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went to sm megamall a few days back to run some errands they still have chinese new year decor and i wasn’t really supposed to look around but…


i saw some plates on display that were painted with totoro and jiji, lol. and i ogled a few more, found out these were made by a family of chinese artists and their students. that’s kind of cool…


the ‘exhibit’ had a huge posters with xin nian kwai le 2016′ on it… so i’m assuming that’s what it’s called, there were lanterns and other paintings but i kind of liked the plates more. some are painted with fruits and flowers, thought those were pretty. there were some with animals but i’m partial to the flowers, haha.


and then this one’s my favorite, not sure if these are blue daisies or some perennial but it’s just so lovely!

yun lang. gusto ko lang share nu ba, haha.

♥ melai


12:13 AM 2/10/2013 … it’s the year of the water snake! yehey! wishing everyone good fortune, happiness, and prosperity this year.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

and so this is how i celebrated the first day of the lunar new year…

chamber of secrets

watched harry potter and the chamber of secrets … snake ba? it’s got a massive one. i would have done great in slytherin but i’m not pure blood eh. hehehe.


ate tikoy … for a sweet new year!


snake slippers … i got something new for the new year din. bagong chanilas from havaianas! hehehe. the design is snakeskin so i thought it was appropriate for the occasion.

so eun, festivities usually continue until the fifteenth day of the new year, but let’s also fill the rest of the year with happiness, love, maraming pagkain at adventure! happy chinese new year ulet!

yun lang.

♥ melai

so bumili ako ng tikoy for a sweet new year. at binili ko siya from…


polland … well, the polland hopia stall at the mall. the lady manning it was nice, she gave me a battered box with special tikoy and a big smile.


tikoy … here it is round and all. hahaha! what i like about it though is that it’s sturdy so you can cut it up into fun shapes. this year i made some…


stars … that’s one of them. hahaha, nag-enjoy naman ako sa tikoy na to parang project lang. anyhoo, we have a few more days of chinese new year celebrations, make sure you eat some tikoy.

yun lang.

♥ melai

it’s the first day of the chinese new year celebrations! yehey! kong hsi huat tsai! it’s the year of the rabbit at alam naman ng earth na espesyal sa puso ko ang mga rabbit. lol. at para maging mas espesyal pa, i cooked some tikoy which i’m going to share of course.

presenting ‘some bunny loves you ube tikoy ala melai‘, siyempre kailangan cute yung tikoy. aba mahirap yatang gawing hugis rabbit ang tikoy no. hehehe, i’m into mixed art media and i thought it’d be nicer to look at anyway instead of just being strips. nom nom nom…

tapos, di dapat mawala ang pinakamahal kong rabbit sa lahat…

bading and me and good things this new year! for those who don’t know, bading is the name of my stuffed rabbit… long story, lolz. so eun, i wish you guys happiness, good health, and prosperity … sending you some love too! happy new year!

yun lang.

♥ melai

kong hsi huat tsai! happy chinese new year everyone!

art was inspired by hong bao, yung mga red packets na meh pera which are given out by the seniors. para swerti negosyo (chinese accent)!  also inspired by chrysanthemum tiger tails coz these are what they call the golden flowers, kind of considered to bring good luck. saka it’s the year of the tiger. rawr! maki, gaki, and daki… este debed are all tigers! hehehe.

i wish you all prosperity… happiness and love… saka maraming maraming tissue. lolz.

yun lang, kumain kayo ng sweets ke?

♥ melai

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