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dad and me

it’s my dad’s birthday today! lol, see the resemblance… hahaha. also, why am i so small? i never really grew up with him, he’s lived in the us for a very long time and only got to visit us every few years, he has his own family now, so we don’t really have the closest parent-kid kind of relationship.

but i find that despite some gaps in our lives he can still be adorbs… he buys me better clothes now, you know, the girly kind, hahaha! also, he’s a really great cook, which is his best strength in my opinion, once, i woke up to the smell of sauteed oysters and clams during his visit last year. those were ozumm noms. but most of all, he would find some time to chat once in a while, which is kind of nice because he could have chosen to move on with his life and his new family and have chosen to forget me but he didn’t.

so eun, before i get sappy, have a good one dad!

yun lang.

♥ melai


my dad lives in the us and has his own family there while my sister lives with her husband and kid so we don’t get to see each other that much… plus we don’t really take family pictures, you know, those creative ones with all the props. so when my dad went balikbayan mode last month, i decided to take some, kahit super simple lang… kaya naman here are the…


haha, wait lang wait lang… eto na…


the montanos! it was fun, forcing my family to pose, hahaha. sana we can do a lot of formal and creative ones in the future.

yun lang.

♥ melai

my sister and i used to have matching clothes when we were young and guess what… we received matching abercrombie and fitch polo shirts for christmas. hahaha!



abercrombie and fitch … my dad loves this brand, i’ve seen the brand logo all over his luggage. i’m really happy with how nice and soft my polo is, and the colors remind me of flowing water… but there’s too much fake shirts here, most people would think these were fakes too… just like what they did to those toms shoes that are selling in the streets. the real toms look like these by the way. don’t get me wrong though, i’m not a big fan of branded stuff… save for hp and converse but i’m never a fan of fake stuff.


not really my twin … but from afar, we kind of look like one. it’s usually fun when people would ask who’s who and who is older. it’s cute too when some people do a double take and would ask if we we’re twins. this happened a lot more when we were kids.


can you guess which one’s melaikick? hahaha. highlight through if you can’t guess… the last pixxor is me.

before going back to the states, our dad decided to have an eat out with some of our cousins… yeah well, eat out isn’t really the correct word because they’re like huge, i mean tall, muscular, bulky… see pixxor below. hahaha.


sons … they could have been my dad’s sons, hahaha! that’s my dad and two of my male cousins, kuya pat… i like the kuya part, it makes me feel younger. lol. he’s a year older than me and paul, he used to be just a small kid when i was in college, now he’s taller than me!


daughters … that’s my sister, me, and dad again. we turned out to be small, thin, and slightly underweight… but if this wasn’t jay-js and it was say, a patisserie, i’d have devoured so much like my cousins. hahaha, i did say i like cakes.


at jay-j’s … this was before those two tables were completely filled with food. usually, when it’s dad treating us, we could order anything we liked… this does not even include his own food orders. the waiter was telling him that he’d ordered too much food. hahaha! first time i ever heard a waiter say that. this was a nice eat out with family… hadn’t had one in years. hopefully we could have some more soon. anyhoo, we ended up in a food coma afterwards.

yun lang.

♥ melai

it’s been a long time since i’ve spent the new year with family… so when my dad invited me over i jumped at the chance. it wasn’t a big celebration just some kwentuhan and food and yeah, we camwhored a bit…


me and my dad … he likes wearing these branded clothing in striking colors. he doesn’t look big here but we’re all puny when he stands up. yes, he even thinks my camera is puny… compared to that giant slr of his, anyway. he’s still picky although a bit toned down now.


me and my sister … if my dad loves wild colors, my sister loves pink… she has pink everything, even her kid. hahaha!


my niece tricia … she likes to yawn and all and is quiet most of the time, like auntie melai. i was told i was the quiet one when i was a baby. but she takes after her mother, puro pink. my sister says that she smiles when she sees pink stuff.


dinner … we had a simple dinner of barbecue, spaghetti, kare kare, and beef caldereta. this is like a communal house for my dad’s side of the family so… we have mismatched plates. lol.


by the window … we didn’t have fireworks as my sister’s husband is a firefighter. hahaha! but my sister and i watched our neighbors’ by midnight.


more camwhoring … there were a lot of mirrors in the house, so there. this was in the room dad let me sleep in. i don’t know how it feels exactly… celebrating with family, kind of a mixture of happy and loopy. kasi naman imagine being in a big house with 110 volt sockets and no internet. hahaha! then after further musings, i slept.

yun lang. i hope you had a happy new year!

♥ melai

so little siopao turned one last saturday! …buti nalang hindi ako naligaw papunta sa venue, hahaha! i kind of arrived just in time kase…


charging … nagiipon pa ng chakra si ishi. hahaha! i didn’t know anyone there though, except the family, buti nalang nandun si baku… sige na, ikaw na ang gentleman!


tarp and cake and games … eh ano bang ginagawa kapag first birthday party? hehehe. that’s madam by the way, dancing with the fat bee.


proud grammies and grampas … ishi’s grandparents are cool. the grandmas kept my bag for me and were giving me balloons and jollibee headgear. hahaha! and i finally met miming’s dad who gave me a semi-bow and i didn’t know if i needed to do that too… so i shook hands with him. he looks cute, nawawala din yung mata!


family … i was on the side kaya ganyan kinalabasan. hahaha, nakakainggit sila. so happy for ishi though, she’ll have a family to support her and love her as she grows. tapos…


charging ulit siya by the end of the day. hehehe. ang cute noh?

yun lang.

♥ melai

prelims muna… i copied the title from miming’s album for this post’s title, kekeke? miming’s started a new band with max, nilo, karl, and marv. ni raid nila yung bahay kooo~! hahaha! it was so nice that they decided to practice at home. sabik ako sa bisita. paris and madam came too!

i guess it won’t hurt to blog about their positions… miming plays bass, been blogged about ever since… ; si fafa nilo, rhythm; marv, siya yung leadista candy killer kiss ; max, kyot at ganda vox with super powers; si karl… snatcher! errr drums pala ; bading (nakaupo sa tabi ni miming), groupie! wahahahaha! the rest of the pix are here.

they’re going to play tons of japaniz music and i’m pretty sure it’d be cool and all that sort of ozummm! my iTunes is starting to randomize japanese music na… sign yan! sana lagi kayong magpractice sa bahay ko.  on a side note…

original noobs … o hai, i’m chayniz… not egyptian, ke?

there’s this shot with the original n00bcakes… it’s been a while, yes? i’m glad i was able to bond with my family… thanks for always standing by my side, thanks for making me laugh, thanks for the tissue. wahehehe! everyone buy condo unit near mine nao nao nao!

yun lang.

♥ melai

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