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davao november 2015

we headed to church for baby gab’s christening a few hours after jb landed… also that meant after eating breakfast at the old dimsum diner, meeting all the joggers in davao (it’s an inside joke), and annoying my non-vaping companions by vaping, teehee.

davao november 2015

i’ve had honey, jb, and nyles as my mentors and it’s been a long time since all of us had been together, it felt like a family reunion. on the other hand, honey’s kid didn’t cry during the ceremony at all.

davao november 2015

we also wore fun shoes! honey held the reception at a local buffet, where i didn’t take decent pixxors, lol. the food was great though, i think i’ve had two or more plates, plus tons of dessert and cake.

yun lang.

♥ melai


davao november 2015

nyles and i had dinner at blue posts boiling crabs and shrimps after i landed in davao and checked in at the hotel. i’ve been to davao several times and have passed by this restaurant several times, but i wasn’t that interested because i still have a slight reaction to seafood but i was hungry and i let nyles steer.

davao november 2015

i also let nyles choose the food, haha. these buttered shrimp were noms. also i really have a death wish, haha. the rice was soft… sort of like japanese rice but not quite. they also gave us bibs and we ate with our hands!

davao november 2015

the restaurant lets people write on every nook and cranny of the place, even on the tables and seats. the waiters were nice and accommodating, they’d give good food suggestions and offer to take your pixxors too. solb.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

for our last two visits to davao, we always passed by a cafe filled with panda stuff, it was quite far from bajada and i’d always say i’d come back for it. was finally able to visit darcy’s place during our april trip, huzzah!


the interiors are warm and cozy and when i dropped by there weren’t any other customer, so i ogled around.


there were adorable panda’s everywhere, but sayang they don’t sell the decor… would’ve gotten a panda for one of my sisters who hoards panda themed things.


ordered the panda club and raspberry iced tea… the service wasn’t very fast but the staff were so polite and kept letting me know that they were still preparing the food, so it was all good. on a side note, i remember chatting up maki during this time, she was in legazpi at the time and that was prolly the closest we’ve ever been in weeks as she’s almost always checking out some volcano shizznitz. (hello maki!) anyhoo, dived into the food when it arrived, it was excellent. will try their pasta when i go back to davao this november, teehee.

tapos umuwi na kami ng maynila. see you again soon, davao.

yun lang.

♥ melai

just wanted to document my davao trip last april and it was like coming back home… it’s my third visit to davao and there’s something oddly satisfying in being able to go back to places you’ve gone to and see the familiar and the new.

this is also the first time i travelled with people from work who don’t exactly share the same sentiments as me, in terms of travelling, charot. to expound, they’re simply happy drinking and smoking and eating around while rolling in bed. on a side note, it was cute observing their packing and hygiene habits… for instance, hiding a dozen bottles (probably more…) of liquor is kind of a special skill, haha.

this is also the first time i didn’t take pixxors that much for some reason, and so just grabbed whatever i could find in fesbuten, lulz. i stole the ones below from liiya and hanee.

davao april 2015 fb

we headed over to samal island on our one weekend for our teambuilding and we got stranded in the middle of the sea, haha. another boat towed us though and we got to our destination. my memories of that samal island trip aren’t that clear anymore, i just remember stepping on some corals, getting a stiff neck from riding a habal-habal, and seeing lots of gays on the ferry. adventure pa more, haha.


when we got back to the city, we lounged around sm lanang, because for the love of buddha, our hotel had forsaken us … check-in was at 3:00 pm. on a side note, i was finally able to eat cake.

davao april 2015 fb

on our last day in davao, we dropped by aldevinco, which my companions kept mispronouncing, to get some souvenirs, and hane bought us to the old glamour crabs buffet. tapos umuwi na kami sa manila, haha.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai


visited lachi’s on our last day in davao. the place reminded me of citrus fruits and mangoes, hahaha. the place was airy and comfortable, we also found good seats by the window.


i ordered some chocolate cake initially but they ran out so i had durian cheesecake instead. i’m not a huge fan of durian fruit but i loved the cheesecake version. nyles bought their famous sansrival, which was awesome, but i wasn’t able to document it… and i forgot what jb ordered, lols. on a side note, the bill came on a hand-painted tray, the art on it was pretty.


you can ogle their cakes in the refrigerators by the left side of the place. must have a cake fest here when i return to davao! so eun, had so much fun in davao, next year ulit and hoping i can see at least one of davao’s festivals, heehee.

yun lang.

♥ melai

i was more than excited to get to alleycat tea house… i’d been looking forward to going there for weeks before our trip… because i love cats and a cat themed cafe is something i’ve dreamed of so…


the entrance is already ozuuuuum. the owners (at least what i think were the owners) dropped by that day, and they look the same as the doodles on the wall outside.


their interiors are so cute, there are cat items everywhere… i specially liked the tip box, the maneki nekos on the counter, and the doodles by the sink.


but wait, there’s more! they have a lounge sort of area on the second floor, where you can grab a book and roll around happily. the rest room’s there too and it has the most adorable cat sign, haha!


we sat by one of the corners… bought a ham and cheese sandwich and peach tea! i wish i could have tried the other teas though…


but the best part of the place is that when you look up the ceiling you’d notice a cat running around in the clouds… makes you happy even if mr. sun is on vacation. will definitely come back!

yun lang muna.

♥ melai


the others had asked what kind of breakfast i wanted and i mentioned that i wanted rice. we got rice alright, lots of it, hahaha! we headed over to amadoks to have breakfast, it was a hole in the wall restaurant, the kind that has karaoke and jugs of beer, but one that also serves good food. we got one of their sets, with spring rolls, fried chicken, vegetables, and heaps of rice. di na daw kami kakain ng lunch at dinner. this is the heaviest breakfast i had ever eaten yet in my life, hahaha!


we headed to aldevinco afterwards to get souvenirs. found a pretty-patterned chest and pearls, they’re expensive though.


we dropped by jb’s gift shop again, heehee. it’s funny when you find stores and stuff that have the same name as you.


didn’t shop so much as the other two but if you’re looking for some native crafts and that kind of stuff and happen to be in davao, there’s lots in this place.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

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