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maki knows i wanted to set up a cafe someday, yes, teh bestfriend knows everything from my taste in clothing to my dreams! so when she showed me an online discount on a baking class, i jumped at the chance. also, things like these make her a little more optimistic, like the way she’d find me maps and tell me i won’t get lost or tell me it’s a piece of cake, err cupcake in this case, haha.

i arrived on time at world citi colleges and headed to their culinary department, i knew the way because i checked the place a week before, lol.


world citi colleges’ kitchen probably isn’t as fancy as other schools’ but it was clean and and cozy. they had cute small electric ovens, might get one of those, intimidating medium sized steel gas ones, and a giant one at the back!


when all participants arrived, the chef brought out the baking supplies and gave us a rundown on beginner baking. i’m amazed at the bowls and measuring cups, and the cupcake liners were too cute. they’re like stationery and they’d make you feel kind of girly.


creaming and sifting were my favorite steps when we started because the electric mixer does everything for you and everything turns into cream like magic while sifting reminded me of err… noodles.


we started off with chocolate chip cookies, i made the batch up top, and then brownies, which were fairly easy, and then we helped each other out with the cupcakes. then we baked them!


cookies bake a little bit faster than the others, it was done after around fifteen minutes. these are chocolate chip and they turned out nicely and sweet.


the brownies were done after around twenty five minutes, then we melted some chocolate chips and drizzled that on top and added some marshmallows. the brownies were super fluffy and moist, was so good.


finally the vanilla cupcakes were done. these took a bit longer to bake, around thirty five minutes. they smelled so wonderful when they got out of the oven, they were kind of sweeter than i preferred but still fluffy!

never really thought i’d go back to school since i have no plans in getting an m. a. but might consider a few more baking classes since i really had a blast with this one, heehee. will bake again soon!

yun lang.

♥ melai


so bumili ako ng tikoy for a sweet new year. at binili ko siya from…


polland … well, the polland hopia stall at the mall. the lady manning it was nice, she gave me a battered box with special tikoy and a big smile.


tikoy … here it is round and all. hahaha! what i like about it though is that it’s sturdy so you can cut it up into fun shapes. this year i made some…


stars … that’s one of them. hahaha, nag-enjoy naman ako sa tikoy na to parang project lang. anyhoo, we have a few more days of chinese new year celebrations, make sure you eat some tikoy.

yun lang.

♥ melai

it’s the first day of the chinese new year celebrations! yehey! kong hsi huat tsai! it’s the year of the rabbit at alam naman ng earth na espesyal sa puso ko ang mga rabbit. lol. at para maging mas espesyal pa, i cooked some tikoy which i’m going to share of course.

presenting ‘some bunny loves you ube tikoy ala melai‘, siyempre kailangan cute yung tikoy. aba mahirap yatang gawing hugis rabbit ang tikoy no. hehehe, i’m into mixed art media and i thought it’d be nicer to look at anyway instead of just being strips. nom nom nom…

tapos, di dapat mawala ang pinakamahal kong rabbit sa lahat…

bading and me and good things this new year! for those who don’t know, bading is the name of my stuffed rabbit… long story, lolz. so eun, i wish you guys happiness, good health, and prosperity … sending you some love too! happy new year!

yun lang.

♥ melai

hehehe, this is the sequel to this post. ok, so i bought an excess of eggs a few days back, eh di lutuin! chef melai is back in the house y’all! pero…, my sister actually taught me to how make deviled eggs. deviled daw kasi maanghang. so here goes…

run devil egg run by melaikick (snsd inspired?)

step 1: patayin yung mga itlog… i mean boil the eggs. kailangan cute yung mga itlog, kasi pag hindi, ibang itlog na yan. lol. make sure na super hard boiled para matanggal yung yolk ng maayos, keh?

step 2: cut the eggs lengthwise… parang papel kapag meh long quiz sa school (no, i am not a high school student!!!). take out the yolk too.

step 3: mash the yolk tapos, mix with mayonnaise at konting asin. pwede ring mustard.

step 4: go stuff the mixture back to the eggs tapos it’s your call kung anong gusto mong spice na ilagay… mine has paprika.

step 5: serve chilled! wheeeee! they turned out nicely. heeee! tapos lamunin… nom nom nom…

wahehe! oi, nag-improve naman mula sa piniritong itlog, noh. deviled eggs are just simple appetizers… hey, i’m just getting started on these cooking chervams but imma try some main dishes soon.

yun lang.

♥ melai

yes, i’m fattening myself. max, jude, and i kinda sorta planned this… eun we pigged out at tong yang’s yesterday. it’s a cozy little hot pot place with all the things you could cook… meh isda, baboy, gulay and what not. max made really really good soup and i had fun toasting some eggplants. hahaha. oh yes, i can haz cooking skillz.

round 1. melaikick versus ken … ken wins!

sinama ni max si kuya mel na pinsan niya at si ken, her younger brother. this little boy (lol, he’s bigger than me!) is one lean eating machine.  i mean, hinihigop niya yung gulay na parang spaghetti lang. para siyang vacuum! hahaha. normally, when you eat at hot pots, left overs aren’t allowed and if there were leftovers you’d have to pay. eh mukhang lugi yata yung tong yang kay ken. hahaha. piz!

habang nag-iihaw pa si ate max
ate max > o ken gusto mo pa?
ken > smiles at ate-his eyes become mere lines-then nods his head-grins-continues eating reaction
adorbs! then max proceeds to put more food on his plate… lol.

round 2. teh boss versus heydyude … teh boss wins!

coz i’m teh boss! jude is one of max’s best friends… sobrang bait. he’s like your all around handyman. hahaha. pwede siyang photographer on call, basta kailangan ng pixxorz! ; comic relief ;  fashion critic, alam niya kung anong cute sayo kahit di mo pa sinusuot ; at personal assistant, well, binuhat niya yung groceries namin ni max… uhm in short parang alila ni max. lol. biro lang!

aside from cooking tons of food, may inimbento nga pala kaming drink…

max gets some yellow-colored juice…
melaikick > (looks at juice) ano yan beb?
max > mango beb
jude > mangobeb?
then they bicker how it’s not called “mangobeb” and that she calls me “beb”
melaikick > penge ng mangobeb…
lolololololololololzz. rofl.

in the end, we all went home bloated and massaging our stomach but with big smiles on our faces. wheeeeeeeeee! >^.^<

i wish i could do this with my n00bcakes… the whole complete set. a shoutout to you guys: i miss you all, eating out, movies, playing that ball game thing at tom’s world… just plain bonding… (heaves a sigh). kamon kamon?

yun lang.

♥ melai

mmmm nom nom nom nom nom… had this for breakfast still half asleep…

max’s mother had sent her usual padala from the land of the rising sun and max decided to share some of them with me! awwww… eun, dumating siya sa opisina na may dala-dalang malaking paperbag na puno ng… tawagin nating… instant japanese relief goods!  isa kasi akong nasalantang blogger… hahaha! well, everybody knows what happened to my wallet and its contents last december.

mabalik tayo sa foods na ito… sobrang natuwa ako sa kanila! i received jas noodles, instant rice, instant curry, and some chocoleeeee!  the noodles were great! mas masarap kehsa sa instant noodles natin dito. finished them off in one sitting. hahaha. gutom ako eh. i wasn’t surprised with the instant curry but the instant rice… hehehe, ingenious teh! add water and ayan na shworla! tapos put ulam on top nalang. bagay saken… hahaha! (lolz, my rice cooker has served me well… ilu rice cooker! )

thanks a lot maxxie! saved some for miming! hahaha! ang dalawang hapon sa buhay ko… lolz!

yun lang.

♥ melai

baket ba? i found these trays with joolee…  i bought something again for my kitchen. lolz! pero this time, super mura lang niya… less than a hundred pesos! hahaha. mejo mas sira pa ako noon eh, i had some egg molders shipped from the states. just because… nyahaha.

so eun nga, bumili ako ng ice trays. cheap cute ones. i thought they’d make great ice pops. here they are…

kawaii stars

hehe. so cute noh? gawa sila sa minute maid… yung mango and orange combo! they turned out well.


ice tray nga ng pag-ibig eh. the shape is bit fat kaya di masyadong kita yung pagka-heart nila. made up of coca cola. loooove~!

water babies

mga dolphin. tubig lang sila kaya di masyadong kita. pero… cute pa den! sobrang liit nila, mukhang sardinas! nyahahaha!

well, there you go. kung gusto mo ng yelo na kakaiba ang shape or malakas lang ang trip mo or saltik mo lang talaga ang cute… these ice trays are available at a store called clipper. there’s one in trinoma. >^.^<

yun lang.

♥ melai

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