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late post is late. i’ve always looked forward to up’s annual miss engineering pageant because it’s such a laugh fest, the show’s an instant pick me up. met up with maki of course, we always support her club’s candidate, ms. ge club. this year’s theme is timeless… uh, women and ms. ge club’s character is mariah carey.


the hosts are always funny and… pervy, hahaha. this is the very thing that i like about maki’s school, they’re open to stuff like this.


here’s ms. ge club, he kind of looks a little soft to me, maybe that’s why they chose him to represent.


the show usually starts with the talent portion, which tends to be the longest. i ended up with a sore throat after this because of too much laughing, charot.


i was impressed with the swimwear part, they even had wings… although some of the participants’ private parts are obviously visible, haha.


the long gown competition was the last thing we watched from the show since i still had some work to do. maki and i ended up grabbing some chow from army navy and wishing ms. ge club good luck. in the end, ms. ge club was best in the long gown part and was the third runner up! huzzah!

yun lang.

♥ melai


went to see miss engg 2012 with maki at the up theater last sunday… err, i was late, and i ended up at the back part of the theater. i was smiling at the guys who were keeping watch there and they were about to let me in… but as it turned out, they thought i was some miss catherine, whom they were waiting for. wahahaha!


anyhoo, this year’s theme is andronica. unlike last year’s super girly, lace-filled enggchanted, andronica is more of sexy robot glitter and metallics. there was even one contestant who came out wearing metal boobs. lol.


the hosts … they one of the reasons i really like miss engg. they too funny, i was laughing almost all of the time. this event really came in at a good time because i’m kind of overstressed at the moment so this was a great stress reliever. and to add to that…


ms. ge club 2012 … is absolutely adorable. maki’s from the ge club and she brings me sometimes to events like this. so, it’s no brainer that i’d support their candidate. from the top, he’s in his fisher-woman-robot costume, then skimpy yellow bathing suit thingy for his talent portion, followed by a black bikini for the swimwear competition.  i don’t know how he hid it but he hid it… you do know what’s it, right? hahaha. but he hid it well, anyway. hindi bakat! then my absolute favorite would be the long gown, in which he strutted around in a peachy stunner. he won best in long gown too.


and here are the rest of em! hahaha! most, i think are straight and the winner even said he wanted to win to prove he was worthy of the one he liked. ms. ge got fourth runner up too. so, all in all, it was a great pageant… kind of pervy to an extent but you do learn a lot of things, like women are strong like men too, and in some cases even more. let’s go again, next year!

yun lang. i love engineers!

♥ melai

after our chocolate kiss merienda, maki and i headed to the up theater for the miss engineering pageant. this is sort of a culminating activity for the up engineering week. it’s a contest where guys pretend to be girls and wear bikinis and gowns, just like in a real beauty contest.


first time ko sa miss eng! hahaha! and this year’s theme is eng’gchanted. the stage had towers on each side… for princesses to come out of. hihihi.


here’s the ticket and uh, i was wearing shorts… this is something i like in up, they let their students wear comfy clothing. going back to the ticket, this one was courtesy of my maki’s friend aileen. thank you very much! i love engineers!


the show started with a blast! they showed a short documentary of the contestants… kung papano nila tinago yung alam mo na, hehehe. take note, these are all straight young men. gays are not allowed to join, so i’m told. tapos kung sino daw yung gusto nilang patulan among the contestants. too funny! they were also introduced and had a dance number… there was snow white, tinkerbell, princess jasmine, even the red queen! but since i’m with maki, who’s a member of the ge club or the geodetic engineering club, siyempre ang bet ko ay si cinderella! he’s the ge representative. here o…


ang cutee niya, from the top, you see him in his character dress, the shoes are so shiny! ; then swimwear, ang kinis kinis po ng pwet nya. hahahah! ; next is the talent portion where he danced to bubble pop by hyuna, i’m not a big fan of hyuna but i like bubble pop now. ang galing niyang sumayaw, his is the only performance wherein the backup dancers didn’t steal the light. ; after that is the evening gown, ang bagal ng lakad niya, walking in sky high cinderella heels is no mean feat, but he got the award for best evening gown! so pretty! ; and of course, the question and answer part! sa tingin ko, he had the wittiest answer of all, but this part only accounts for a small part of the scores.


third runner up! he was ever so graceful and smiled a lot. i think he deserved the crown. in the end, i knew the ge club were happy, which is an understatement kasi they were screaming at the top of their lungs, and proud of their cinderella.


attack of the engineers! maki and i milled around with a few more of her engineering friends. sobrang nag-enjoy ako, next year ulit. more pixxors here!

yun lang.

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