaway si miming at jown, tapos si miming at madam, tapos si miming at rabbit, tapos si miming at marshey. nagaway away silang lahat. waaaah. hindi ko na natiis, humagulgol na ko. amf! sabay, narinig ko nalang “melai, joke lang! happy birthday!” sabay dala ng cake ang mga loko. hahaha! mga five minutes siguro bago ako nakahinga ng maayos. tapos, cake fight naaaaaa! yahoo!

n00bcake fight!

pagkaligo ng mga tao, tinira naman namin yung monopoly. nakatulog nalang ako. hahaha. sa pagod siguro. nalaman ko nalang na binenta na nila mga ariarian ko. tabi tabi na kaming natulog. ang cute ng mga sleeping pets ko. hihihi. i woke up at around 5AM… kailangan kong makita ang pagsikat ng araw. ang ganda, sobra. taal looked like an enormous blueberry muffin topped with cream. basta ganda.

we had breakfast at the hotel. ang masasabi ko lang great service, mahulog lang tinidor mo lilingon ka palang para tumawag ng assistance eh meron ng nakaabot sayo na tinidor. kaya lang yung foods mejo… hehe. kain nalang ng madami, wag na pansinin yung lasa. ayun, tinira namin yung survey pagkatapos. nga pala, si marshey eh laging matagal sa cr. habang kumakain, i took the opportunity to ask what she was doing there. at ang sagot nya… “naglabatiba…” lolz. more on that later.

nagswimming kami afterwards. halos mamatay kami sa hypothermia. to the highest level ang ginaw. si rabbit lang hindi lumangoy. ewan ko kung bakit ayaw mabasa, naging photographer tuloy. around 10:30, we left madam and miming to go to the ylang ylang spa shworla. eh si marshey kasi, gustong magpamasahe. pinilit ko lang si rabbit magpahand spa. mukha siyang maliit na bata na may mga alalay. hahaha. super soft naman ng mga kamay namin pagkatapos at amoy chocolate pa!

we checked out at 2:00 PM. lunch at mcdo na treat ni marshey. enjoy. tapos, we went to the town proper at nagbus kami hanggang pasay or kung saan man yung estasyon ng tren. sa bus, giniginaw si rabbit… walang dalang jacket ang loko. he put on another shorts… naku, don’t ask! tapos, another shirt, we put lotion on him, para daw magsara ang pores… hahaha. at finally, i took my floral hanky at yung meron na siyang mini-kumot. he looked really funny. buti nalang cute. haha.

the rest of the bus ride was joking around about labatiba. na gagawa daw kami ng hotel at tatawagin naming “labatiba hotel.” …commercials, lines about our so-called hotel. heto isa, “labatiba hotel, tanggal pati anay!” hahaha! eun, sardinas sa tren, pero labatiba pa din ang pinaguusapan. we got off at the station that’s connected to trinoma. nakauwi rin mga n00bcakes…

happy birthday melai kick! ito ang pinakamasaya kong birthday. isang masayang adventure. haylabyu pets!

yun lang.
♥ melai

hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.