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demon fist

this is kind of long overdue kase i got really sick… at heto na nga! this was inspired by one of my wavemates in si-bee-gi, paul, who also goes by silverdemonfist. eh naglogin kasi siya bigla sa ym. hahaha.

what makes this one really special is that i’ve finally mastered lining and shadowing when i did this. i know it’s easy… i mean super dali but it just feels so nice when i envision something and i could really make it already in ps. the closest to this one is the one i made for moonlight avery. anyhoo, i’ve decided to turn this into a shirt, so please say hello to my model, ark.

kaya lang mukhang maamo … hahaha. cute boy is cute. ahaha! kind of looks like miming in person, except with bigger eyes. has the same energy level too. more pixxors soon at our n00bcakes store. i’m looking for far more appropriate brushes other than blots. hihihi. and yes, i have a short cutesy ‘credits to’ chervams post to follow.

yun lang.

♥ melai

if you’re reading this… then you’ve been sucked in by “the powar that is shimazuuuuuu~!” and resistance is futile. bweeeeh, quoted from miming. hehe! pis tayuuu bebs! read on…

candy killer kiss… get this shirt.

if you have a super power what would it be? marvs calls his… dun dun dun… candy killer kiss! wahehehe. miming and marvs were in bading mode and they were battling it out on chat… meh. candy killer kiss sounded like a super skill to me and i thought i’d make a t-shirt out of it.

si max pa din yung model kooo… kyot at ganda, neh? will have to photograph miming for the other shirt next time. he’s busy being in music ninja mode these past few weeks. anyways, for inquiries, you can pm me or go to our official shirt site. although, di ko pa siya nauupdate. lolz.

nagpractice ulit sila sa bahay ko some days back. here’s a nice outtake… and check out the rest here. credits to miming and nowie for the pics, ke?

it’s the shimazu pout! everyone should try it… baket ba? hehehe. kyot! and here’s what happens with too much shimazu-ness in your system…

how powerful?
monsters and pampam guys > (mga thousands sila) we gonna eat joo!
max > -_- battle mode on!
monsters and pampam guys > muhahaha
max > shimazu roundhouse kick! yaaaaaaaaaaaah!
monsters and pampam guys > deadz na sila lahat isang tirahan lang ni max. well, yung iba slaves na niya (see pic above). lolz.
the powarrrr!

yun lang. haha.

♥ melai

miming was going to divisoria to buy his blanks… para dun sa manyak shirts nya, bweeeh. so he invited me to tag along since i make shirts too, tapos kasama din si marv a.k.a. leadista candy killer kiss… mula ngayon yan na code name mo! wala kang choice!

at lagi naman, my trips with miming and friends are eventful… and we can call that day, sabi nila… the-day-i-pwned-them-all! nyahahaha. gaaaah! di ko naman sinasadya noh. here goes…

bago kami umalis, ginutom muna ako nung dalawa… si marv mas matagal pang maligo kesa saken. tapos halos nakapambahay lang kami ni miming eh siya niplantsa pa niya yung marvin the martian shirt nya. si miming, daming stop over. hahaha. oh well, can’t complain… i’m learning a lot from him about the shirt chervams industry. nagbus kami hanggang morayta, took the recto jeepney which goes to divisoria… tapos lakad lakad nalang kami from there.

divisoria still looks the same. madami pa ding nagtitinda ng kung ano ano. it was still humid, there were still weird smells, the jeepneys were still packed like sardines in the streets at madami pa ding chinese tao ke! hahahahaha! i actually knew the place… which was actually part of my first short film project nung college pa ako.

anyhoo… di ko alam, maybe from my lack of sleep or the food deprivation earlier that day, nung nasa tindahan na kami i actually declined buying kasi… meron pala akong alam na mas mura at malapit na tindahan! and miming and marv were like 0_0… and i was like “oh nooo” and they were like X(… waaaah!

i knew they were cool about it… but i felt bad right away. it might seem mababaw to some people pero importante sila para saken so it did not seem shallow to me at all… tapos the teasing started and it never ended. kahit nga ngayon eh… huhuhu.

melaikick, miming, and blue corner shirt

marv, melaikick, and blue corner shirt

the teasing continued hanggang pag-uwi… in my emotional and affective state, di ko na nakontrol and i effin cried in front of people (people i did not know…) stupid brain of mine. i ended up with swollen peepers for the rest of the day and the following day.

to make matters worse, i guess, sobrang pakiramdam ko na i was stupid and i made a really big mistake, i started choking …this was when i was home reflecting on what happened.

my asthma-anxiety attack… nilo to the reschuuu~!
>o melai
melaikick >gagging on bed
nilo >…la lang…

baka na overwhelm siya sa kalat ng bahay ko. (malinis na poh ulet. bweeeeh!) after a few (hmmm maybe a few more? wahehe…) minutes though he was patting my back… and game me medicine too! reminded me of my brothers. ahaha, good kuya. para pala sa mga tagabasa ko ng hindi taga si-bee-gi, nilo is one of the kuya cheer twos at kapitbahay ko din siya.

i was expecting the sermon the following day and i did get it… lolz. it’s hard for me to control my emotions… most especially the strong ones like sadness o iyakin lang siguro ako. bleeeh. on that day though, i did assume that my negative emotions reflected the way things really are… which was wrong. i’m just lucky i have friends who understand me but hopefully no more anx attacks from now on…

divi adventure was nice. divi adventure ulet? hehehe!

yun lang.

♥ melai

o hai! guys, our online custom and statement tee shop is finally… well, online! yey! binago ko yung design coz even if i wanted to… not everything’s supposed to be girly. hahaha. it has a jpop feel to it… not to mention that my models are partly japanese. on a side note, everyone is welcome to model for our shirts! pm nyo lang ako… add me up, my ym is amellehopia (oh don’t laugh… hmmm let me explain the story then in another post. bweeeh)

hetong kalerky photoshoot namin…

kala mo mga seryoso… yun pala… hahahahaha! the rest of the crazy outtakes are here.

i love them so much. mga hapon talaga, iba ang appeal. gaki and max… not only are they goodlooking but they’re really nice too.  although minsan akala nyo tulog sila. lolz. for my si-bee-gi readers, max is my officemate sa streeem pero nagwork din siya sa si-bee-gi philcoa. so there, you have your main models… so lucky ne? me haz two live maneki neko! miao miao!

pero para saan ang model kung walang stylist? i thought i would have to style them pero buti nalang dumating si snowie who has a knack of making people look … in this case, more beautiful. he did the photography too with gaki’s nikon d40 and natural light… good combo! ahihi! heto ang aming stylist…

styling the kitteh… more like trap the kitteh… ^^,  just kidding!

i really appreciate you guys helping me out for this project. salamat sa patience, for wearing my art, for enduring the heat… i’m looking forward to our next photoshoot, with all the n00bcakes.

at siyempre, please do visit our site… tapos bili ka na rin! hehehe. there are two hyperlinks here at melaikick, one at the tabs at the top part and the pages section on the sidebar or just go to

yun lang.

♥ melai

p. s.

yes, we do customize shirts.

pure kitty evil genius shirt…

i remember a few weeks back, miming and i were chatting how he couldn’t do what i do, which was art… kasi masyado daw praktikal ang design ng utak nya. lo and behold, he’s made his first typography art! and of course… he’s selling it! nyahahahaha!

gumawa siya ng shirt with one of those memes… “will tease you beyond endurance…” the inspiration, from what i remember, ha… was one of those pokemon pictures from a memegenerator site. was that milftail? lolz. tapos, nagbabrowse na din siya sa (a really cool font resource) ! hahaha…

some of my outtakes…

“will tease you beyond endurance…” is pretty wholesome pa… wahahaha. ‘to tease’ is ‘to persistently annoy’ but it is also subliminal… in n00bcake connotations, this measures up to the standards of a manyak shirt. ahihi! oh by the way, ito pala yung shirt na pang girls! there’s a pedobear version for the boys. o diba? that’s pure kitty evil genius (and yes, i know my adjectives, tama yan…)

>^.^< the girly girl girl

i really like this shirt… color suits my skin, subtle hints of manyak (bweeehehehe!), nice typograhy, and created by my bestfriend! kaya naman ladies and manyaks, please get em shirts at hyeah! start the teasing!

melai diggs, you have no choice but to… X(

yun lang.

♥ melai

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