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otsukimi … “moon viewing” in japanese. di sakin yung pixxor though, this was taken by kim.

i received a text from cham round 7:00 pm… (thanks cham!)
“Tingin ka sa buwan now na ahehe. ang ganda”

so… inakyat ko ang tatlo pang palapag para makarating sa rooftop… i saw the most beautiful crescent moon. the sky wasn’t as dark as the one in the picture… it was purplish, and the moon had bluish undertones. then there was a star just above it, shining with all its might.

come to think of it, i haven’t looked at the moon for a very long time… puro stars? hahaha. they say the crescent moon symbolizes dreams coming true… well, the moon seemed to be smiling so… yeah. hahaha. it was real nice to see it that way… sublime… it made me feel happy and lucky at the same time.

yun lang.

♥ melai


yummy drink factory

i was finally able to download yummy drink factory! yeheeey! i was getting bored with plants versus zombies and another mmorpg would make me lose what’s left of my sanity. this is another cutesy game… haha! wag nyo na i-deny na nacutan kayo sa pvz. at the least, that game made the thought of a zombie invasion look cute.

mabalik tayo sa yummy drink factory or ydf nalang, it is a time management game from amaranth games. the game starts with alexis, the redhead in the picture (yes, don’t like her design much… but it’s not important), gets lost in some forest habang nagmamaneho siya ng sports car! lolz. she sees this small coffee shop and orders a drink… let’s just say na in an extremely rude manner. at dahil mabilis ang karma, she’s been sent to fairytale isle… to serve drinks! pero teka, this is not a guide ha. it just so happens that i really really like the game, the brain exercise, and adorable drinks. na-adik din si max!

fairytale island … when i had just finished 21 drink recipes. you get to see other parts of the island after every ten days, in the game ha. they named the places really nicely. you start with the woodlands where you serve tree-dwellers ; snowlark pass, permanent frost people ; witchwood, so malamang witches ang pagsisilbihan mo ; stardale glen, fairies ; and candar kingdom, sa wakas humans na meron dito. gusto ko lang idagdag the game’s characters, well the ones you have to serve and the drinks were designed by my favorite illustrator, claire belton.

candar kingdom… this happens to be my favorite  i have the island parts’ screenshots here.

the best thing about this is that by the end of the game, alexis gets wee bit more kind and we are taught of the importance of being kind. give out and share kindness and you’ll receive it too.  mejo cheesy, pero being kind does warm the heart.

you can download the game here tapos share ninyo recipes ha?

yun lang.

♥ melai

i’m posting this a day earlier. unahan ko na kayo sa pagbati. happy valentines day everyone! i kind of have a small lol surprise.

lol = lots of love

this is my first bokeh art too. inspired my n00bs… because having  a family who laughs out loud with you and saturates you with lots of love is the most beautiful thing that could happen to any of us.

… dahil sa kanila nagmahal ako 100% chakra, hanggang sa maliliit na bagay nakakakita ako ng saya (tulad ng tissue, hahaha!)… at  higit sa lahat di nila ako pinapabayaan. mahal ko kayo. suuuubra! happy valentines ulit. mwah.

yun lang.

♥ melai

nom nom nom nom nom! yummy sakura truffle cake!

i was fortunate to be able to get the last one! bakit? because they’re lucky! sabi nila cherry blossoms are an omen of good fortune. hahaha! sana… pero solb na ko dito sa cake! it’s about the size of a teacup and has truffles inside… tapos sa labas may cherry blossoms. these are the sturdiest cakes i’ve ever seen, i lugged it around habang naggrocery pero walang epekto ang matagtag siya and it tastes really good too. kind of a cross between eating soft dark chocolate and edible petals. o ha!

the truffle cakes are available at the sm supermarket… cheap too!

well, my little friend, mr. bear found the cake!

he kind of pondered for a bit whether to eat it or not…

but in the end…


yun lang.

♥ melai

turtle in purple soft focus *u* coz purple rhymes with turtle and reminds me of dhee’s revealing shift dress…

look what i found at my desk! a message on a post it on my little hp place card that’s stuck onto my station… from my pet turtle! wahaha. kung hindi mo poh makita, it says “amo!! =) IMU… *hugs* ang cute hehehe (arrow pointing to my picture) labs, tartol… meron pang drawing ng pagong.

dhee is ‘turtle’, isa sa mga pets ko… parang si miming lang. paki-check nalang po yung terminology kung mejo naguguluhan kayuuu. she’s one of the nicest people i’ve ever known… well, pumayag ka ba namang magpatawag na ‘pagong’ eh. lolz.

dhee is now with streeem. nihanap pa nya yung station ko! bakit pala turtle? di siya mukhang pagong, noh. mahiyain lang *ubo ubo* at gustong magtago parang pagong. anyways, IMU too dhee! powerhug powerhug! and thank you din, simple surprises like these really do come a long way… >^.^<

yun lang.

♥ melai

i’m currently addicted to this japanese avatar dress up site… poupeegirl. it’s so adorable! the word ‘poupee’ is really french for ‘doll’… the japanese have this thing for the french …l’arc en ciel and remember those old school french themed animes? hahaha. anyway the site’s mostly in japanese. had to do a bit of trial and error… it’s like playing with paper dolls though you get better doll clothes and get to interact with lots of girls from all over…

moshi moshi!

that’s my poupee above… in a pink printed kimono. you buy the zouri, tabi, and other clothing for that matter separately. pero hindi naman totoong pera. the currency in poupeegirl are called ribbons, you get them from commenting on other poupee, posting clothes, logging in, and of course by dressing up your doll.

my poupee’s in a kimono right now since that’s what’s selling in the stores, sabi nila new year daw ang pinaka-importanteng holiday sa japan. the clothes shops in poupeegirl sell stuff and clothing just like any real clothing store… kumbaga, kung ano yung napapanahon or kung may events like halloween or even a celebrity event… lolz! i’ve seen some ken hirai stuff!

poupee town

poupee town is where you can interact with other players, pwede kang bumili ng damit and conversely, pwede ka ding magbenta ng damit… hehe. $_$ dito ka din pwedeng makipagdaldalan, magpicture picture, at magsumbong ng violators! hahaha! normal punishment in poupeegirl for any violation? eh di… your poupee will lose her clothes, you won’t be able to dress her up for a certain period of time… and she’d be nekked. amf… on the other hand, nice poupee girls get pretty clothes and items… there are some players who are really really nice…

language can’t stop you from making friends ^^,

this is from one of my first friends at poupeegirl… it reads “i can’t understand english but i’m happy to be friends with you.” she’s so sweet and gave me lots of ribbons however she did forward some messages which were all in japanese before realizing that i can’t read nihongo. hai… but this proves that friendship can overcome the language barrier. o ha!

my favorite dress

poupees do have their own personality… well, mine can play the violin. ahihi. meron nga naglalaro pa ng golf. lolz. hahaha, i super love this! sana pasyalan nyo yung poupee ko…  >^.^< yun oh! click click!

poupeegirl fashion brand community

yun lang.

♥ melai

the last time i visited miming, he was making some kind of guild wars doll… ehm, make that an expensive set of guild wars dolls. i think it was his first time… na gumawa ng paper craft but it’s already complicated. hahaha, you can count on miming when it comes to tackling stuff, he almost always goes for the difficult levels.

madam and i egged him pero i thought it’d be nice to make a doll too at parang ang cute nung guild wars gwen doll (oha, nagresearch ako! lolololz, hanggang paper craft muse pa din kita?) but it would take an immense amount of patience saka di ako masyadong mahilig sa glue. so eun, nauwi ako sa paggawa ng maliliit na toki. kaya naman…

i overdosed… on paper craft. lolz. i’m starting to like this kind of artwork… meron na nga akong kasunod na project. anyway… i have some new cubes here based on cutesy animals and food. hayaan nyo na ko, there’s no vaccine for cuteness yet… ginawa ko sila habang nagcalls … removes stress like tissue ng pag-ibig. here they are…

hahaha, parang class picture lang… reminds me of my noobcakes… looks a bit similar to this picture.

miming and rabbit

>> post update january 7, 2010 >>this post used to have all the toki’s individual pictures however the picspam is really bothering me so i kept the pics of my two favorite ones… kitty and bunny because they remind me of two persons who changed my life. hehehe. whole story is here at melaikick. if you want to see the individual toki pictures click here.

i had some help though, hindi lahat ako ang nagfold… meron akong bagong pet… don’t know what he is yet. lolz. eto nga pala si jezther (rhymes with hamster… well, kinidnap nga nya yung hamster! hmmm. cute ah, caaaan be!), one of my models and kv6 team mate. he helped fold some of the toki at dahil sawa na kayo siguro sa pagmumukha ko eh di i took pictures of him nalang. hahaha.

jez, ang badboy ng kv6 pero… nyahahaha!

i know this would sound really childish pero he made a totem out of them and story too. lolz. so here goes…

the toki totem according to jez

yung banana split kinain daw nung poring (which isn’t really a poring) at yung poring kinain nung hamster na kinain nung duck na kinain nung pusa na kinain nung pig… yung pig kinain nung monkey na kinain nung panda na kinain nung bear! lmao! the end.

again… made these with cardboard paper, pretty maped scissors, expensive (ehem ehem…) hp ink, vectors from… and lots of love! pm lang poh kung need nyo yung pdf file.

yun lang.

♥ melai

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