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met up with my college friends last saturday because tin had finally come home from canada and had organized a christening for her kids. i just got off work so i was too sleepy and a bit hungry then so i wasn’t able to take a lot of pixxors but here’s

mean girls buffet 101 03

cons and me … lounging around. hahaha. cons brought her nephew along… he doesn’t smile. anyhoo, this was just after eating a plateful of chicken, oysters, salads in mini pots, hmmmm and i think i had a slab of pork. hahaha. takaw lang… i was able to take a pixxor of the


desserts! everything was good but the creme brulee was ozummm. after some more eating, we queued up for…

mean girls litrato photography 2
mean girls litrato photography 1

paw’s photobooth. this is very tiring, especially for a group of six girls rummaging around a pile of funny hats and struggling to find a spot in the monitor. lol. but i like the way the pixxors turned out. we had some laugh fests after and talked about old terror professors and classmates but i’m looking forward to a longer bonding session with my mean girls hopefully soon.

yun lang.

♥ melai


after tomato kick, david, pat, and the melaikick headed to friuli trattoria, dodging and leaping over puddles… but it was all worth it!


prints … the place reminded me of an old kitchen or a picnic, plaid prints and all. haha. they have nice heavy plates too.


little boy and his pout … wahahaha! yes, we camwhored a bit more. this is my favorite pixxor of david.


and this is my only decent pixxor. hahaha! now, i didn’t get to take pixxors of the pizza and cheese sticks since we attacked them almost instantly, will probably update this though when david finally decides to upload the pixxors from his camera. lol. anyhoo, i took one of the…


ravioli … this was really good, like everything else. because we…


annihilated the food! hahaha! and of course the only things that can surpass all that was the dessert. we had


tiramisu … this was david’s. this was almost perfect and everybody loves tiramisu but it could have been bigger…


pharaoh’s delight … this one was patrick’s. it’s supposed to be a pyramid but i thought it looked kind of weird to have pistachios for the capstone. the rest is fig gelato by the way…


after eight … this one’s mine, made of…  mint and chocolate gelato… it was ozuuuuum!

over all it was an excellent experience at friuli trattoria. we had great food, they had well mannered staff who provided good service, tapos i got to bond with two people who are close to my heart. pag masarap kasi ang pagkain, mas nagkukwento sila. hahaha! salamat sa pagsama saken david and pat!

yun lang.

♥ melai

Posted on: March 17, 2013

it was supposed to be a lamon trip to ihop with monique and cai but… there were about twenty people on the wait list when we arrived.  so instead of waiting, we headed to donuts instead. i actually haven’t tried any of their doughnuts before, because the line to the counter is always heartbreaking. hahaha! ang haba kaya!

anyhoo, since i have good friends to fall in line with, then i agreed. it took us one hour and thirty minutes just to get… donuts donuts

drinks … monique and cai got frappes while i got the thai tea thing, not a big fan of it though. we also got a bunch of donuts donuts

alcapones … the shop’s bestseller. oh i loved them, they were ozummmm! it was very soft and had white chocolate and almonds on top. it wasn’t too sweet as well and had a simple design, which is perfect in my book. also, they have cutesy plates and adorable orangey spoons!  on the other hand, they also sell… donuts

mugs … for some reason, i horde mugs and tea cups. i got the one with the vespa couple design. it’s pretty and really heavy, just right for chugging taho in the mornings.

will come back with maki someday to, maybe when we chance upon a short line to the doughnuts. hahaha!  more pixxors here.

yun lang.

♥ melai

i’ve had weird embarassing experiences with weddings before but i’m so glad i decided to attend

paw and jacky's wedding
paw and jacky's wedding

paw’s wedding … which is the most heartwarming event i’ve ever been to yet. i was teary eyed when paw started walking down the aisle. aslo, paw and jacky, her new husband, shared the simplest but cutest kiss i’ve seen.

paw and i have been classmates during college and belonged to a group called the ‘mean girls’. we’re not really mean though, it’s an inside joke. fortunately some of the other members were able to come too…

paw and jacky's wedding
paw and jacky's wedding

mean girls … cons was part of the entourage so she had to sit up front but i was able to take pixxors with maya, the loudest and wackiest in the group and ruch, who’s kind of shy most of the time but she’s got that inner spunk.

after the wedding ceremony, we chilled a bit at starbucks because the reception wasn’t until two hours later, which is the very reason i decided to wear…

paw and jacky's wedding
paw and jacky's wedding

chucks … hahaha! i picked up a blue violet dress at the mall a week back but after reviewing the wedding and reception schedules, which had a large interval, i decided that i will not let my feet die. bought ribbons though in place of the dirty white shoelaces. took a pixxor with cons’ bouquet, which i was admiring the whole time… thought it was pretty. after a few hours of chugging tea and coffee we were off to…

paw and jacky's wedding
paw and jacky's wedding
paw and jacky's wedding
paw and jacky's wedding
paw and jacky's wedding

gloria maris chinese restaurant … there were photobooths and drawing activities and of course food… but i was only able to take a picture of some of the refreshments because we shared a table with some teachers and an elegant chinese couple, and since we were younger we allowed them to get the food first.

they served dish after dish after dish after dish… akala ko wala ng katapusan! hahaha! we had different kinds of meat, fish, seafood, soup, mushroom, and noodles, but the best for me of course was dessert! gloria maris has the best mango sago i’ve ever had!

and since we can’t get too close to the newlyweds since they were so busy, we…

paw and jacky's wedding
paw and jacky's wedding

went to the restroom in droves … this is what girls really do inside the restroom, camwhoring. lol. and when all the singing and merriment was over, the mean girls went home, well to cons’ place… hehe.

here’s a shoutout to paw and jacky! thanks for inviting me to your wedding, because of it i realized that love really does exist. i hope you’ll live happily ever after and make supercute babies and make us godmothers, kk? more pixxors here.

yun lang.

♥ melai

i went to a small all-girls college in mendiola and was close friends with a group of five girls and then we all graduated… which meant we didn’t see each other as often, although we keep in touch every once in awhile. so then, after more than five years, i was able to see some of my college friends again!


mean girls … or half of us. we still call ourselves ‘mean girls’,  hahaha! it’s an inside joke. from left is cons, then me, then ruch. we caught up with each other at parvati’s and we mulled over paw’s upcoming wedding, old funny things that happened when we were in college, and our current lives over wonderful sammies. heto o…


smoked salmon sandwich … with mango dill dressing! hihi. i ordered this, and this was amazing… i never had a penchant for fish but the salmon was just right and the mango closed the deal. will order again!


cons’ sandwich … i have no idea what it’s called. hahaha! it looks good too though. ruch already ate so she just had coffee with us after we ate.

so eun, it was really nice to hear from them and i’m really looking forward to more bonding sessions like these. at dahil nag-enjoy ako na makasama sila ulit at kumain ng marami, i ended the day with mini brazo de mercedes which i ordered for takeout! hahaha! ako na matakaw!

yun lang.

♥ melai

at dahil thanksgiving ngayon, here are some of the random little things, mababaw lang ang kaligayahan ko, that i appreciate…

micah micah

friendship rings … when it comes to friendship, remaining faithful is never an option. it’s an obligation. wahahahah! shane and i forced maki to buy one of these cheesy rings at saizen… at siyempre, wala siyang nagawa. the top one is shane’s, then my gay one, then maki’s.


baon … when i have time to prepare baon, i pick out the pretty food. it makes the pantry food less depressing. hahaha! it’s kind of hard to go out and buy snacks in the area where i work so i kind of lug these around when i can.

8 bit music … is a style of electronic music that’s similar to the ones in vintage game consoles… err, like say, the nintendo entertainment system. i kind of enjoy dancing to the ones i found in youtube and the dancing pixellated characters in the videos… well, they’re adorbs. just adorbs. gee by girls’ generation happens to be my favorite or at least it’s the one i dance to most.


memories of my old cat … i’m always happy when i’m reminded of my old cat… the times when he’d roll around or sleep beside me or when he’d lay flat to ask for belly rubs. i miss really the old guy but i’m thankful that i’ve found a nice new owner for him. he’s probably getting belly rubs right now.

at siyempre… world peace. lol.

yun lang.

♥ melai

i was finally able to bring maki someplace farther than ortigas… ahahaha! we went to little tokyo last weekend, i’ve been there once, with david, to oishinbo, so hinila ko si maki sa urameshiya, the one which specializes in …


yakiniku … it’s the japanese way of cooking bite sized meat in grills … kind of like bulgogi which is korean.


no shoes allowed … i liked the fact that we had to sit in mats and we had to take off our shoes because it felt more authentic and maybe because maki had to reveal her girly pink socks. lol.


naruto … shouyu ramen with narutomaki is my all time fave nao. this reminds me of the anime character naruto a lot, i like him because of that adorable giant frog he summons.



buta bara … which maki cooked, which now makes her a japanese grill expert, lol. and which leaves david as the only best friend i have who has not cooked for me. ahem. i think it translates to pig and rose… it’s bacon by the way and bacon is ozum. period.


onigiri … i didn’t get to try this kase busog na busog na ko sa ramen but it looks ok.



manga and magazines … they had a bookshelf of manga, i remember seeing one piece, and they also had magazines filled with women in bikinis. hahaha!


japan japan … as usual, si maki pa ren kasama ko pag lamunan. sa susunod, ililigaw ko na siya. hehehe. salamat sa pagsama saken!

yun lang.

♥ melai

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