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i found God

in the corner of 7th and 8th p. tuason… i work in one of the buildings there and there’s really no spectacular view as the area’s littered with odd structures. however, to one side of our building, you’d see a lit cross.

maybe it’s a sort of memo from God… in a way that it reminds me that even in the dark there’s that someone who’s always there for me and who would keep me safe, a reminder that i am loved.

yun lang.

♥ melai


a few thoughts first… it’s only just recently that i’ve realized that God really does make things work out for you. kasi naman, i really didn’t have time for Him for the past few years. i was bent on my responsibilities, on surviving life. and i’ve forgotten about Him. at siguro, sabi Niya mukhang super naliligaw na ko ng landas… i haz bad directions skillz eh… He led me back. and after that, i noticed, that day by day, everything gets a little better. yes, i encounter a few issues along the way but nothing He can’t handle.

going back… i was browsing through tumblr… err, i was looking for quotes on tumblr. i hadn’t cleared out the cache so when i hit the letter s, the first thing that pulled up was sheena sy’s blog. she used to have a link of her favorite quotes, but it was gone. i clicked on the merchandise link instead. i looked around and then i saw the pins.

one of the pins had “saved by faith alone” and it reminded me of the things that happened to me and the things He did for me. it was perfect. hihihi. i didn’t really make a big purchase, just two of the same pin. pinned one to my id lace, para kahit tinatambakan ako ng trabaho ni boss, meh nagpapaalala sakin na meron akong masasandalan. and i gave the other one to a person who i think is sort of addicted to God… saka pwede ko bang idagdag na super cute niya? bagay sila nung pin, parehong cute. hehehe!


saved by faith alone

so eun, if you want to get the pin too or other merchandise, or check out some ozumm artwork, or some wonderful insights about God, please click here. thank you so much sheena! God bless!

yun lang. God is good, yes?

♥ melai

ang daming zombies ngayon sa buhay ko. i don’t know what to do anymore… it’s one problem after another. it feels just like in plants versus zombies… one of those survival mini-games na parang hindi matapos tapos yung pagdating ng mga kalaban. hahaha. although, i can’t really blog about these problems, we are in cyberspace after all.

anyway, i like the sunflower in that game, she’s really pretty tapos she produces sun so that we can get the other plants. at siyempre wala siyang choice kundi harapin yung kalaban. so heto, pinagtripan ko tuloy yung sunflower…

me power an entire infantry

i’m in my darkest hours… pero cute pa rin ako. hahaha! this is just me goofing around because i didn’t want to wallow in misery nor attract any more negativity. gustong gusto ko ng sumuko pero i can’t… not with what’s at stake, which is very important for me.

i figured to fight the darkness… i just need more sun.

yun lang.

♥ melai


Posted on: March 1, 2011

the past weeks had been stressful and today had been most difficult, with several setbacks…  i rode the train home and i looked at my reflection from the train’s window, what i saw was a faltering spirit. i felt extremely lost and alone.

how nice would it be if we could escape every bad thing that happens to us. if only we could…

fly … away from our troubles? i thought i’d go to our building’s rooftop and look at the sky, just to take my mind off things… and then after some thinking (and paper cutting for that matter), i realized that this is just a test of my strength. i’ve been through grief and trials before and i know i’m going to be able to fly through these tribulations i’m experiencing now.

yun lang. lilipad lilipad takure!

♥ melai

warning … these are mixed thoughts.

i don’t speak much… i ask minimal questions as well. it’s weird but sometimes when i think about something or when something bothers me, i’d look like i’m spacing out. the way i think is different from most people too, i guess… when someone speaks it seems that i can see the words. describe a concept to me and i can imagine things in full color.

these past few days i’ve been bombarded with all kinds of hurtful messages… some inferred. hurtful that in a way i feel like some kind of an idiot, one who can visualize the words, their proper spelling, and in technicolor too.  so yes, you can congratulate me for hiding my feelings like a skilled ninja or maybe i’m just an expert at looking like i’m spacing out. hahaha.

maybe… this is my way of saying… no i’m not the stupid childish twenty-five year old and yes, i hurt too… just like you.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

wrap! twenty and ten was an extremely crazy year. there were lots of fun moments and there were setbacks too. but here are some high lights of my year.

some people left, some stayed by my side, others came back…and new ones came! … the significant people i met this year were marv and joey ; si sweetheart dave at neechan jories ;  lani and baneee, sabi ko naman eh, masarap ang chicharong bulaklak ; my little siopao ; my new mom ; at siyempre, my big siopao! sino siya at gaano kaimportante? hehehe, makikilala niyo rin siya… importante? let’s just say na siya ang wallpaper sa cellphone at desktop ko. nyahahaha!

but there are people i’m missing so badly … paris, hugot muna. ilibre mo na ko dahil nanjan ka na daw sa fonality. hehehe. ; jang… nasan na yung party? diyan nalang tayo sa fieldwork chenes mo. hehehe. ; may-anne and cha, pretty little dolls, master melai misses you pati yung pet nyong si karlo, ahahaha. but anyhoo, no matter where life takes you… dito lang ako, lol.

i tried my hand at business but… nyahahaha. ahm, and i found out i was better off at the art department. at dun nga ako nagfocus ng lakas nalang. it’s the best outlet for me. my font collection is growing! at kaya ko palang gumawa ng mga bagay bagay. when i get compliments from the stuff i modded, mostly the rings, sobrang masaya ako. ah honga pala, i got back into reading, share nyo naman books niyo saken. kung music naman, i was given a guitar for my birthday, sana po magkaroon lang ng patience yung mga nagtuturo sakin. and finally, i enjoyed dancing for a bit din. got a swollen rib but i got to wear shorts to work. hehehe.

i had a crazy hater … at take note, crazy is an understatement. ok lang, mabilis naman ang karma niya. isang one time big time karma pa. sa akin ang huling halakhak. muhahahahahahahahahahaha… hahahahahaha!

i won a raffle … hahahaha! oh yes, and endless teasing and patting on the head. ok… so i won this at work and it’s a spa pampering package. i win weird stuff at raffles and it reminded me of the spa thingy we had at tagaytay during one of my birthdays. gonna share it with max since miming’s too finicky about girl stuff. o bebs, kelan tayo magpapalibag? wahahaha.

a bit of happiness … yung paglabas namin nila maki at max… sama na rin si miming kahit paminsan minsan lang. aba sarap kaya ng isaw. yung mga tawanan, yung mga iyakan. yung comedy moments ko. yung hugs niyo… 

it’s a wrap! now we’re on a roll! … ahahaha, yezzz, i still play this.

roll! so ano na ang plano ni melaikick? eh di magpapakasaya! nyahaha. o ayan ha.

more art work … i want to take pixxors! lots of pixxors! i need skillz for this. i might start by late january or early february. tapos drawing, paper craft, and typography … planning to combine all media. kasi naman photoshop, why u no cooperate?

cook, eat out, at movies … baka pwede naman tayong magbowling? namimiss ko na yun eh. i’ve kind of forgotten about these things, di nga ako naggrocery eh. hehehe, dami kong natututunan sa big siopao ko. *u* ahihihi.

be a big girl … ahm hahaha, i cannot do anything with how i look like a high school student at times. and i would not change my personality for anyone pero i’m working on my emotional maturity and financial stability, lagi nalang ako pinapagalitan ni max. si max yan ha. oha!

more happy, period. game na? one last huzzah for 2010!

yun lang.

♥ melai

mr. turkey … pwedeng brooch at maliit na pamaypay. lol. hahaha! no frontin’ dun even!

thanksgiving kase sa amerika. at dahil hindi ko alam kung san hahanap ng turkey at baka masiraan pa ko ng bait sa pagluluto nun, eh di gumawa nalang ako. nyahahaha! at dahil thanksgiving nga, i’ve made a list of things i’m thankful for. here goes…

my readers and my blog … the people who read this blog. buti nalang meh naliligaw pa dito. lol. and i’m thankful that i have a place to word my thoughts and feelings… which i can return to whenever i like. maraming maraming salamat sa pagbisita!

friends slash family … they are the people  whom i can spend time with and never feel unsafe. si maki nga kahit mas maliit siya saken sinisigurado niyang hindi ako masasagasaan ng up ikot. hehehe. david’s like that annoying little brat of a brother na mahilig magbigay ng insights sa art chenes. si max naman, kahit mas bata pa siya, minsan parang ate ko na, her perceptions for some reason, have an impact on me. and if i start talking about what miming’s done for me, that’d be an entirely different maybe, say, five posts… ah wait make that twenty posts. hihihi.

i have a home … a cozy and colorful one! it might be small, hahaha, just look at the pixxors! pero puno naman ng pagmamahal. *wink*

music and art and books … well, kung wala siguro tong mga to, boring lahat ng tao sa earth. kaya lang meron ng mga bagay na yan eh, kaya may mga taong baliw na tulad ko na gumagawa ng turkey mula sa papel. oh, by the way, kung gusto mo rin nung turkey, all you need are brown, red, and orange cardboard paper ; yarn, i chose robin’s egg blue, which i felt looked nice with brown ; and the template is here.

my little sister and chibi chan … yung kapatid ko at saka yung inaanak ko, the loveliest people i know. i love them with all my heart. my sister’s already warmed up to me at ngayon inaalagaan niya ko. si ishi, my godchild, well… i’ve warmed up to her for reasons i cannot explain. magaan lang loob ko sa kanya.

my work … finally, i’m working again with an account that i know really well and the people are generally nice and kind. they give me food. lol. and speaking of that…

food … people seem to give me food most of the time. nyahahaha! payat ko kase. i get mostly sweets ; i am able to eat three times a day *ubo… six times a day …ubo* ; and then there are my favorites! mahilig ako sa cake, eggs, eggplant, taho, gelatin, up isaw just to name a few.

the little things … like soft and warm kisses, and passionate kind of lusty ones too! hehe! mga powerhugs at yung mga tawanang tipong masakit na yung tiyan mo di ka pa rin makatigil sa kakatawa, at siyempre yung mga ngiting nakakabuo ng araw.

so eun, sa pamilya ko, sa lahat ng napapadaan dito, sa mga alaala, sa kulay ng buhay, … thank you nga.

yun lang.

♥ melai

hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.