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for some reason, the japan foundation didn’t plan on showing any films this year at the up film center, was originally planning to watch a film there but since they weren’t, i had no choice but to fall in line for one hour and thirty minutes at the cinemas at shang which meant an hour and thirty minutes enduring high school and college kids milling about noisily talking about homework and professors and making me feel so much older, hahaha!

tamako in moratorium

i had several choices but what appealed to me most was moratoriumu tamako or tamako in moratorium in english. it’s about a girl who graduates from college and then goes back home but only sleeps and eats and doesn’t try to find work or do chores at home, lol. i really like atsuko maeda, who is the lead in this film, because of her akb48 cuteness and then i kind of suck at household chores so i had to watch it. here’s the trailer…

this makes me want to go to kofu, yamanashi prefecture, haha. it’s where the film was shot and the place is so pretty, watching tamako in moratorium is like lounging around on a warm summer day. going back though, watching someone do nothing has never been this pleasant, sometime in the film, we find out that tamako doesn’t really know what to do with her life yet, and lots of people can relate to that, we all have those moments. the father is endearing too, he obviously loves tamako so much too, that he tolerates her not finding work and such.

in the end, things just fall into place, tamako’s dad finally gets the courage to tell her to go to work, and tamako replies ‘good answer.’ or something to that effect… the seasons pass by and tamako transforms from bum to independent kid by the end of summer… and i even got inspired to clean a little, hahaha!


this year’s eiga sai was super. i still got the handouts from the previous years, this year they have a newsletter! yaaaaay! i hope they show films again at up next year.

yun lang.

♥ melai



late post is late, maki, shane, and i went to watch eiga sai at the up film center again and this time we were able to catch rinco’s restaurant. i’d been looking forward to watching this because of the word restaurant… hahaha! i thought watching this was a good way to learn a little bit more about japanese food. when it comes to cooking, the japanese are such experts and they present their food beautifully. so here’s the trailer…

shokudo katatsumuri, which is the film’s japanese title. it means snail restaurant… which is the name of rinco, the main character’s, restaurant. she cooks in her own pace and takes time to put in the magic. and oh the food she whips up like je t’aime soup served in cute heart bowls, curry with pomegranates, steak with lots of herbs, and pretty pastries!


what makes rinco’s cooking more ozummm is that it somehow affects the people who eat it, when their relationships get better, or when their sadness goes away, or when their wishes come true. in the end, rinco’s own wish comes true when she cooks for herself! really enjoyed rinco’s restaurant, someday i’ll make a good je t’aime soup like her. hihi.

yun lang.

♥ melai


so maki and i were finally able to watch eiga sai at shang this year… maki always has great timing and we were able to catch the only animated film in the eiga sai line up which is mai mai shinko to sennen no maho, here’s the trailer…

when you translate it, it means mai mai shinko and the millennium old magic… although they shortened the english title to mai mai miracle. it’s a beautiful film, it was able to charm the kids around, including me, hehe. but just like tonari no totoro, it also appeals to the not so young ones.


the story revolves around the friendship of two nine year old girls namely aiko shinko, a lively country girl with an ozummm imagination, and shimazu kiiko, the quiet one who just came from the city. they have different personalities that reminded me of my friends, and how each one of them is a different world… and this adds to my further love for this film.

everything in mai mai miracle was magical in a way that’s not hocus pocus. it dealt with the simple things in life, like trust and friendship, having a leap of faith, and it even showed death with so much grace… true magic you know. it’s the best thing i’ve ever watched in a while, i don’t even have a favorite scene because i loved them all! looking forward to watching more eiga sai in the up film center soon!

yun lang.

♥ melai

hehe late post. ito yung araw na natripan naming lumamon ni maki eh. nagkita muna kami sa sm at dahil dun palang gutom na kami… hello napoli hotpockets! tapos we figured we’d catch a movie at dahil na rin last day ng eiga sai nun, nagpunta kami sa up film center… we had up isaw while waiting for the doors to open, nakakatuwa lang, it’s been years since i’ve been inside the up film center, malamig pa ren. hehehe. sabi ni maki, kung super lapit lang daw ng bahay mo sa up film center, ang sarap daw magmovie marathon. tama naman siya. hehe, more on this in a bit.

eiga sai5
eiga sai2

goofing around while waiting in line … ang haba ng pila pero sabi ni maki wala pa daw yun compared sa ibang events. hahaha! but it was so worth the wait naman. bago kami pumasok busog na busog pa ko, maki even gave me a chocolate bar habang nasa pila pero after kong mapanood yung movie… hehehe, heto yung trailer…

the chef of south polar … ganyan talaga yung english title eh, yung japanese should be nankyoku ryorinin. nga pala, i don’t do movie reviews gusto ko lang magshare because i loved the movie so much.

it’s actually based on a japanese coast guard chef who gets sent to the south pole for research and he gets to cook there for more than a year. it’s just amazing how the chef makes the food. grabe sobrang galing, they even have foie gras! and it is funny too even the scenes with heartbreak themes which makes it heartwarming. but i guess, the very reason why i like it is that it reminds me of him. the actor who plays the chef looks so much like him, an older version of him, from the subtle expressions… pati nga buhok.  and the fact that he cooks so well and . i was so amazed. anyhoo, here’s the pv too…

anyhoo, if you’re planning to watch this movie… do not, on any account, watch it when you’re hungry or haven’t eaten. ako nga eh busog na busog nung pumasok, paglabas ko ng up film center, gutom na gutom na ko eh. maki and i ended up eating at mr. kebab at technohub and i finished my order first before maki. take note, super bilis kumain ni maki. hahaha! so eun, looking forward to another food trip with maki and watching eiga sai again.

yun lang. itadakimasu!

♥ melai

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