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the last time i confronted a hater, i ended up hurting my best friend… 7:56 AM 9/18/2010… just a little update on this particular line, because some people misunderstood, i did not confront my bestfriend about some girl, it was more of a “trust” thing, lol. end of update. tapos my whole barkada went into a talk back frenzy in my formspring and the poor hater became their toy, lol. so now, meron na naman… but i’ve decided to just ignore this person and let him or her or… it (lol)… suffer from his or her or… it’s (lol, again) own mental agitation.

so there, i have no room for haters in my life. all negative posts and comments except for criticisms shall be automatically deleted. saka, it’s not really fine to hurt somebody else’s feelings… yes, including haters. tao rin yan. i also don’t want the foul language rubbing off on me and my friends. nakakahawa yun!

and you know what, haters are not powerful. they’re only people with miserable lives and the only way they can feel better about their toxic little selves is by making others feel bad. unfortunately, there is only one person allowed to hurt me. hahaha! *wink* so, i can’t be pulled down. normally, haters would feel that their discrediting and haterade had worked when they see that it bothers you. so, sorry nalang kasi wakopakels.

oh and one more thing, for any of you with bashers out there, hating is the sincerest form of flattery. yes, they make you popular! in the end, it’s the hatee (is there such a word?) who always gets the last laugh! muhahaha!

yun lang.

♥ melai


lolz. somebody asked this on my formspring and i’ve a good feeling who it is. hehehe. so here you go… ito pala yung gusto kong computer specs… este i guess characteristics of what my ideal man is… gahaha.

respectful … when you show respect, you get respect, right?

someone who appreciates my quirks … or at least can stand them. kasi, para sa akin chocolate is a food group ; the cutesy stuff that i do ; the way i buy stuff because they match… (i.e. i only buy hp) hahaha!

good manners … yung lilipat sa danger zone kapag tatawid sa kalsada, yung papaupuin ka muna bago siya, yung papayungan ka kapag umuulan, yung hahatid ka hanggang sa pintuan, yung ibibigay sayo yung jacket niya kapag maginaw, ahihi.

proud pr …  someone who is not diminished by achievements yung parang personal publicist mo na siya. yung ok lang kahit mas mataas ang sweldo mo, or mas mataas ang gpa mo at proud pa siya sayo.

encouragements and power hugs … yung kayang dumamay sayo kapag… hmmm… kapag may zombie attack. hehe, or something to that effect. saka someone who can hold me and won’t pull away, just wrapping me in his arms without an ounce of selfishness… oha oha!

cute … obvious?

yun lang.

♥ melai

p. s.

bawal ang high school student. ahahaha!

prelims muna… to avoid any misunderstandings, the tone of this post isn’t negative. hehehe. tawa lang, keribels?

anyhoo… formspring anonymous is back… pero fail. hahaha.


so… i know i’m frak wasting my time on this person. hehehe. pero malakas lang trip ko eh. so here goes… evil melai mode on! una sa lahat, what’s your take on a person who has random thoughts of dead fetuses (oh yes. tama yan… it’s not feti, lol.)? unless, medical practitioner siya… but i find those people sensible enough not to talk about a dead fetus that way. scary! anong tendencies meron ka teh?

tapos, of all the things that this person could have said… fetus pa? ang weak naman! kasi kung ako yun at dahil meh pagka-evil nga din ako eh susulitin ko na at sasabihin ang pinaka-overkill na maiisip ko. hahaha. just kidding! nah, it’s not good to insult a person nor practice hate speech pero hindi rin ako magpapaapi noh. this reminded me of a quote from my lifehacker friend “i don’t strike first, but i strike back…

di naman ako nagmamaganda at lahat ng tao ay may perception ng kung ano ang maganda para sa kanila. pero bakit nag-aanonymous pa kung pretty o maganda? hehehe. don’t go prancing around and judging or insulting people tapos duwag naman. nyahahaha. tsk. nasobrahan ka na sa kape, teh! relaks ka lang at baka magoverheat ang brain cells mo jan. oh well, if you are able to read this formspring anonymous, then this one’s for you! click here. wahahaha!

yun lang. evil melai mode off!

♥ melai

i have a formspring account at naglagay pa ko ng link dito sa worduu. so… nananahimik lang naman ako dito tapos meh biglang chervams sa formspring ko na ganito. nyahaha.


i mean, kanino? although i have someone in mind… selos ka? hahaha! nga pala, insecurities would only stem a trapped and unhappy man, so kawawa naman siya.

hehehe. thanks for wasting your time on me, formspring anonymous… ditto nalang sayo. geh, magkape ka nalang jan. better get extra shots of espresso kasi… your brain needs to wake up. >^.^<

yun lang.

♥ melai

professor melaikick … this is actually petix time at work. hihihi.

professor melaikick here… wahahaha! mukhang teacher! thanks to kuya ferdie for teh glasses. okay class, our lesson for today is…  meron na kong formspring! you can ask me anything here…

there’s also a permanent link under “notice” on the upper right hand corner. kekeke? ask nu ko, kahit anuuu.

yun lang.

♥ melai

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