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this year’s cake is brought to you by tetsu ojisan care of maki! this was really good, super fluffy and not too sweet… i ate a third in one sitting! on the other hand, had a really ozummm birthday. visited my sister and niece, who took this pixxor. then ate out and watched guardians of the galaxy, which is my second marvel favorite after the winter soldier (because so many bucky feels, heehee)!

they say you find out what you really want in life when you reach 28 years and i did. i did see that there is more to life… (long story, lol) and now at 29, i’m just so excited to continue my adventures, to get sad, to get happy, to get whole… to eat more cheesecake din, hahaha!

yun lang. thanks to all who greeted! huzzah!

♥ melai


so… i went to visit noriter, a coffeehouse far far away, with david a few weeks back. it is a very lovely place, heto o…

noriter entrance

ahn nyong haseyo … it took a bit of our ‘crossing past speeding vehicles’ skills to find this place. hahaha! but we were welcomed with pretty buntings and mellow lights though, so i was happy when we got there… kahit nakipaglaban  pa ako sa mga flying bus.


cakes … this is what we ate. david likes cheesecakes too much, but they’re heavy. loved the chocolate cake though, chocolate eh. lol. i’ll try the other pastries and sandwiches, when we come back.

coffee dream
cafe noriter

playground … noriter means ‘playground’ in korean… so we did play around. hihihi. david kind of played with the wooden robot thing on the walls and i enjoyed looking at the paper cups with cute drawings in them. i also loved the stuffed bunnies, i’ve been seeing them in korean dramas, i hope they sell them here in the future.

over-all, it was a comfortable place to lounge in, well, some people were even dozing off, i think. hahaha. but of course, it’s always best to go to such a pretty place like this with a friend, salamat sa pagsama sa akin, david!

yun lang.

♥ melai

so i had a pre-birthday celebration with david and post birthday celebrations with miming and then max which i might put in another post… but i had a simple birthday. i kind of devoured red velvet cupcakes and chapchae while watching harry potter and the deathly hallows parts one and two. harry potter movies usually comes out during my birthday month and since harry, shane, and i have the same birthday… well there you go. afterwards, i met up with maki and we had some

chicken heaven

chicken heaven … bakit ba, eh gusto kong kumain ng manok sa birthday ko. i wanted to try hainanese chicken a long time ago, kasi naman naadik sa bon chon. hahaha! and of course we had cake!

melai cake+
love inspiration

melai cake … we got this from tous les jours, i think it’s called love inspiration. nom nom nom. it’s sweet and the red powdered top is sour which made it taste kind of lemony sweet. wish they offered smaller cakes because i can have this everyday!

so eun, i had a pretty good birthday, got ozumm gifts, and warm hugs and kisses. uh so, another year olderrr, please call me big sister nao. hahaha! here’s to birthday kicks and blessings and friendship, and love and family, and cake! cheers!

yun lng.

♥ melai

maki and i decided to have merienda at chocolate kiss cafe before going to the miss engineering pageant. i’ve been to bahay ng alumni before for a school event but this is the first time i’m going to eat at the resto. gusto ko yung pangalan niya… it sounded like kissing chocolate eclairs.


we went up to the second floor where chocolate kiss has a cozy nook. you’d be greeted by cakes and twinkly lights. their staff were too busy. there were a number of people, good sign yun, i thought.


maki and menu … the cafe’s pretty menu was simple, a square folded to make a triangle with circles intertwined on the print. mahilig sila sa shapes, hahaha! di ko alam bat napapansin ko to. anyhoo, we ordered iced tea, piglets, and devil’s food cake…


om nom nom … so uh, i found the iced tea interesting, you mix it yourself! so eun, di naman nasurprise si maki sa dami ng honey na nilagay ko. the seeds from the acid orange… calamansi in english, hahahah! …were giving me a difficult time though. they kept getting stuck in the straw. maki’s such an expert with this iced tea, she didn’t have any trouble at all.

i ordered the piglets because they were called that. lol. they were sausages wrapped in bacon, not too greasy and the dip is great! i wish they’d have something named after bears though. bigger meat please, kind chocolate kiss cafe ma’am or sir?

finally, we had cake. and of course, i’m a big cake fan. maki’s recommended the devil’s food cake… which is actually heavenly. it has some chocolate filling in the middle, sort of makes it different from other cakes and the frosting’s like fluffy frothy sugar. ahihi, babalik daw kami ni maki dito, can’t wait to try the other cakes!

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

what i thought would have been one of my happiest birthdays turned out to be one of the saddest. i had plans, i usually do… but something had happened and i’d decided not to push through with those plans… pakiramdam ko boss fight na talaga yung birthday ko. ang hirap pala mag-isip matapos masira yung mga plano.

i wore my favorite red dress and heels that morning… i had to slave off say around 6.5 hours–of my birthday–although my team mates made me feel so much better spamming glorious pictures of cakes and they even waited for me for lunch.

the commute home was uneventful… nagpahinga lang ako ng konti pagkauwi ko pagkatapos nagdecide na kong imeet si maki. i decided to forego the dress and wear an old red shirt, shorts, at ang mahiwagang bota ni ms. montano. hahaha. that’s what miming calls my red boots. grabe, i’m talking about what i wore. ganyan siya kalungkot. lol. i think maki was amused with the boots though. birthday ko, suot ko trip ko. hehehe.

nakakatuwa naman kase si shane din pumunta… wala rin pala siyang plano. sabay nga kasi kami ng birthday. we horked down pasta, something i’d had wanted for my birthday since the first of july and engrossed ourselves in a bit of window shopping. i loved this part because we get to go to so many fancy shops and… annoy the sales ladies. when shane left, nanood na kami ni maki ng captain america. it was fun pointing out parts where chris evans’ head weren’t proportionate to his body double… but hey… ang gwapo pa rin nya!

e bakit parang masaya? i admit i was distracted for a while… pero nung umalis si maki, nalungkot na naman ako. naalala naman niya ako and he greeted me. but i wish i saw him. i was awake till 12 midnight kasi ako nga si cindermelai eh, kaya lang walang tagasuot nung bota ko. haha. if only things had been different… kaya lang dumating na nga yung hating-gabi. tapos na yung birthday ko…

so kumuha nalang ako ng kutsilyo at…


melaicake … it’s my birthday cake! a gift from maki. hehehe. oks ba! i would like to thank all those who greeted me, those who remembered, to all my friends and loved ones… 26 years na ko sa earth! i labshu all!

yun lang.

♥ melai

err… and then i realized that my name had maria in it. lol. di naman ako mangagayuma much less make one. hahaha! maki’s found this little restaurant in v. luna though… and it is called exactly that. at dahil lablab ako ng bestfriend kong ito, she invited me ulit sa isang lamunan session.

i thought it was really interesting at siyempre kahit bumabagyo, gora naman ako. hahaha. maki had been up all day though, they’d been buying big bang stuff since morning… eh i met them at around past seven in the evening. i saw both of them with loads of kpop candy and looking tired pero buti nalang game pa rin silang kumain. aba, gusto ko talagang… magayuma.

the place wasn’t really difficult to find, even for someone with bad direction skills like me. it was sort of an old fashioned house with pink walls, flowy draperies, and mellow lights. there was this nice quote on one of the walls, forget love i’d rather fall in chocolate. pwede, but i thought it’d be sticky. hehehe.

anyhoo, i chose the food maki was talking about the past week, which, had gotten me all curious about gayuma…


holding hands while walking may paswing swing pa … a.k.a hhwwpssp. ok so, it’s classic chicken strips, which were good pero natuwa talaga ako dun sa rice. it’s shaped like a boob. i’d highly recommend ordering extra rice. *wink wink* maki and shane ordered cross my heart, which is almost like hhwwpssp but with a different kind of sauce and asparagus shaped like a cross. but this is what really made my night…

beats sex anyday

beats sex anyday … it’s one of the nicest chocolate cake i’ve had. pano? kasi busog na busog na ko dun sa hhwwpssp, but i still managed to finish this cake and maki tells me it was a big slice. nice waitress is nice. hehehe. it’s kind of like a cross between tiramisu and chocolate cake. it was really soft… and oh yeah, i was eating a part of my friends’ cakes too. ang takaw ko! but it was really good i thought na…

beats sex anyday nga!

it beats sex anyday nga … although sabi nila, it’s better with sex! i think so too! wahahaha! maki wasn’t supposed to take a picture kaya lang sabi niya ang galing ko daw at naubos ko yung cake. there were other nicely named food such as forbidden love or secret lovers. there’s even one that’s called please be careful with my heart. oha oha!

aside from food, there were knickknacks at the side of the restaurant and guess what these are? they sell stuff which has something to do with love making and it could be as subtle as dices with things to do or straws with uh… penises (these look cute). but they have really obvious stuff like phallic symbols and books about them too.

ngayon kung gusto nyo rin na magayuma… gayuma ni maria lifestyle restaurant and bar is located at 123 v. luna road ext. sikatuna village, quezon city. punta ulit tayo maki and shane? hehehe! ang sarap nyo talaga kasama kumain!

yun lang.

♥ melai

10/16/2010 … a really long day. i met up with max a.k.a. mako, this afternoon. she got a new point and shoot cam and it is ozumm. we’d met up with the camera seller first tapos nag-enjoy kami sa pagkanta ng ‘mine’ at ‘hey stephen’ on the way back to the mall. and we enjoyed the random bouts so much we didn’t care if we annoyed the people in the fx. nagcrave kami ng cake so we headed to starbucks…

mako … and very berry cheesecake. i think it’s one of her tried and tested ones. and yes, we share food so i know na masarap talaga siya.

i love cake … om nom nom! max chose this for me. chocolate midnight cake, did i get that right? it tastes like a cross between tiramisu and chocolate. anyhoo, max gave me a short crash course on taking pixxors. meh needs it for a small project. hihihi!  i’d write up about it soon! we have lots of shooting planned.

we lounged around a bit tapos ikot ikot sa mall. it was extremely fun. it was extremely hilarious… yung mga bagay bagay na napag-usapan namin. i am extremely blessed. one friend like max is like a million relatives. that’s how much i care for her. just like the other n00bcakes, albeit i don’t see much of them.

since sale ngayon sa mall, there weren’t seats where we could rest, nagpunta kami sa medical city just to sit. hahaha! one of the best moments of the day. after resting, hinatid ko na si max palabas and i waited for…

yun lang… muna.

♥ melai

hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.