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one of the major reasons i was excited to go to davao is


coffee cat! it’s a coffeehouse of course, but currently they only have branches in davao and cebu. i do have a penchant for cats so i made sure to drop by.


they have pretty interiors, very warm and neat, and not as crowded the other local coffee places.


and their staff are friendly and smiley! they tried talking to me in bisaya too, i let the one who approached me talk for a minute, just so i can listen to the malambing bisaya tone. so adorbs!


they offer cute noms as well. but the best thing that they have are


mugs! because i’m really cheesy that i collect mugs from coffee places and restaurants. i am that easy to please, lol. and since it’s going to be awhile before i could go back to davao, i bought two!

and that concludes our davao adventure, the experience was super ozummm and i will definitely come back!

yun lang.

♥ melai


so… i went to visit noriter, a coffeehouse far far away, with david a few weeks back. it is a very lovely place, heto o…

noriter entrance

ahn nyong haseyo … it took a bit of our ‘crossing past speeding vehicles’ skills to find this place. hahaha! but we were welcomed with pretty buntings and mellow lights though, so i was happy when we got there… kahit nakipaglaban  pa ako sa mga flying bus.


cakes … this is what we ate. david likes cheesecakes too much, but they’re heavy. loved the chocolate cake though, chocolate eh. lol. i’ll try the other pastries and sandwiches, when we come back.

coffee dream
cafe noriter

playground … noriter means ‘playground’ in korean… so we did play around. hihihi. david kind of played with the wooden robot thing on the walls and i enjoyed looking at the paper cups with cute drawings in them. i also loved the stuffed bunnies, i’ve been seeing them in korean dramas, i hope they sell them here in the future.

over-all, it was a comfortable place to lounge in, well, some people were even dozing off, i think. hahaha. but of course, it’s always best to go to such a pretty place like this with a friend, salamat sa pagsama sa akin, david!

yun lang.

♥ melai

after namin magdinner we trudged through ortigas para hanapin ang subspace coffee house. it’s a good thing david worked in ortigas before so we didn’t get lost. now everyone’s been to starbucks and coffee bean and tea leaf… but subspace coffee house is different… it is ozummm!

unlike in other coffeehouses where they have uniform coffee tables and a more formal design, subspace is mix and match with a korean feel to it, which of course makes it so cute and comfy…


impressive interiors … kahit saan ka tumingin it is either made up of pretty vintage things or cool modern stuff or a combination of both. my absolute favorite is the ceiling installation… teh ozummmnesss.

the food is equally amazing too and actually costs less than that of most coffee nooks. they have a great selection of cakes and korean drinks, here o…


i ordered cheesecake and purple potato latte and mario maurer. hahaha! they have tons of magazines too and we flipped through them while eating. the cheesecake was heaven and it has white chocolate on top pa! on the other hand i normally don’t drink lattes but the barista said that this was their bestseller so i had to try it. best purple liquid thing i ever drank!


this is david’s banoffee and chocolate mint drink with dingdong dantes on the side. hihihi. i like the fact that they don’t have straws on fridays. it’s some kind of policy in the area which they follow and i just think it’s good, less plastic around.


and here’s patrick’s cinnamon pastry and two fornicating people. hahaha!

then there are other things that would make you want to stay there an entire day such as…


korean drinks… i got vita c, the one with yoona’s face of course. hehehe, love her.


a really really really cute barista … and he knows the lyrics of girls generation’s the boys too and did i mention he’s really cute?


being stupid and no one will care … this is an understatement. i have other pixxors i can use to blackmail these two. hahaha! i kind of find it hard being a bit rowdy at some coffee houses because most people are conducting business meetings or studying or the music is bossa nova. but at subspace, they’re blasting kpop and they don’t mind if you take photos and they don’t mind too if you’re having laugh fests!


and being able to lounge around comfortably … some coffee shops do have sofas but subspace has the best furniture ever. and with that, i therefore conclude that this is the best coffee shop i’ve ever been to so far and one of the best bonding sessions i’ve ever had with friends! we must come back soon, yes?

yun lang.

♥ melai

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