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hindi ko pala nablog tong psp ko ever…  i think i put up an update before but that was it. well, it has recently saved my life (dun ask how. kk? hehe.) and therefore, i’m bringing it back to life.

focal point red

i bought a nice strap for it which is of the same shade of red, (my favorite color!) and i cleaned it the best i can. tapos i had my good friend, darling, hehe, yan talaga name niya… who is a gamer, put some new games in it.

it kind of brings back memories. hahaha. naalala ko pa, i got it for my birthday but really i got it so i could play with my old crush… whose response was uh… wahahaha! ended up playing it with my bestfriend, who has little patience teaching me the damn games. nag-enjoy naman ako though, sa dungeon siege, puzzle bubble, at higit sa lahat… luxor!

i think i won’t ever sell this baby. meh sentimental value… at isang magandang alaala ng nakalipas na samahan, with matching boxer shorts. inside joke, hehehe. recommend me some games?

yun lang.

♥ melai


i… labs… my darling baby cp! other pixxorz here.

prelims muna… my darling baby “insert whatever it is that you value so much that you would call it ‘darling baby’ here” was coined by miming not me.

samsung corby wheeee~! i finally bought the s3653 and i’m pretty happy with it. nga pala, i don’t do reviews… gusto ko lang i-share ang mga bagay bagay so if you’re looking for specs, click ka dito. at siyempre, binili ko siya dahil cute. lol. ano pa nga ba? that’s the primary reason anyway. hehehe. eh cute akoooo! *ubo ubo* i got the romantic pink one… that’s what it says on the box noh.

it has nice features pero simple lang yung mga gusto ko like the really big touchscreen which is around two inches. bulag eh, imma get contacts soon! i also like the way the camera has a panorama shot. (that’ll be on another post, though…) gondooo! the alarm is pretty cool too, up to ten alarms! bawal malate! and finally, it has google maps… madalas akong maligaw. ahaha! so this comes handy when i’m searching for places like the frakkin philheath building. hahaha.

gusto ko na ang samsung ever since i bought my ref and i’m partial to korean stuff. hahaha. kind sirs and ma’am from samsung, please sponsor me? special thanks to miming for putting the sim card in… medyo mahirap siyang buksan. oh and i really want to keep in touch, if perchance you’re reading this at friend kita… lol… pm me? i’d appreciate it. heeee~!

yun lang.

♥ melai

prelims muna… my darling baby “insert whatever it is that you value so much that you would call it ‘darling baby’ here” was coined by miming not me.

my darling baby webcam

i bought the hp deluxe webcam today. di ko talaga kaya ang logitech sa ibabaw ng darling baby pc ko. hahaha. it’s so cool too! eight frakking megapixels! bought it primarily because i have to be able to send flying kisses to the cute boy over there. ***ubo ubo*** lol. it’s got a built in microphone too, so… max and i are gonna do some covers soon!

i had it on burst but on vga though for a test run. these were taken while i was talking to the cute boy over there… hahaha. it’s on vga but the quality is much better than the ones produced by the camera on my phone. oh well, kusina ang background ko. some more here.

it’s powersaving too i might add. haaamazing! di nga pala to review, so kung napadaan ka lang at naghahanap ng information, the full specs are here.

nyaw! :3 miming wants to say hi! lol. this was the last picture… was taken just as i opened lolcats at bumulaga sakin yung pusa. ahahaha! imma test out the rest of the features and the free art software later but i’m pretty happy with it na. kind sirs and ma’am from hp. please sponsor me? hehehe.

yun lang.

♥ melai


Posted on: March 25, 2010

meh celebrates with a bit of cake! it’s a mango royale mini om nom nom nom nom nom… ehem ehem. matapos ang halos tatlong taong pakikipagsapalaran… this is my 100th post! yehey!

timeline… i had blogs before prior to melaikick, the first one was on friendster… hahaha! it did not live long i was an extremely busy college student then; the second one was in multiply pero i didn’t like the platform… not much editing can be done and there are no sidebars heeee~! good for pictures though; the third one was on blogspot… i liked the platform but i didn’t understand css then; then i moved to wordpress! i made an english-korean blog called moonmirae pero i cancelled it because nobody understood my rants. nyahahahaha.

june of 2008… i started becoming stressed at home and i needed a place to vent out… so eun, i put up melaikick. my posts did not even have pictures back then and i used a minimalist three-column theme. i decided to word this blog in taglish. eh di naman maintindihan ng mga kaibigan ko ang korean tapos masyadong boring kung pure english… *u*

san ba galing ang melaikick? we had team chats before when i was with si-bee-gi. my first boss was the coolest and he’s a bit lenient when it comes to chat. so one day…

sa team dy unit chat
sobrang avail pero walang nagchachat kasi busy nagsusurf (oh yes, this was allowed before…)
melaikick > (bored na bored na bored)…
melaikick > melai… kick!
melaikick > yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
boss mickey > 0_0 melai baliw! hahahahaha!

later on that day…
team mate ko meh ginawang kalokohan…
boss mickey > melai melai
melaikick > po?
boss mickey > /kick ? kick mo si *****
melaikick > lolz. melaikick! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
boss mickey > gujab melaikick!

from then on my boss called me melaikick. kind of liked it and it stuck. hahaha.

content… i write stuff ranging from issues with friends and relatives to silly objects like tissue and eggs… about how the day could not have been gayer and the bading stuff like papercraft, girly girl games, and other pa-cute things that i do. lolz. i have here stories of my adventures with people most important to me… emo rants, and the like. baket ba?

this blog has been a part of me. (no way you’re gonna shake me you’ll always be my darling baby bloggie… lalalalala!) it’s helped me lessen my anxiety, my fears, helped me ponder and think, helped me cope up at the least. hehehe. kind of like a bestfriend na walang choice kundi makinig. harhar!

meron din namang nagbago… the theme is albeo now with all the widgets that i like and i’ve learned the workaround regarding divs. naglalagay na din ako ng pixxorz! hahaha! a big thanks to all who read this blog! salamat sa inyong pagbisita! happy 100 bloggie! let’s go melaikick! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

yun lang. meh goes back to eating cake…

♥ melai

prelims muna… my darling baby “insert whatever it is that you value so much that you would call it ‘darling baby’ here” was coined by miming not me.

i bought a new printer today. hehe… i need it eh, in preparation… a pre-lude to some asskicking! please meet my darling baby printer!

my darling baby printer >^.^<

with the paper tray open and it has an extension too!

he’s a sweet hp deskjet  d2660. the specs are here. it’s simple, sleek and jet black… matches my hp pavillion. also, quality wise… it’s perfect for printing normal everyday black and white stuff… like resumes perhaps. wahahahaha. kung colored prints naman, ok din siya. i just printed a nice vector image.

it’s st0rong! prints really fast… i had an officejet back then, which costs 70 percent more than this deskjet… but darling baby printer prints just like the office jet… it’s eco-friendly too, made from fifty percent recycled material, and comes in a box made from 100 percent recycled stuff. oha oha!

i’ll get a photosmart, the compact one… kapag may cameras na ko. all my computer stuff are from hewlett packard ever since i was in high school… except for one sony laptop which was running on windows millennium anyway. so that does not count. hehe, kind sirs from hp, please sponsor my work? hihi.

prelims muna… my darling baby “insert whatever it is that you value so much that you would call it ‘darling baby’ here” was coined by miming not me.

i recently bought a p6040d hewlett packard pavillion… see specs here. not your fastest, strongest computer. sabi ko naman miming, wala kong balak tapatan darling baby pc mo (which is one heck of a hoobah). i bought it simply because i needed a computer at hindi ko idedeny, ang cute kasi eh… no sermons please… aesthetics was one of my favorite subjects during college at hindi ko kayang pangit ang monitor, wahaha! kunek naman eh kahit papano.

20” cutie, walang kokontra!

ok naman siya… sa ngayon. hehehe. i didn’t even need to buy speakers, meh tinatago ka pala ha baby.  di ko pa siya masyadong naeexplore, inuna ko internets eh. download nako ng firefox; saka itunes, hated windows media player, ever since; ym, para makipaglandian; e bakit ko ba kinukwento ito, la naman kayong pake sa downloads ko? lolz. pero pero, ok talaga ang picasa 3, gaaganda pics nyo, tapos last nalang, yung free music zilla, galing! di ako makatulog kakadl ng kanta.

took me two hours to setup the computer table. hahaha. ang hirap pala mag-ikot ikot ng mga turnilyo. but i did it anyways! so, ano naman darling baby pc? pinaghirapan kita, baby. proud ako sa yo ha, kahit ayaw sayo ni uncle, hehehe. oo naman, i bought it with my hard-earned money! (in fairness to me, bwehehe) i bought a flashdrive and bluetooth already, wag na webcam (super landi?)… printer pa at saka mini hp. waits ka lang baby.

hep, more pics!

getting dsl… i went to globelines sm north on the 19th to apply for dsl… at nakilala ko ang pinakaweird na trainee… i forgot his name but i cannot forget the service he delivered. hahaha. he called on customer number 5062 who was me, of course. and siyempre “how can i can help?” naman siya.

una, he checked if my address was available for dsl. ang sungit sungit nya magtanong. nung malaman nya na available nga, he slapped a piece of paper on the table and with an evil smile, he told me that those were a list of the requirements, inferring that i get them first. bwehehe, baket naman ako pupunta sa globelines ng walang dalang requirements? one by one, i removed my documents from my trusty pork chop envelope (naks, since college… tibay!) and i enjoyed the look on his exasperated face. parang ayaw nya iprocess yung request ko eh. hahaha.

he made me wait for a looong time and finally…

globelines trainee > ma’am ok na po.
melaikick > walang babayaran ngayon kuya?
globelines trainee > wala ma’am, sa first billing na po saka pri installation yan
melaikick > pre-installation? (kompyus suubra)
globelines trainee > opo ma’am, pri po.
melaikick > 0_0 aaah, free! (at this point i wasn’t able to suppress a giggle. lolz)

yun lang.

♥ melai

8:07 AM 7/2/2011 … ehem ehem, scroll to the bottom for today’s update, hihi.

prelims muna… “my darling baby insert whatever that is that you value so much you’d call it ‘darling baby’ here” was coined by miming not me.

flashback june 2008… napagusapan ang kabahayan at condo living sa dy unit chat. i asked daddy myx how much his unit cost… mura naman, so nagkainteres ako. my friends and i checked the place out. grabe! mukha siyang tapunan ng mga dating sundalo. hahaha. parang barracks! we found a broker, who showed us the model unit… it was simple, a bit cramped but seemed cozy enough. hindi naman ako maarte, so sabi ko sa sarili ko… pwede na.

august 2008… i paid the downpayment. yun na yun. lolz. hr made me go through a lot of paghihirap with my income tax return and certificate of employment (took a month!). then waiting…

over the next few months, the wait was already becoming an ordeal. first, puro follow-ups ang ginagawa ko. instead of going home after work, i had to go out of the way para lang kausapin yung broker ko na walang sinabi kundi “next week…” hehehe. meh magic na nangyayari… then, wala na kong maisagot sa tanong na “kelan ka lilipat?” hahaha. warla!

january 2009… i was finally able to see the finished unit. it was not what i expected. hindi naman pangit pero, it was not what i requested. at sobrang tagal bago kabitan ng kuryente! yung scheduled orientation ko pa… hindi naman natuloy dahil hindi pala ako naisked. lolz. warla ulit! i actually cried that day, sa harap ng pintuan ng unit ko. parang customer lang ng att… frustated! pero sa wakas, sabi ni uncle pagong (pagong kasi sobrang bagal kumilos)… “pwede ka ng lumipat!”

the before pic… it looked too drab

ayan technicolor na!

ngayon… i’m really happy with my new home. ang sarap pala ng feeling na matulog ka sa sarili mong bahay at matulog ka ng mahaba at kumpleto. dati kasi two hours ang biyahe ko hanggang si-bee-gi, ngayon, 30 minutes nalang!

ang sarap palang mamili ng mga gamit para sa bahay mo. ang dami ko pang kulang na gamit. hehe. hetow…

melaikick > hugasan natin yung baso (sabay kuha ng dishwashing liquid chervams)

madam > ako na melai, asan sponge?

melaikick > wala… (-_-)

miming > wala kang sponge?

noobcakes > tawa tawa tawa. bwaaahahahahah!

sorry naman. umpisa palang ako eh. hihi.

and most of all, ang sarap pala ng feeling na meron kang bisita at maapreciate nila yung handiwork mo at alam mong nag-eenjoy sila. miming made a new vid and i’m really grateful for this… love it!

melai’s first kick party by miming/gaki

napaisip naman ako kung ano ang “kick party” hahaha. ayan, see terminology ha… love the song too! it’s ‘houkiboshi’ by younha. it has a korean counterpart, ‘hyesung’ …that’s why i like it so much. i don’t know if houkiboshi mean the same thing but hyesung stands for the word “comet” in korean. in the song (the korean version, di ako marunong maghapon eh), there’s a particular line there that goes like “i want to be a comet so that i give you light and you will smile… i want to be a comet so that i can fly and be by your side…” (sencya, di rin ako kagaling magkorean)

and my noobcakes are my comets. i’m really lucky to have them. mga tunay na kaibigan! they’re crazy too… lalo na kapag nagbubungguan. sana more memories sa bahay ni kick… kayo nga lang magluluto… hahaha!

hep… more pics!

my keys… meh kitchen din ako!



si bading nagsa-sounds…

cable po?

yun lang.

♥ melai

8:07 AM 7/2/2011 … last june 30th, ang saya ko! bakit? kasi, tapos na kong magbayad ng dalawang taon sa broker ko para sa darling baby bahay ko. yes, oh yes! masaya ako kasi nakayanan ko ng dalawang taon at alam kong kakayanin ko pa sa mga susunod pang taon.

grabe, two years! marami na rin kaming pinagsamahan ng bahay ko, nyahahaha! nung umpisa sobrang nakakalungkot na magsarili pero nasanay na rin ako. marami na rin akong natutunan… err, maghugas ng plato, magwalis, maglampaso, magtiklop ng damit, sumira ng doorknob, etc. dati kasi merong gumagawa ng mga yan para sakin. marami na ding mga ala-ala dito na lagi kong itatago sa puso ko… mga birthday kicks, mga kalokohan ng bwisita, nagtugtugan at nakinig na musika, mga panahong nagtawanan, nag-iyakan, at nag-usap ng masisinan ng mga kaibigan. ahaha, i have so much to be thankful for. salamat sa inyo!

on a side note, i was particularly happy because i have a very wonderful guide who made sure i wouldn’t get lost in makati since i had to get my receipts and paperwork… i did get lost, given na yan, i haz bad direction skillz… but every message i sent him, i received a timely reply. every reply i get from him puts a huge smile on my face for that matter. hihihi.

two years huzzah!

anyhoo, i’d be paying directly to pag-ibig nao at medyo mababawasan na rin yun monthly amortization and i’m so relieved that i won’t see my broker’s face anymore. not that i don’t like him, pero need pa niya ng mas maraming customer service skillz. hahaha. at ngayon, i’d make sure to take care of this responsibility. ang dami pang taon ng pagbabayad ang haharapin ko pero hindi ko pababayaan to. i’d make sure i’d pay everything off in the coming years. oha oha! cheers!

bisita kayo minsan sa bahay, kk?

yun lang ulit.

♥ melai

8:07 AM 7/2/2011

hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.