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treated my sisters to halowich, which is a little dessert place at d’mall. the place looked nice and the color scheme was in my favorite color and it would have been cozy but there were too many people and annoying little spoiled brats fighting over ice cream when we went.


so i think the youngest got some green tea ice up top. this looks like the regular halo halo. the eldest, uh yeah, ehem, by that i mean me… i got some mango ice. it’s mango shake, nothing special though. and the middle one got mango holic, which she shared with me. this was soft serve mango ice cream and it was really really good.


my baba (chin) one and baba two. my sisters’ personalities are worlds apart, but they have this habit of protruding their necks and chin when getting their pixxors taken, hahaha. tapos umuwi na kami.

yun lang.

♥ melai


the last time i went to d’talipapa, it was pouring and we had to wade in the water because the place had a horrible drainage system, it was a challenge shopping and documenting but on this trip, mr. sun was present and the roads and sand were dry. was able to go to the back part where they sold gold and giant monsters… err i mean food!


since i came to boracay with my family, we were going to cook instead of eat at fancy restaurants so we brought some meat and super fresh vegetables here. anyhoo, they sold meat but i was really fascinated with the different clams and mollusks and shellfish. the patterns and shapes are amazing, oh and also they’d be perfect simmering in white wine if you were cooking and wanted something fancier than the usual ulam.


took my little sisters around the front part where they sold non-food stuff, both went to look at clothes and uh, girl stuff, hahaha. they sell too many clothes here but they’re a bit too flimsy for me, so i looked around for the usual handicrafts… so yes, they have wooden penises, haha. i found some wooden cats too and wooden kitchenware. there were painted ukuleles, seashells, and a bunch of other native products to ogle at.

it was kind of nicer buying stuff and not having to wade around in water, was able to get a heartshaped shell and uh, yes another ref magnet, heehee.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

we went to have lunch at astoria boracay, the place is by the beachfront at station one. it’s a very nice hotel…


it’s sort of extravagant but at the same time minimalist, lol, ano daw? we got to roam around the area a bit, it’s pretty organized, notice the way the beach chairs are all aligned. other stuff that i found interesting were the coconuts with lights, boats with glass bottoms, and a water jar which you use to wash your feet to get rid of the sand… this reminded me a lot of the tsubukai, the ones they use at shrines in japan.


the dining area had fish decor installations, that was nice too. and here’s lunch, probably the most expensive lunch i will ever have… it cost a hotel membership for my dad and tita not to mention several hours of boredom while waiting for the promotions peeps to finish their, uh, negotiations. they have salesmen roaming around and they’d invite you to a free lunch or dinner, jb and i got invited to one of these but it was raining like crazy so we didn’t go. nevertheless, a membership with a hotel with a lot of branches may be good if you have future travel plans. going back to lunch, the choux pastry swan was excellent, the rest were ok though.

boracay august 2014 fb
boracay august 2014 fb

finally got to lounge around white beach too. it’s amazing when it’s not raining, the water’s clear and you’ll get to see the sea’s palette. it’s too crowded though, there are lots of people selling stuff, and people taking selfies, and noisy families. if you want to do some beach bumming here, it’s ok but if you want to have some relaxing peace and quiet, there’s almost none.


we went island hopping too. sightseeing on a boat is so much fun, even got to eat ice cream while the rest of my family went snorkeling. i haven’t learned how to swim yet so i passed on that. will learn soon hopefully…


went on lamon mode on ilig iligan beach, last time i ate here, i had chopsuey and sinigang but since dad was treating we had binagoongan, grilled squid, and coconuts! we got an extra plate of grilled squid because dad is such a smooth talker, he probably charmed the waitress, hee hee.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

i didn’t get to watch the sunset during my first trip to boracay because of the rain trolling… but was finally able to see it during this trip! so here are some pretty views from bulabog beach!


oha oha, best free light show ever!

yun lang.

♥ melai

one month later, i was already back at boracay, so lucky my dad decided to go and treat us, huzzah! dad wanted to book a house probably because this was going to be our first ever fambam and staying in separate rooms in a hotel won’t really allow for much bonding… there were other villas available near white beach but all had something that we didn’t want such as a minimum stay of five days, no kitchen and dining areas, and for the love of buddha, one went as high as 100 thousand pesos a night–that place did come with a butler though, lols.

finally found cohiba villas, which is far from white beach but would only charge for the duration of our stay, had a fully equipped kitchen, and had the cheapest rates too.


the entrance reminded me of an art gallery… it had paintings and some wooden sculptures. oh yes, selfie by the mirror din. of course it leads to…


the living room, kitchen, and dining area … loved the water lily sofa and nothing beats putting your feet up while watching tv! the kitchen was pretty nice, really nice kitchenware too but they had some m&m mugs for some reason, haha. we didn’t use the dining table much, everybody ate in the kitchen island near the food or lounged around the sofa.


my niece who is also a tiyanak sometimes, heehee. she’d run around and say ‘poppy pop’ and ‘tita’ and that’s totally adorable although she has mastered wailing and crying too.


the master’s bedroom was awesome… because it had a cat statue in it, hahaha! i mean it was pretty spacious, and had it’s own bathroom. also, the wifi router’s in it…


we like chillin’… asian poses for my american dad. why are you so good looking, huh? yeah, i’m still small, boo.


the rest of us stayed in the second and third rooms. both were spacious and comfortable too. we got the regular amenities like towels, slippers, toiletries and the like. on a side note, there’s a restaurant in case you get hungry and are too lazy too cook and vans are available every hour if you want to go to white beach.


over-all cohiba villas is a great place, specially if you’re not into the wild crowds at white beach and if you’re going to boracay as a family. their staff are very helpful as well. oh and may i add that they have an amazing infinity pool! it’s best to take a dip at night!

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

was hoping we could get to roam around and check cafe’s and stores before we left boracay, but the rain was trolling… one moment it would be light drizzles, then gone, then pouring like crazy, but we did manage to get into


la crepe cafe… it’s somewhere on the beachfront and it’s in the middle of a makeshift spa place and fruit shake place. not so bad if you wanted a massage and eat and drink something sweet at the same time. they have a little fenced off area, cute way to make the customer’s use the counter, heehee.

boracay july 2014 fb

we ordered the la boracay, it was mangoes and chocolate and vanilla ice cream. nom nom nom.


we got lost afterwards and found boracay books, it’s kind of nice to find a bookstore in boracay island. it was full of second hand romance books. didn’t find anything interesting at the time so wasn’t able to get anything. we bought a few more things though at d’talipapa and trekked back to our hotel because the rain was trying to drown us. then of course, we gorged ourselves on the morning of our flight back to manila and ate even more by the kubo at the airport, hahaha!

so eun, this is the last part of our july boracay adventure, and i really had a great time! will come back next month with some ozzzumm people! huzzah!

yun lang.

♥ melai

water activities are a main pastime in boracay, it was a good thing mr. sun showed his face on our second day there. so we decided to…

boracay july 2014 fb
boracay july 2014 fb
boracay july 2014 fb

ay teka selfie muna, hahaha. our guide was nice enough to take our pixxors, i had a bunch of camwhores with me so… ayan. i’ve only started solo traveling this year, and it’s slightly embarrasing for me to take selfies. so having people to pose with and act all touristy felt super.

boracay july 2014 fb

we started off with helmet diving… although, it was only jb and me. so uh, just to make things clear, jb isn’t my boyfriend. he’s a good friend who acts as a a comic relief for all of us when he quips about things… but he has absolutely no ounce of sweetness towards me, tried hugging him once, you know, a good friendly hug like the way i hug my other friends, but he just swatted me. wahahahahaha!

so there, we just got stuck together because the other pair, ms. bhing and nyles, are more inseparable. but still jb is good company who can converse intelligently and most of the time is a gentleman, haha.


and since ms. bhing and nyles did not want to do the dive, i got stuck with him again which was good because i had to hold on to resident stingy because i was being dragged by the water. anyhoo, helmet diving was fun, we fed the pretty fish that all seemed like they haven’t eaten in days. they ate the bread so fast it was gone in minutes.

boracay july 2014 fbboracay july 2014 fb

since we did not drown from helmet diving, we tried parasailing afterwards. ah well, yes, after more selfies on the boat…

boracay july 2014 fb

parasailing is where they strap you on to a big chute and they let you hover around in the air for some fifteen minutes. it was nice to see boracay way up high, i mean it was that beautiful it made me forget that i was really high up and that the only thing that was keeping me safe was a single rope connected to the boat. so there, real ozzzummm experience.


i didn’t go snokeling though, because i don’t even know how to float, lol. might learn to swim someday… but i did enjoy the island hopping thing, which wasn’t exactly island hopping since we only went to one island. but the sights were pretty cool, there were mini islands all over and the big ones are full of secrets… i mean interesting rock formations.


the island we got to was nice, it had a pretty clean beach and everything was quiet for a while…


also we were so hungry, we decided to have lunch there… everything was so expensive though, like i don’t get how salted egg with tomatoes or adobong kangkong cost the same as small bowl of ramen in manila. we had no choice though so…


chopsuey and sinigang it is. was just so happy to eat, hehe. after being dumped more ten feet into the water, strapped into a parachute and dragged around by a boat, and getting everything waterlogged… something to warm up your stomach would be the best. oh yes, everything was a blast.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

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