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ang hirap magupdate ng blog kung lagi kang kinikidnap ng mga friends mo. lolz. been super “busy” this week or ang layo lang talaga ng bahay namin… traveling eats up almost two hours of my time everyday… tinatanong ni miming kanina kung natutulog pa daw ako. hahaha. sleep? ano yun?

anyway, i bought new converse shoes… kaligayan ko lang naman. heto pix and detail.

i liked this one dahil… (drum roll please!) dahil may little red riding hood na detail! yap, just because of that! eh favorite ko si little red noh. it cost me php 3300 but who cares. wala naman sa pilipinas nyan or wala pa at the very least. amf. in addition, it’s part of coverse’s 1HUND(RED) campaign kung saan 10 percent of the net price chervams, whatever they call it, “goes to the global fund and help eliminate aids.” ang nagdesign ng sapatos na ito ay si camila engman. ma’am, isa kang henyo…

o, nice naman diba? adik lang talaga ako sa converse. well, kesa naman sa drugs. you can get it here: i got mine with the help of, mga fairies who will go to a lot of trouble just to make your wish come true! can’t wait to get the next one!

yun lang.

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