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we headed over to baguio country club’s christmas village… where all dreams come true, haha. it’s where you fall in line and pay to watch fake elsa and anna and frolic in uh… fake snow. that sounded bad but it was actually fun…


christmas trees were everywhere, haha. (alam ko, april na teh!) but they were nicely decorated.


olaf and wait… there are more of him? haha.


wise men and santa’s elves, on lunch break, charot.


fake snow and fake elsa, the kids loved them, and the parents were all frantically whipping out their phones and cameras, and crying ‘pose lang, anak, pose!’ oh yes.

we went to the ketchup food community next, we walked 90% from the bcc to there because it was hard to get a cab. we did get a cab, but we learned that we were several meters away from ketchup, lolz.


we had dinner at rancho norte, which serves filipino food. they were in festive mode at the time, with pretty wreaths all over.


we ordered bagnet and chopsuey with bagnet. the softest ones i’ve ever had, i could eat them all week and not get sawa. and then we had ube for dessert, which happens to be one of my favorites.


best thing about ketchup is that the place has lots of stray cats around, i even found one in the restroom. they all look clean though and not surprisingly… fat. this one cuddled around me. so cute, heehee. good food, fake snow, and a kitteh, that was a nice night.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai



went back to the 10a alabama fair last november… was finally able to take a pixxor of the gate without the swarm of parents, kids, and their uniform clad yayas. huzzah!


i started my treasure hunt with gawanifemi, she sells succulents in pots with faces! i bought four pots of spindly cactus. i hope she’ll have some echeveria succulents and lots of asian faces on my next visit.


there were lots of things inside the house that caught my eye, like pretty stationery and magnets, although i had to refrain myself from buying more paper related stuff because i already have two boxes of unused stationery. i did ogle some of the resurrected furniture, there’s an ozummm drawer for card catalogs and framed letters.


around the house were the usual knickknacks… purses, pins, more stationery, and stuffed toys.


it took me two loops to locate their resident cat though. found him snoozing beside the stall that sells leather bound notebooks, he must have liked how those smelled. also, per my google search, his name’s supposed to be chaplin… so adorable. hope i could visit him again soon.

yun lang.

♥ melai

at dahil thanksgiving ngayon, here are some of the random little things, mababaw lang ang kaligayahan ko, that i appreciate…

micah micah

friendship rings … when it comes to friendship, remaining faithful is never an option. it’s an obligation. wahahahah! shane and i forced maki to buy one of these cheesy rings at saizen… at siyempre, wala siyang nagawa. the top one is shane’s, then my gay one, then maki’s.


baon … when i have time to prepare baon, i pick out the pretty food. it makes the pantry food less depressing. hahaha! it’s kind of hard to go out and buy snacks in the area where i work so i kind of lug these around when i can.

8 bit music … is a style of electronic music that’s similar to the ones in vintage game consoles… err, like say, the nintendo entertainment system. i kind of enjoy dancing to the ones i found in youtube and the dancing pixellated characters in the videos… well, they’re adorbs. just adorbs. gee by girls’ generation happens to be my favorite or at least it’s the one i dance to most.


memories of my old cat … i’m always happy when i’m reminded of my old cat… the times when he’d roll around or sleep beside me or when he’d lay flat to ask for belly rubs. i miss really the old guy but i’m thankful that i’ve found a nice new owner for him. he’s probably getting belly rubs right now.

at siyempre… world peace. lol.

yun lang.

♥ melai

they say that when you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day but if you teach a man how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. well, i taught my cat how to fish!


paper fish … yuki loved them. well, sinubukan niyang kainin while rolling around. he was trying to take them off the blue paper i used for the background and sneak off somewhere, i was heaving his fat stomach every now and then. hahaha! anyhoo, kahit generic silang tingnan, i was thinking of salmon and blue marlin when i did the fish…

going back to the quote though, it means that it’d be a lot better to be able to do things for yourself rather than having others do it for you. if i can make paper fish, siguro dapat aralin ko na rin magluto ng isda. hahaha!

yun lang.

♥ melai

Posted on: June 19, 2011

i’m so sick… so here’s yuki to entertain you. hehehe.  there’s so many things i like about yuki pero ito muna yung first three… wheeeee~


name-melai din siya … nyahahaha. (see terminology) he likes to run around and destroy things tapos sa sobrang pagod sasalampak nalang sa isang tabi.


he likes to be on top of things… like a boss. like me? hahaha. joke laaaang. it’s also an inside joke between me and my so-called employee. hahaha! anyhoo, kahit san pa yan basta mataas, sa kama, sa lamesa, sa keyboard, sa ref… lolz.


he has good taste when it comes to shoes … at meron din siyang love affair sa mga medyas ko. nyahahaha.

so eun, minsan bisita naman kayo kay yuki… malambing siya at sobrang taba. pwede natin siyang i-ulam.

yun lang. more of these soon!

♥ melai

napapaisip tuloy ako, kahit marami akong pagsubok na hinaharap sa buhay ngayon, marami pa ring mga biyaya. hehe. oha! please meet my new kitteh…

teh handsome kitteh! say hello to hiroyuki san! i chose that name because it meant vast happiness. one of my wavemates, kuya je, who happens to have a growing collection of floor mops and feather dusters… este, mga pusa pala, gave him to me.

sabi ni kuya je, he’s a mix of persian and angora… but as long as he’s fat and furry and cute, i’m happy. i think he looks like a dapper young cat with that bowtie though. hehehe. anyhoo, one year old na siya and he’s extremely attached to kuya je, i had a hard time bringing him home. he was sulking all the way tapos natatakot din siya sa mga tunog ng sasakyan.

he’s been with me for a few days already, i think he’s still trying to adjust… at ako rin, i’m not used to dealing with poop. lol. on the other hand, lagi siyang naglalambing, laging nagpapahaplos, and his weak spot is his neck. matakaw din siya, he keeps eating every now and then. oh yes, that means bigger poop. waaaah. but i’m going to take care of yuki, we’re going to have adventures too!

on a side note, i have two mimings now. hihi. happeeeeeh!

yun lang,

♥ melai


i do have a penchant for cats (just like rabbits). ay di ba halata? hahaha! but hey, cool ang mga miming, noh. they have a really kick-ass physiology. pero bago ko i-discuss ang mga pusa… this is another just another id for tumblr. fuckyeah art blogs tambay, yes? by the way, nyan is a japanese onomatopoeic word for a cat’s meow and my old id is here.

yun lang.

♥ melai


i’m wearing a tube, kekeke?

hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.