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next on our list was burnham park… i’ve passed by this park several times but haven’t really explored it, because i was more focused before on getting to more uncommon touristy spots in baguio and err… eating at new restaurants, haha.

the main attraction of the place was of course, the boat rides in the man-made lake found at the center of it. We got onto one and it was the shakiest thing i have ever been on, it was somewhat a terrifying experience, and i kept calm only because i was with friends.

on the other hand, the scenery looked kind of pretty, with little swan boats and trees in the background and of course, happy faces on the boats.


i wondered what would happen if our boat fell over though, they didn’t provide us life vests. but mostly, we were already drenched in the rain, i was thinking more of laundry costs, lol.


the following morning, i set up to do an errand that my dad asked me to do (i miss you, dad!), and i agreed to meet our group at good shepherd, famous for their peanut brittle, ube jams, and angel cookies. i love ube but i was more interested in the angel cookies… for some reason, bumabait ang taong pinagbibigyan ko nito, char.

the place is also picturesque, there were really pretty gardens and floors that have intricate designs… this is pertinent to me because i like to photograph where my shoes have been.

after buying our pasalubongs, we checked out of our hotel and went home. baguio will always have a place in my heart, it is a place where i created memories with friends and family and i will always go back since there will always be new things to see and new memories to create.

yun lang.

♥ melai


went back to baguio with friends last june… i’ve been to baguio several times already but haven’t been there with really close friends so this was a new experience for me.

baguio june 2016 co gaki

camp john hay ended up as our initial stop, and uh,,, we ate at yellow cab (for the love of–, hahaha!) i knew tons of good places to eat around but i got a bit shy recommending where to eat because they were somewhat expensive and in the end everyone agreed to eat at the said restaurant, lolz.


we roamed around and smoked a bit. i honestly never had time to just ogle at camp john hay before since i was usually with a tour group but it was fun being able to just look around and…


be weird. yes, i have saltik, haha. and it was nice to be with people who could tolerate me being weird.

baguio june 2016 co gaki

we also decided to ride some horses… i’ve never tried riding one before during my previous visits because most of them looked underfed. but this time, i’ve got friends and they forced me. bwahaha. on a side note, the horse i rode on looked somewhat healthy and the ride turned out to be fun.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai


dad and i had lunch at good taste when the titas were out and about. i’ve passed by this restaurant several times but never bothered to come in because it looked somewhat plain, but our taxi driver dropped us off here saying the food is really good… which it was. also, this is what i like about my dad, he can eat cheap-o food and can tolerate a certain amount of bacteria, hahaha.


i dropped by sm baguio afterwards just to roam around and ogle stuff. i got some of those little broom trinkets for my friends.


i looked around for succulents too, especially the echeverrias, which look like roses.


the mall still has viewing decks on the top floors, so if you get tired window shopping, you can just enjoy the views over there. tapos…


i met cats on the way to mt. cloud bookshop, found these napping by the nearby cafe…


this book shop is always filled with books with unusual and funny titles…


and of course, stationery and cute things… (highly likely reason i make it a point to drop by here every time i go to baguio, lol.) on a side note, i wish i could have taken dad with me but he slept that afternoon, plus, i’ve never seen him having taken a penchant with books. also i wish we could do more trips like these. someday, maybe.

yun lang.

♥ melai

we had a side trip to baguio from pangasinan, dad and his besties went too… i asked… err, more like demanded, that we have lunch at the ketchup food community because they were thinking of eating at shakey’s and man, i did not use up a chunk of my vacation leaves just to eat at a pizza place that has too many branches in manila. on a side note, dad asked if there was a lot of ketchup in the place, hahaha.


we ate at canto… which was a good thing since it was one of the places in which i hadn’t eaten yet. the place looks ok, kind of like the old canteens we used to eat at during grade school.


i got some lomo ribs, kool aid tropical punch, and mallow fluff. ang taba ko, after ko lamunin tong mga to.

we looked for a hotel afterwards, and my patience was extremely tested because i knew of some good ones in baguio but this bat shit crazy tita kept pointing us to shady looking ones… yung parang hindi ka na makakalabas ng buhay kapag pumasok ka, haha.


we finally stayed at citylight hotel, which was just a block or two from sm baguio and it was very well lit, with a guard near the entrance. i was also very well fed, lol. i think i had one too many breakfast buffets here because dad extended our stay since he liked the weather.


there’s also a cozy nook near the entrance where they sell pastries and tea, i got an oreo cake, lemongrass tea (my default one), and macarons for one merienda… ako na talaga matakaw! i roamed around baguio when dad and bffs were out and about but that’d be in another post…

yun lang muna.

♥ melai


i’ve been to baguio several times but haven’t been to the strawberry farm yet so i was extremely excited to see the place… however, it was sort of a tourist trap. they’d charge too much just for you to pick strawberries, when i could have bought a few kilos of strawberries for the same price. also, it wasn’t the farm i’d imagined, which was one with plump fruit and user friendly pathways…


there are also vendors nearby, i bought an overpriced sagada orange… because there were no other buyers. people just kept on taking the free samples and were moving along, huhu. on a side note, my boss’ kid got some strawberry ice cream, wasn’t able to take a pixxor though.


there’s a big market just beside the farm where you can wallow in souvenirs. if you can lug them around, there are also brooms, hats and baskets, the handmade native stuff are always better than the flimsy t-shirts that they sell in bulk. i got one of those small rainbow brooms because they’re too cute…

yun lang muna.

♥ melai


we headed over to baguio country club’s christmas village… where all dreams come true, haha. it’s where you fall in line and pay to watch fake elsa and anna and frolic in uh… fake snow. that sounded bad but it was actually fun…


christmas trees were everywhere, haha. (alam ko, april na teh!) but they were nicely decorated.


olaf and wait… there are more of him? haha.


wise men and santa’s elves, on lunch break, charot.


fake snow and fake elsa, the kids loved them, and the parents were all frantically whipping out their phones and cameras, and crying ‘pose lang, anak, pose!’ oh yes.

we went to the ketchup food community next, we walked 90% from the bcc to there because it was hard to get a cab. we did get a cab, but we learned that we were several meters away from ketchup, lolz.


we had dinner at rancho norte, which serves filipino food. they were in festive mode at the time, with pretty wreaths all over.


we ordered bagnet and chopsuey with bagnet. the softest ones i’ve ever had, i could eat them all week and not get sawa. and then we had ube for dessert, which happens to be one of my favorites.


best thing about ketchup is that the place has lots of stray cats around, i even found one in the restroom. they all look clean though and not surprisingly… fat. this one cuddled around me. so cute, heehee. good food, fake snow, and a kitteh, that was a nice night.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai


went to hillstation next but didn’t really order anything, instead i went to their mt. cloud bookshop. you should see it immediately to the left of the restaurant. it looks kind of old with the faded signs and paper decor but…


inside, it’s kind of warm and cozy. they sell all the stuff in there, at least according to the lady at the counter, when i inquired about a pair of piggy book ends. bought several stationery because… weakness, haha!


they also have a second floor, which is filled with more knickknacks and books. you can lounge around here or on the stairs. you also get a nice view of the first floor and you get to see the cute things displayed on the top shelves. so eun, would have stayed longer but had to hurry back to our hotel since we were going to the bcc that evening, will come back next time though.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

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