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finished reading this months ago… devoured it in one day too, but i got some pending posts before this so… anyhoo, the story just gets better with the addition of a gender-fluid character, taylor swift song references, and annabeth being one of the characters.

rick riordan’s been my favorite ya writer, he’s got this way of making serious things such as death seem light and to an extent, funny. best thing though is that he’s able to get all the mythologies connected… it’s kind of nice to be able to recognize the references from the percy jackson series (and the kane chronicles in some of the percy books). so eun, i hope they release the ship of the dead real soon.

yun lang.

♥ melai


grabbed the sword of summer weeks ago… finished it in a few days, read some parts while in transit, while eating, even read some parts while in the elevator, tried not to laugh at all the funny parts although i wasn’t to help it that much because rick riordan is a genius.

i specially liked that annabeth chase is an actual character in the book and there were references to percy jackson and jason grace… and also taylor swift, haha. wasn’t really into norse mythology, but i was kind of researching stuff about it while reading this, teehee. can’t wait for the hammer of thor which is coming out next year!

yun lang.

♥ melai


was finally able to get rob cham’s light some months back. this book was an impulse buy… something i rarely do but i was in davao at the time and i couldn’t find the book in manila. anyhoo, it’s about this little guy who’s lived in a world without light and he goes on an adventure, fends off cute monsters (they lurk in the dark, yes?), and he finds a friend too.


my favorite pages, reminds me of someone i really like who’s a pretty colorful person, haha. this is a really good book for pondering, you could stare into a page and get lost in the shadows and contrasts and striking colors. you can get lost in your thoughts too… in the end, the book’s hero finally conquered the dark, wish i could be as brave as him, but oh…

yun lang.

♥ melai


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i almost missed this year’s manila international book fair, realized that the event was already ongoing when i saw people hoarding books in my newsfeed, lol. was able to drop by on the last day and there were still lots of people milling around.

IMG_3076 - Copy
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immediately went to see fully booked’s artwork, it’s pretty cool just like last year’s. kind of like outer space meets the ocean.

IMG_3078 - Copy
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dropped by adarna house, they have cute books! was super interested in the supremo shirts… those are for kids though and i felt really old going to this booth. haha.

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went to tahanan books and stayed here mostly because their booth is so pretty. they even had balloons arranged like trees… mango trees, i think.

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they showcase all the philippine stuff… filipino stories, filipino food, the philippine alphabet, all that sort. i bought the ‘inside manila with kids’ book, because of the artwork. it was old though but was on sale and had nice tips inside.

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they also sell the funniest cards with engrish stuff and…

IMG_3092 - Copy
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the cheapest, most sensible, fun paper pads, stamped with lines like ‘iisipin ko pa’ and ‘mamaya maya’.

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and lots more of the sort, specially liked the ‘planner ng pasaway’. i almost bought it but decided i didn’t want my planner to be ‘pasaway’, heehee.

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other stuff that i found interesting was a spanish movie poster that had paper cut design and the rex book museum, it had an egyptian theme to it which didn’t really go with the crown logo but still looked pretty royal though.

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they also sold plants and seeds this year! bookworms and plant lovers unite, hahaha! i wish they’d sell succulents too, some of the flower seeds are pretty hard to grow in our climate. so eun, went home after ogling the plants, i hope they’ll have more of these next year.

yun lang.

♥ melai

i’m lucky to have a sister who loves me enough to know what books i’d swallow in a heartbeat, lol. she gave me a nice artsy one called


french milk by lucy knisley. it’s second hand, but worn out books are usually better. sometimes, if you’re lucky enough, you’d find some pressed flowers! anyhoo, french milk is about the author’s stay in france, only, it doesn’t just have text, she’s included drawings and doodles too.



it’d be nice to go on an adventure and draw about it. this book’s very funny and informative at the same time. when i think of france, what comes to mind are… pastries, hahaha! french milk makes me want to visit paris someday and have a picnic at the foot of the eiffel tower; gorge myself with macarons at laduree and foie gras at cafe procope; ogle naked bodies at the museum d’orsay; and visit palais de tokyo, maki would love this! oh and don’t forget the cute french boys. hihi.


i’m not a big fan of milk because of the smell and i chugged bubble tea while i read this book… but i might try the ‘lait’ in france because the author was raving about it, lol. on a side note, milk comes in tubes in paris, how ozummm is that?

yun lang.

♥ melai


the moment i read rick riordan’s funny dedication in one of the house of hades’ first pages, i knew it was going to be an ozumm book. and yes it was a really great read! it picks up from where the mark of athena left, you know, that cliffhanger at the end where you had to wait for a year just to know what happened, hehehe. the house of hades begins with percabeth’s journey through tartarus and the other demigods’ travels to the doors of death with focus on, yeah well, hades’ or pluto’s children.

i’m not a big fan of the titanomachy in greek mythology, yet the book made the story really funny and light. as usual, rick riordan gives everything a modern twist, and there were a few surprises like nico liking percy and leo getting a girlfriend! but my favorite part is when bob gave his life for percabeth. *sobs*  friendship is something very important to me, you know.

oh and frank is now praetor! heehee. here’s a shout out to rick riordan, kind sir, thanks for not trolling us so much on this book, lol.

yun lang. go now and read the book, if you haven’t!

♥ melai


guess who went to the 34th manila international book fair? this girl of course! i’d gotten free tickets from the adarna house website, they saved me twenty pesos! hahaha, i can be a cheapskate sometimes. first stop was…


national book store! i arrived around thirty minutes past opening time but it was already packed with people, i had to dodge students, running kids, and moms and dads bearing eco tote bags. haha. but i was finally able to dig my way to the art book i wanted to buy… more on that on another post. other books that i liked at nbs were these


pretty cookbooks. someday, i will buy a better range and start baking.


a bunch of wreck this journal books! there are so many versions already and i haven’t even finished mine. lol.


health and martial arts books, they reminded me of miming and maki.


went to tahanan books after, they had a pretty booth with a filipino feel to it… well they do sell filipino books or those by filipino authors but they also sold


funny stationery that had engrish text and tagalog quips. naks naman, hehehe.


went to fully booked too! i wasn’t able to take a lot of pixxors here because there were so many girls milling around, yes girls. this bookstore employs really cute guys for some reason. i liked the artwork around their booth though. anyhoo, other things that caught my eye were…


some hindi books, brings to mind some of my old indian friends from my previous company. will visit the india capital someday, will force maki to come with me. hahaha!


a paper crane in a japanese book stall. it was polka dotty and cute, okay? and finally, there were mountains and mountains of textbooks!


publishing houses … i recognized vibal and phoenix and all the studying they put me through, hahaha! rex, on the other hand, is a bookstore i frequented during college. and then my favorite…


adarna house! because again, they saved me twenty pesos and they sold cute stuff! i specially liked that they have a mascot of sorts, would’ve bought the pilandok shirt and plush but i was too shy, i was the only adult customer at the time. haha.

so eun, i had a really great time at the book fair,  i hope they have more art books next year!

yun lang.

♥ melai

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