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there’s this cartoon called adventure time which i’m really interested in mainly because of the character design and how the characters are named… kase ang cute. hahaha! also, it kind of reminds me of going out and finding things, having adventures. i have yet to really watch adventure time but i found an online game for it. heto o…

princess bubblegum's slumber party

it’s called princess bubblegum’s slumber party. said princess is one of the main protagonists in the story. the game is much like one of those arcade games like tekken but instead of using weapons or doing martial arts or exhibiting supernatural powers, it’s actually a…

princess bubblegum's slumber party

pillowfight … between princess bubblegum and marceline, the vampire queen. there are other characters in the background such as lumpy space princess and lady rainicorn, who speaks korean. adorbs!

princess bubblegum's slumber party

princess bubblegum's slumber party

anyhoo, they kind of try to hit each other with pillows and can the ability to do up, middle, and low attacks in addition to walking forward and backwards, crouching and jumping.

princess bubblegum's slumber party

i totally won … hahaha! i hope they add more characters and levels though. it would be interesting to fight with water princess or even space angel princess. you can play it here.

yun lang.

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pottermore is finally open to all! yehey! i loved the books so i signed up and if you have an account please add me up!


gateway … which is like the main menu of pottermore. just finished the chamber of secrets!


flying mail … you can click on stuff! hyeaaah! hahaha! and when you find some hidden stuff you either get to collect them or learn something new.


my wand … and it is english oak with unicorn core, which i may add that i am pretty sure that it came from a happy unicorn, and it is ten and three quarter inches, and slightly springy.


gryffindor … i was sorted in gryffindor! and this is great because they have daring, nerve, and chivalry. and with all that courage and bravery, a gryffindor is never boring.


the end of year feast … this is my favorite part of pottermore so far, i like the colors and it features gryffindor so…  anyhoo, i hope they’ll have chamber of secrets available soon but for now it’s wand waving practice. hahaha!

yun lang.

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yummy drink factory

i was finally able to download yummy drink factory! yeheeey! i was getting bored with plants versus zombies and another mmorpg would make me lose what’s left of my sanity. this is another cutesy game… haha! wag nyo na i-deny na nacutan kayo sa pvz. at the least, that game made the thought of a zombie invasion look cute.

mabalik tayo sa yummy drink factory or ydf nalang, it is a time management game from amaranth games. the game starts with alexis, the redhead in the picture (yes, don’t like her design much… but it’s not important), gets lost in some forest habang nagmamaneho siya ng sports car! lolz. she sees this small coffee shop and orders a drink… let’s just say na in an extremely rude manner. at dahil mabilis ang karma, she’s been sent to fairytale isle… to serve drinks! pero teka, this is not a guide ha. it just so happens that i really really like the game, the brain exercise, and adorable drinks. na-adik din si max!

fairytale island … when i had just finished 21 drink recipes. you get to see other parts of the island after every ten days, in the game ha. they named the places really nicely. you start with the woodlands where you serve tree-dwellers ; snowlark pass, permanent frost people ; witchwood, so malamang witches ang pagsisilbihan mo ; stardale glen, fairies ; and candar kingdom, sa wakas humans na meron dito. gusto ko lang idagdag the game’s characters, well the ones you have to serve and the drinks were designed by my favorite illustrator, claire belton.

candar kingdom… this happens to be my favorite  i have the island parts’ screenshots here.

the best thing about this is that by the end of the game, alexis gets wee bit more kind and we are taught of the importance of being kind. give out and share kindness and you’ll receive it too.  mejo cheesy, pero being kind does warm the heart.

you can download the game here tapos share ninyo recipes ha?

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i’m currently addicted to this japanese avatar dress up site… poupeegirl. it’s so adorable! the word ‘poupee’ is really french for ‘doll’… the japanese have this thing for the french …l’arc en ciel and remember those old school french themed animes? hahaha. anyway the site’s mostly in japanese. had to do a bit of trial and error… it’s like playing with paper dolls though you get better doll clothes and get to interact with lots of girls from all over…

moshi moshi!

that’s my poupee above… in a pink printed kimono. you buy the zouri, tabi, and other clothing for that matter separately. pero hindi naman totoong pera. the currency in poupeegirl are called ribbons, you get them from commenting on other poupee, posting clothes, logging in, and of course by dressing up your doll.

my poupee’s in a kimono right now since that’s what’s selling in the stores, sabi nila new year daw ang pinaka-importanteng holiday sa japan. the clothes shops in poupeegirl sell stuff and clothing just like any real clothing store… kumbaga, kung ano yung napapanahon or kung may events like halloween or even a celebrity event… lolz! i’ve seen some ken hirai stuff!

poupee town

poupee town is where you can interact with other players, pwede kang bumili ng damit and conversely, pwede ka ding magbenta ng damit… hehe. $_$ dito ka din pwedeng makipagdaldalan, magpicture picture, at magsumbong ng violators! hahaha! normal punishment in poupeegirl for any violation? eh di… your poupee will lose her clothes, you won’t be able to dress her up for a certain period of time… and she’d be nekked. amf… on the other hand, nice poupee girls get pretty clothes and items… there are some players who are really really nice…

language can’t stop you from making friends ^^,

this is from one of my first friends at poupeegirl… it reads “i can’t understand english but i’m happy to be friends with you.” she’s so sweet and gave me lots of ribbons however she did forward some messages which were all in japanese before realizing that i can’t read nihongo. hai… but this proves that friendship can overcome the language barrier. o ha!

my favorite dress

poupees do have their own personality… well, mine can play the violin. ahihi. meron nga naglalaro pa ng golf. lolz. hahaha, i super love this! sana pasyalan nyo yung poupee ko…  >^.^< yun oh! click click!

poupeegirl fashion brand community

yun lang.

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a few days back, just out of the blue, i was asked by miming (parang lahat ata ng post ko meh special mention ka?) to download some weird sounding monster game, plants vs. zombies… saying that it was ‘cute’. hehehe, it was… i’m so hooked into this that i’d rather play and pig out in from of the computer than go to the mall. the last time i did this was when i downloaded luxor. nyahaha. yehes, magpaalam ka na sa social life mo, melai!

ok nga, it’s just in time for halloween, (happy halloween guys >^.^<) when there’s nothing on tv but gory shows. wahaha. can’t wait to see the gory details of my meralco bill though. my computer’s been on for the longest time…

hehehe… low level pa ko when i took this screenshot *blush blush*

alam nyo naman, we don’t do details here at melaikick. but i have a good guide here. so, konting konting details lang… it’s a game of defense. protektahan mo ang bahay mo laban sa kampon ng kasamaan sa pamamagitan ng pagtatanim. wah-chaaa! ay teka, evil din pala ako. nyahaha.

i hate cooking but i’m a good gardener, irl-wise (is there such a word?) hehe, sorry naman… the plants, the things you use to protect your house, just reminded me of the small garden i used to tend to waaaaay back. would have loved to have a real manyak eating plant or a bad customer eating plant… nyahahaha.

a sun shroom, one of the plants… hehe cute cute…

there are nice plants in this game, zombie eating plants, pea pod shooters, water lilies for floating purposes, cherry bombs (fireworks irl-fyi-lolz), tapos sunlight from the sunflowers. honga naman!

pero my favorite is the walnut… bakit? lam mo na… ang cute! mataba saka bilog ang mata… looks like a constipated nut. but it gets eaten in a horrible way, naawa ako sa kanya kapag kinakain na siya ng zombie.

on the other hand, the zombies… are totally funny. naisip ko nung una, regular zombies lang but most of them are ridiculous! there’s a newspaper zombie, a screendoor zombie, small zombies… hahaha, you name it. my favorite? even though it’s a low level zombie, nothing beats the michael jackson zombie… it even has back up zombie dancers! yeah, i know, right? bwahahahaha.

the michael jackson zombie, in focus!

there’s also a cool music video… starring the plants and zombies! ahihi, so nice! the song was written by pretty laura shigihara. here oh…

kind sirs at popcap (the makers of this cool game), how about a trellis of tomatoes … fighting ninja tomatoes? nyahaha! plants vs. zombies is readily available at *wink wink*

yun lang. me want brain…

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saltik ko daw ang cute. hehehe. this is what’s eating my time… pet society! kasalanan to nung nag-imbayb saken sa facebook. mukhang tataas ang bill ko sa kuryente. i won’t go into details on how it’s played (but you can click on the link above). kasi naman, mafia wars tests my patience… but anyways, please meet my pet, mr. miming.

mr. miming in the house yo!

ang cute nya noh! lolz. mejo low level pa siya, celebrity pet palang, that’s around level 18, eh ang dami daming levels… pero kaya namin to! araw araw naman siya naliligo eh… hahaha. lapitin din naman siya ng chix.

ang pusa kong babaero…

chillin with max, ate mimi’s pet

oha oha! sana pasyalan nyo si mr. miming… … more pix here …playfish people, sirs, can we have more pets? not just one? haha. i super love this.

yun lang.

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i’ve had a very long and rough day… talked to rabbit and miming today… both were indifferent. the calls were infuriating, karamihan mga matatanda na hindi marunong gumamit ng computer. at siyempre gulong gulo na ang utak ko… major depression mode. gusto kong pumatay. bwahahahaha.

i killed a lot of monsters today in cabal, a massive multi-player online role playing game (mmorpg)… kailangang pumatay matanggal lang ang sama ng loob. i killed mostly those mosscythers, mosquito like monsters which have serrated front legs and poison stingers. they remind me of annoying people. kung pwede lang sa totoong buhay, matagal ko na silang pinatay gamit ang baygon. hehehe. please insert evil melai laugh here…

ang nagturo saken ng cabal eh yung mga pets ko. it’s my first and probably only mmorpg. lolz. i still remember choosing the character. i chose the wizard based on how it looks, pero ang sabi saken ng dalawa kong alaga eh, di ko pa daw kaya ang may magic shworla. so i chose another character, which is i think was the force blader, again they told me, it was not for me. hahaha. i chose a third character, i can’t remember what it was… however, it was also declined… and of course, we know why i ended up with a blader… they chose the character for me! bwahahaha.

everyone’s still on my buddy list but no one’s ever logged in since… haizz. miming level 40 ka pa din? hahaha. marshey, san na yung mystic (damit po yan) ko? panda, if you happen to read this, lumipat ka na sa mars (server naman po yan sa cabal). haller! i miss my friends really bad… guys? kamon…

anyway, please meet my little blader, melaikick and my pet garlie. bakit garlie? if you look closely, mukhang pusa at rabbit in one. lolz. gahd, this just increases my depression. jus ko, kick.

yun lang. i want them dead, insert evil melai laugh here…

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