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late post is late. haven’t blogged in a while because… life, haha. and so, we went to the up lantern parade some, ahem, three months ago. it was as always, really fun but there were so many people that night it was somewhat difficult to get good photos.

up lantern parade 2016 x chocolate kiss cafe fb
up lantern parade 2016 x chocolate kiss cafe fb
up lantern parade 2016 x chocolate kiss cafe fb

the building lights and the floats were very nice though, they had this ‘film’ theme going on too. on a side note, there was one point when, in an attempt to catch up with the floats, we tried crossing the whole of the sunken garden… which was very unwise, haha, but… at least to me, it was a funny moment (hey, i was wearing a dress and skate shoes with the waffles sticking to the wet ground). we stopped trying to cross after a few meters.

up lantern parade 2016 x chocolate kiss cafe transfers

we ended the night eating at the chocolate kiss cafe, i hadn’t eaten there in a long time, they still make all the old cakes (like dayap and devil’s food) and the acid orange tea. on a side note, if you’re going to have the bahay ng alumni as your meet-up place (which i did), better inform your unfamiliar friends that it is a building inside of up diliman… in my case everyone was asking “who” the alumni was… “bahay ng alumni? sinong alumni?”, nyahaha.

yun lang.

♥ melai


we were finally able to go to the nook cafe some weeks ago (they were having their airconditioning system fixed when we dropped by the first time) and i thought it was kind of magical… it was small but it had all sorts of harry potter themed stuff complete with a cupboard under the stairs that made everything seem cozy.


the food was great too, i had the triple s pasta (spicy spanish sardines) and golden snitch ganache, which were utterly cute.


we played around the second floor after eating… that’s graize and her little ravenclaw friend up top and then there’s me… was actually sorted in gryffindor in pottermore, so was pretty happy i got to wear that house’s robes, huzzah!



we lounged around the second floor for a bit, it was filled with harry potter merchandise including a sorting hat, books, wands, owls, and other props.


but what i thought was the best thing there was the huge mural which looked like a cross between diagon alley and hogwarts… it was very well-drawn and i thought it was kind of pretty…

so eun, the nook cafe kind of made me want to read the books again… will definitely come back!

yun lang.

♥ melai


just wanted to document our brief food quest to lazy bastard, it was very near our workplace and well… we forced our lazy selves to wake up a wee bit earlier and drop by…


the place is kind of cool and somewhat cozy at the same time. they’ve got a lot of punny (yes, with a p) stuff going around the menu…


and they have a great penchant for bacon too… which is of course, one of life’s greatest things…


we even had extra bacon added to our chicken sandwiches, which was very good by the way. so eun, will always grab some chow here!

yun lang. cheers to more food quests!

♥ melai


i just wanted to document the time i ate at san sung korean restaurant with my officemates some months back… (months talaga, lol.) it’s just that with my family being so far away, it’s nice to be able share food and eat with people at times.

on a side note, the place reminded me of my best friend, maki, too, we used to have sam gyeop sal on nice days and we’d try to read the hanggeul in the menus while fangirling on korean singers, haha. good old days, huh?


anyhoo, we got sam gyeop sal and woo sam gyeop for grilling and some really soft chap chae. and then these came with a bunch of ban chan or side dishes. i remember blabbing about the number of plates korean ladies might have to wash, haha.


i ate so much that day and i would have ordered bap but it was so expensive! i think i had a bottle of beer though… i wish we could always go eat out like this.

yun lang.

♥ melai

we had a side trip to baguio from pangasinan, dad and his besties went too… i asked… err, more like demanded, that we have lunch at the ketchup food community because they were thinking of eating at shakey’s and man, i did not use up a chunk of my vacation leaves just to eat at a pizza place that has too many branches in manila. on a side note, dad asked if there was a lot of ketchup in the place, hahaha.


we ate at canto… which was a good thing since it was one of the places in which i hadn’t eaten yet. the place looks ok, kind of like the old canteens we used to eat at during grade school.


i got some lomo ribs, kool aid tropical punch, and mallow fluff. ang taba ko, after ko lamunin tong mga to.

we looked for a hotel afterwards, and my patience was extremely tested because i knew of some good ones in baguio but this bat shit crazy tita kept pointing us to shady looking ones… yung parang hindi ka na makakalabas ng buhay kapag pumasok ka, haha.


we finally stayed at citylight hotel, which was just a block or two from sm baguio and it was very well lit, with a guard near the entrance. i was also very well fed, lol. i think i had one too many breakfast buffets here because dad extended our stay since he liked the weather.


there’s also a cozy nook near the entrance where they sell pastries and tea, i got an oreo cake, lemongrass tea (my default one), and macarons for one merienda… ako na talaga matakaw! i roamed around baguio when dad and bffs were out and about but that’d be in another post…

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

we went to bag of beans afterwards… because the people i was with are eating machines, haha. also, it’s hard to decline dessert.


the place reminded me of our old house in quezon where we’d eat lunches alfresco while enjoying the sea breeze.


i still take food pixxors. i believe there’s nothing wrong documenting your food especially if it annoys your best friend, teehee! i had panna cotta and some root beer float, took a pixxor of someone’s chocolate mousse and caramel macchiato.


we camwhored like tourists, lulz… but this was my favorite pixxor. after more pixxor taking and dessert lamon, umuwi na kami.

yun lang.

♥ melai

went to up town center with my bestfriend, maki yesterday… i remember the last time we dropped by, it was an extremely rainy day and it was my first time to try laksa at boon tong kee. there were less than a dozen restaurants, pero ngayon syalan na! there were restaurants left and right that we’d like to try but after much deliberation i.e., fighting hordes of conyo kids, resisting the urge to down caramel apples and chocolates, and buying knickknacks… we ended up at cafe shibuya.


this was the last cake they had aside from the caramel ones… and so we got this because we just bought some caramel apples. matcha and cake is always nice, shared this with maki, not sure if she liked it though.


i don’t take pixxors of maki’s food anymore, but we both had their pink passion fizzy drink… wish it had some alcohol in it though, lols. i had tebasaki fried chicken and kimchi rice which was really good, although we asked the staff to lower down its spice level.


the little girl on the left is an engineer… haha and also an excellent food buddy. so eun, had a lot of fun at cafe shibuya, would like to come back for the honey lemongrass chops and their mango cheesecake (i haz small storage space, haha). food quests are always great with you, next time ulit bb.

yun lang.

♥ melai

hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.