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aside from all that history, there were also lots of stray cats around the streets, heto o…


this cat secretly goes around town in a motorcycle at night…


grooming and doesn’t give a frak about the world, hehe.


this one secretly drives a car and chauffeurs lost souls…


thinks he’s invisible, also about to pounce on an invisible prey…


this one will sell you chinese take out but will only accept yuans, teehee.

i still have a penchant for cats, wish those were a little bit fatter though.

yun lang.

♥ melai


i was more than excited to get to alleycat tea house… i’d been looking forward to going there for weeks before our trip… because i love cats and a cat themed cafe is something i’ve dreamed of so…


the entrance is already ozuuuuum. the owners (at least what i think were the owners) dropped by that day, and they look the same as the doodles on the wall outside.


their interiors are so cute, there are cat items everywhere… i specially liked the tip box, the maneki nekos on the counter, and the doodles by the sink.


but wait, there’s more! they have a lounge sort of area on the second floor, where you can grab a book and roll around happily. the rest room’s there too and it has the most adorable cat sign, haha!


we sat by one of the corners… bought a ham and cheese sandwich and peach tea! i wish i could have tried the other teas though…


but the best part of the place is that when you look up the ceiling you’d notice a cat running around in the clouds… makes you happy even if mr. sun is on vacation. will definitely come back!

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

i don’t usually cook my meals and most mornings, on the way to get breakfast, i’d find stray cats under cars or vans in the streets. sometimes when i’m in senseless mode, i play find the hidden kitteh… hahaha! it’s like find the hidden mickey but i look for the cats instead. i think the most i found was ten in two blocks. i have weird quirks like this but cats do make me smile, here’s some of what i found…


this one seems to like puzzles.


these two were lounging under a red car. ayaw magpapixxor nung isa eh. hahaha!


this one was warming up on the grass. a softie!


this one was warming up on the cement. a toughie!


and these two looked like bestfriends!

yun lang.

♥ melai

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currently rebuilding my blog... because multiply is gone forever and most of the pixxors are still linked there. fight-o!

i've coded and recoded and recoded again... but everything looks like a mess with internet explorer. grrrrr. oh guys, let's just use firefox. lollerz. ^.^Y

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