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watch the stars with joo … please view this using firefox. ie and safari destroy my codes. thank you.

because today i was really missing a person i had wanted to do stargazing with. i hope he’s faring well though… maybe, just maybe, someday we’d see each other again under a nice starry evening sky.

anyways, i’m finally getting the hang of adobe illustrator. the little vector monsters are supposedly on mars though, kaya may red yung gradient. i’m naming them monta and moshi moshi. hahaha!

yun lang.

♥ melai


a happy pattern … if it looks weird or won’t show, please use firefox. ie and safari tend to destroy my codes. thankshu! also, if you don’t understand the way some words are used, please check the terminology page. personal blog it iz.

i’ve been really looking forward to our …my small group of friends… dinner this coming sunday. di nyo alam kung gaano ko na sila kamiss… i really want to see their smiles. yung iba i haven’t seen, ever since i left si-bee-gi. isn’t it high time to kidnap joo na?

since the next ps lesson was creating a seamless pattern, i thought i’d make a n00bcakes one. gusto ko sana ng seryosong pattern, but plants versus zombies was running in the background… i guess it kind of influenced me. lol, wut? i added a sunflower, nyahahaha!

i wanted it to look really happy so i made the bg yellow. the bees represent two things, being happy and being busy, eh lagi silang bisi bisihan. pero kahit hindi ko sila nakikita, they’re always going to remain the people i treasure the most… kaya naman super excited ako. wheeee!

so eun, credits to MissFroo7h and ohgalore for the wonderful brushes ; the fonts i used are cat’s awesomely awesome, fh_scribble, and lithos.

yun lang.

♥ melai

i’m kind of wanted to do something in illustrator, so i was looking around for inspiration. hyeah, sort of. hahaha. so… and i hope i don’t get into trouble, lagi akong maaga sa work, since i live far… it varies, sometimes i arrive 30 minutes to an hour earlier. so, since maaga ako a few days back and there was nothing to do… i roamed around our building…

i was staring at this wall with lots of statistics, and there was opt us. ganyan ko nalang siya spell. mind, i don’t work for opt us, kekeke. but it caught my eye because at first i thought it was octopus. bwehehehe! di na naalis sa isip ko na para talagang octopus kaya dahil diyan, please meet optee, the octopus! (the picture will not pull up in ie or safari, kekeke?)


i learned how to make an octopus in a basics tutorial i’ve chanced a few months back, but i can’t find it anymore… kind maám or sir who made the tut, if you see this, i will credit you. just pm me. wheeee! it’s all cccleaner’s fault. hahaha. ginawa ko nalang siyang pink and purply para naman happy and gay! sa palagay ko, it’s kind of nice being an octopus… they can hug eight at a time. octopus power huuuuug!

yun lang.

♥ melai


Posted on: June 6, 2010

forever we will stay like a pyramid

i thought i’d do something abstract for a change… i was thinking of doing something similar to venn diagrams but my iTunes suddenly blasted the song pyramid. so eun, pinaghalo ko… sort of. hahaha. created the vector and arranged the colors first in illustrator before processing in cs3. ahihi. tapos i added my favorite line from the song.

this reminds me of trigonometry though, one of the two branches of mathematics which i didn’t fear failing way back in high school. hahaha. i like shapes. yung isa, statistics. lol. anyhoo, i’m pretty happy with my colorful polygon with three corners, hahaha!

yun lang.

♥ melai

i’ve been getting requests to do this… so heto na poh! hahaha! cabal, bow. binabalik talaga ako sa nakalipas ng larong ito. at hindi ko alam kung bakit naisipan ng mga ka-opisina ko na laruin itong game na to… ngayon lang. they are all kuyas who are currently addicted to the game. i overheard them talking once, about leveling up and all… and they went like this 0_0 nung malaman nila na i knew the game.

venus and mars

at dahil diyan… i had to make a character on frakking venus (server). max had to make one too, lol. since i’m familiar with the blader character, i made another blader. so… lol. di ko alam kung anong point ng post na tooooo… other than it’s being requested of me. waaah. i guess they wanted to know why i played this or what’s special behind this game that made me play this.

i learned about this game round three years ago. i had failed to pass an interview for a promotion. para madistract ako, pinaglaro ako ng mga kaibigan ko nitong game na to. we played until everyone just sort of grew apart… and completely forgot about it. haha. i’m not playing it regularly now though, just when forced to or when i feel like it. hehehe.

before, i played it para makipag-bonding sa kaibigan. it still is special to me, reminds me of tons of memories as well as it is my one and only… mmorpg. hehe. but now i’m more interested in the graphics and art… which have been refined. killing garlies have not been so colorful as it used to be. [which reminds me, but this is totally unrelated to cabal, i’m kind of studying the artwork in bioshock 2 as well, and i just wanted to say that the graphics are surprisingly beautiful.]

so ayun…  there are still a lot of perverts in cabal ; the garlies are still annoyingly copulating, hehehe ; and melaikick… is on frakking venus. lol.

yun lang.

♥ melai

the first time i saw jang… natakot ako sa kanya. hahaha. she seemed like a really strong woman, yung parang bossy. turns out she is really really kind and caring. and i like her a lot. there was one time she knocked on my door just to check up on me… hehe (made sure i didn’t eat some prawns or something) she’s a person who likes cute things too… hahaha! meh kakampi na rin ako.

today is jang’s 23rd birthday! i made some line art (sort of making a picture look cartoon-y but in a pretty way) of her… wahehe, ninakaw ko yung pixxor niya from her multiply. she’s absolutely beautiful, yes?

cheers jang! this is my very first attempt at lining and shadowing… i hope you like it, sencya na this is the only thing i could think of… kasi naman, nilo gives you everything. hahaha. nilovesher forever!  happy happy birthday to you!

yun lang.

♥ melai

more rants… i work my ass off pero bakit ang dami daming tamad na tao sa earth?! naholdap ako kahapon… by two assholes who probably had healthier lungs than me. one man pushed me to the ground pulled my body bag which wouldn’t come off… and then punched me several times in the face. kumusta naman, i look like a panda now, swollen face plus blackeye.

bakit ba nagnanakaw ang tao? sabi nila desperado sa pera… baket wala ba silang friends? baka naman tamad lang at gusto ng easy money.  ok ok, wala naman talagang strict code ang masama at mabuti, ang tama at mali. (lol. philo 101) pero those were two fit and normal looking people who had arms and legs… mukhang walang brains. tsk. tapos ba’t nananapak sila? wala akong masyadong laman para maging punching bag noh.

so… while resting at wala naman akong makausap, at walang mapagsabihan ng sama ng loob… (bisi miming is bisi and will just lecture me on life stuff, lol… but he did give me first aid and episodes of a funny japanese series… more on that soon) i turn to one of the things that comfort me, which is drawing. eh hindi pwedeng music, mag-emo lang ako; di rin pwedeng pagkain dahil puro sugat yung bibig ko. so here goes, just one of those doodles…

angry panda is angry. lol. learned meme from miming. did this with pencil and crayon. obviously, i can’t do a self portrait. well, i can but… heto nalang. we both have swollen faces tapos black eye and blue all over. hahaha. teka, di ako mataba but my body feels heavy… oh well, this is how i illustrated how i felt. at least di emo! hahaha! powerhug the panda, keke?

yun lang.

♥ melai

p. s.

i forgot to say thank you to all the people who helped and worried about me. salamat salamat!

yun lang ulit.

♥ melai

super p. s.

nahuli na pala yung nangholdap sakin last may 26. muhahahahaha. buti nga!

yun lang ulit part tuu.

♥ melai

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