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everyone else has probably watched the sequels to the rurouni kenshin live action, so i’m just documenting on this post… haha, i’ve been backpacking on some weekends and reading on some so… anyhoo, i watched kyoto taika hen on its opening day and densetsu no saigo hen on its first weekend. both movies were ozummm. here’s the trailer…

oha oha. there were lots of memorable dork moments in kyoto taika hen such as the kabuki play about the first movie and kenshin running around with a paper pinwheel, those were priceless. densetsu no saigo hen didn’t have any dork moments although there was a funny scene during the fight with sanosuke and anji.

the fight scenes were spectacular in both movies, but i thought the best ones were kenshin’s fight with cho where he walks away after seeing kaoru, kenshin losing to soujiro, who’s super cute by the way, and the final battle with shishio specially the part where he kills yumi because… lots of blood, i mean that is some kind of dedication to one person.

i only wish they’d shown more of the other juppongatana, i wanted to see kamatari wield a scythe but he… uh, she just stood there on the beach. guuuuh. would aslo love to see more of usui too. they should have definitely added more chemistry between kaoru and kenshin, although that last scene was was so cute. also, more megumi and more saito stances too please.

and then there’s the ost, one ok rock’s ‘mighty long fall’ and ‘heartache’ made me stay in my seat while the credits were rolling. over-all, ozuuuum movies are ozuuuum, i hope they continue the story from the manga, which has a better ending imo, heehee.

yun lang.

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for some reason, the japan foundation didn’t plan on showing any films this year at the up film center, was originally planning to watch a film there but since they weren’t, i had no choice but to fall in line for one hour and thirty minutes at the cinemas at shang which meant an hour and thirty minutes enduring high school and college kids milling about noisily talking about homework and professors and making me feel so much older, hahaha!

tamako in moratorium

i had several choices but what appealed to me most was moratoriumu tamako or tamako in moratorium in english. it’s about a girl who graduates from college and then goes back home but only sleeps and eats and doesn’t try to find work or do chores at home, lol. i really like atsuko maeda, who is the lead in this film, because of her akb48 cuteness and then i kind of suck at household chores so i had to watch it. here’s the trailer…

this makes me want to go to kofu, yamanashi prefecture, haha. it’s where the film was shot and the place is so pretty, watching tamako in moratorium is like lounging around on a warm summer day. going back though, watching someone do nothing has never been this pleasant, sometime in the film, we find out that tamako doesn’t really know what to do with her life yet, and lots of people can relate to that, we all have those moments. the father is endearing too, he obviously loves tamako so much too, that he tolerates her not finding work and such.

in the end, things just fall into place, tamako’s dad finally gets the courage to tell her to go to work, and tamako replies ‘good answer.’ or something to that effect… the seasons pass by and tamako transforms from bum to independent kid by the end of summer… and i even got inspired to clean a little, hahaha!


this year’s eiga sai was super. i still got the handouts from the previous years, this year they have a newsletter! yaaaaay! i hope they show films again at up next year.

yun lang.

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i still have a lot of backlogs because of too much… uh, reading, i’ve been doing, it’s all rick riordan’s fault, hahaha! anyhoo, maki and i watched gatchaman live action a few weeks back. i know there were a lot of complaints about it, but i actually liked it. teka, here’s the trailer first…

gatchaman! i’m not sure but the dubbed version was called g-force before and i used to watch it before going to school. so that was a loooong time ago and the live action was modernized with a compressed story and some of the effects weren’t that convincing. but but but, there were a lot of redeeming things in this movie.


the cast were eye candy … well maki has been spazzing over tori, who’s playing ken in the movie, for the last year, and the screen was showing giant close ups of his face, so yes more fangirling spazz and then gouriki reminded me of max. also, they wore ozummm suits that probably cost more than what they paid the effects guys. hehehe.

i also liked the way the way the villains say ‘ware ware wa’, it’s an old word for ‘we’ but kind of super formal. for some reason, i like the way it sounds. i tried to annoy maki by saying it everytime but i think she’s already immune to everything i throw at her. lol. and speaking of villains…

berg katse is an ozummm one! i think she has a deeper character than the rest, more than ken’s or jo’s. she also has amazing sword fighting skillz! strong villains are cool in my book, the harder to kill, the better, plus she looks like a cat too so that’s a bonus. so eun, i still enjoyed the movie, i hope they make a better sequel soon.

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late post is late, maki, shane, and i went to watch eiga sai at the up film center again and this time we were able to catch rinco’s restaurant. i’d been looking forward to watching this because of the word restaurant… hahaha! i thought watching this was a good way to learn a little bit more about japanese food. when it comes to cooking, the japanese are such experts and they present their food beautifully. so here’s the trailer…

shokudo katatsumuri, which is the film’s japanese title. it means snail restaurant… which is the name of rinco, the main character’s, restaurant. she cooks in her own pace and takes time to put in the magic. and oh the food she whips up like je t’aime soup served in cute heart bowls, curry with pomegranates, steak with lots of herbs, and pretty pastries!


what makes rinco’s cooking more ozummm is that it somehow affects the people who eat it, when their relationships get better, or when their sadness goes away, or when their wishes come true. in the end, rinco’s own wish comes true when she cooks for herself! really enjoyed rinco’s restaurant, someday i’ll make a good je t’aime soup like her. hihi.

yun lang.

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so maki and i were finally able to watch eiga sai at shang this year… maki always has great timing and we were able to catch the only animated film in the eiga sai line up which is mai mai shinko to sennen no maho, here’s the trailer…

when you translate it, it means mai mai shinko and the millennium old magic… although they shortened the english title to mai mai miracle. it’s a beautiful film, it was able to charm the kids around, including me, hehe. but just like tonari no totoro, it also appeals to the not so young ones.


the story revolves around the friendship of two nine year old girls namely aiko shinko, a lively country girl with an ozummm imagination, and shimazu kiiko, the quiet one who just came from the city. they have different personalities that reminded me of my friends, and how each one of them is a different world… and this adds to my further love for this film.

everything in mai mai miracle was magical in a way that’s not hocus pocus. it dealt with the simple things in life, like trust and friendship, having a leap of faith, and it even showed death with so much grace… true magic you know. it’s the best thing i’ve ever watched in a while, i don’t even have a favorite scene because i loved them all! looking forward to watching more eiga sai in the up film center soon!

yun lang.

♥ melai

rurouni kenshin wa

late post, hehehe. but i still wanted to document being able to watch the rurouni kenshin live action movie… (like everyone else, lol!) and it was ozummm… at lahat pa ng synonyms ng ozum! here are the reasons why …

the cast is almost perfect. i initially thought that takeru sato is still waaaay too young to be kenshin (who’s supposed to be 29 at the time he meets kaoru, sato is 22)  but he looks all grown up nao and manly. he really did look like kenshin, red hair, scar, and all. nakakatuwa lang isipin na dati na siyang naging si kamen rider. i also think that takeru and emi takei, who plays kaoru, look so adorbs together, i hope they make babies. hahaha!

on the other hand, the other actors were all believable, although aoi yuu, who tries to annoy kaoru as megumi, can never be annoying to me. what was annoying though, was kanryuu’s bob and fake dentures. hahaha! i liked the kid who played yahiko too, i just hope he doesn’t grow up too fast, baka palitan ng actor sa next movie. the only thing i didn’t like was sano’s hair, it looked odd to me  for some reason…

the music. i would have liked to hear the original ones from the anime but they made it even better… sort of like a mix of traditional japanese music and rock. i stayed till the end just to listen to the ost. eto o…

there are light hearted moments like when kenshin says oro?! which is why i feel takeru is a really great fit for the role… in the manga and anime, kenshin says oro?! in a way that he looks chibi-deformed… and for a japanese person, takeru sato has exceptionally large eyes. there’s also sano’s fight with banjin where sano eats chicken and banjin says “the poor bird. i’m a vegetarian.” wahahaha!

the fight scenes aren’t vomit inducing but still realistic. miming made me watch 13 assasins before, it was all gore and decapitation but ruruouni kenshin’s fight scenes were not that bloody but focused on stances and superhuman flying flips and back flips. and finally…

the last scene where kenshin says “tadaima de gozaru yo” which means “i’m home”. it’s was a very simple ending… but to me it was the best scene of all because it’s beautiful and heartwarming to come back home to the people you love.

yun lang. i do hope they make a sequel on the shishio arc!

♥ melai


posas … last week, maki and i went to watch posas at up. it was my first time to go to a cinemalaya screening. honestly, i wasn’t all too excited about it because i’ve only liked a few filipino movies. also, i’ve chanced upon a review of the film which says that the story was sluggish… but i actually liked it. here’s the trailer…

i liked it probably because i’d rarely watched anything like it. what i mean is, it isn’t something you could just normally watch in the mall theaters that show mostly shallow romance comedies. posas is both heavy and light. heavy because it tackles the life of a petty thief in the streets, the day he gets caught, crime committed by thieves like him, and the irony of the police being the very reason of these crimes.

it felt terrible to see someone get beaten up, to see how difficult and tedious the processes are in our laws, and seeing those corrupt cops manage to hide their own crimes but then again, i could also empathize with the person whose phone got stolen because yes, i’ve had some of mine stolen too.

it was light too because of two reasons, there was always a character who provided comic relief and the audience understood the humor. i told my bestfriend that i enjoyed watching the film because i can express my emotions and not feel stupid, unlike watching it in the mall where i had to stifle crying because i get laughed at or not laugh too hard otherwise i get shushed. when watching in the up film center, you cry when you are moved and no one would care or are probably crying too, and you can also laugh with everyone else.

over all it was a great movie, although the thief had chocolate abs and looked handsome after they washed his face. nyahahaha! i hope they make more movies like this. thanks a lot to maki, let’s go to next year’s screening din ha.

yun lang.

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