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i usually ignore raffles and stuff like that because you never win anyway, but they frakking called my ticket number and i won a trip to boracay… and if you must know, this happened at work, during our last christmas party, while i was wolfing down the remnants of someone else’s salad, haha.

but then i had no one to bring so i got my office family to come instead… that involved begging several directors and fighting some jedi. i decided to use the prize for my birthday, last july…

boracay 2016 shared

now this was my advance party, haha. renz couldn’t come (peace tayo dung, if by any chance, you get to read this, lelz) but jb found a way to include him in the trip.


everything else went smoothly until my inahing manok, got left at the airport, for the love of buddha, haha. so two of my favorite persons couldn’t come to my birthday and it was miserable… somewhat. on a side note, i took a shoefie at naia because #sponsor. (kind ma’am, or sir from vans, i need new skate shoes, pls.)

boracay 2016 fb

i landed in kalibo with my… ahem, bodyguards i mean bosses. they are too cute, like bears… we also met with ma’am lyn before boarding the bus to the seaport. it was eventful getting to boracay island, there were tons of screaming kids on the ferry and gorgeous but smelly tourists rode with us to our hotels. by the time i reached our hotel, a few veins were pulsating around my temples, i thought i was having the most depressing birthday ever.

boracay 2016 fb

the following morning, which was my birthday, oh surprise! they bought me a fudgee bar, hahaha! jb is such a cheapskate that him buying me anything is a surprise. i highly appreciated this.

boracay 2016 fb

we had a hearty breakfast at don vito ristorante somewhere in the middle of station 2 and well… tocino and mango juice are kind of far from being italian but eating with good friends… on your birthday… was exceptionally great. had a new friend too, gracia, who is annielyn’s friend. she smokes, i vape, we good yo, huzzah!


on a somewhat related note, i ate like a cow in boracay, or at least gorged down anything i fancied like the churros above.


we went island hopping, i’ve done this so many times though, that i was beggining to get bored, i was just looking forward to having cake on the island. i badgered everyone to get me cake when the activity ends… they kind of ignored me, all afternoon.


paano ba patitigilin ang bagyo kung ang gusto mo lang ay ambon? it was raining at times that afternoon, i felt like a chilled margarita glass. my birthday was turning out to be sucky and also, i still hadn’t had cake.

boracay 2016 shared

when we got back to our hotel, i got the most pleasant surprise from my inahing manok (all my pixxors with her suck, so i’ll just add the ones from antique, heehee), she actually booked another flight and bought me cake, and everyone was in on it. i was so psyched! …and since they deprived me all afternoon, i was elated.

we ate at the old all you can eat seafood restaurant, where we ate the first time we went to boracay and bought trinkets and pasalubong after. this was one of those memorable birthdays, i wish i’d get to see everyone on the next one.

yun lang.

♥ melai

i knew i couldn’t leave work for my birthday, so i thought i’d just stuff myself with food… and so i invited my slave drivers and fellow slaves err… i mean my friends from work to eat out at vikings (also they give you free food on your burpday, teehee).

birthday kick 2015 fb
birthday kick 2015 fb

i gots my own photographers, stole them pixxors from ms. babes and jb, thanks so much! and we camwhored on the way to the buffet restaurant.

birthday kick 2015 fb
birthday kick 2015 fb

we arrived a bit early… and we had about thirty minutes or more of wait time but we still camwhored while waiting…

birthday kick 2015 fb
birthday kick 2015 fb

oh for the love of… we were still taking pixxors while eating, hahaha. so cute though.


i ate all of these, huzzah! that was from about 11 in the morning up till 2 in the afternoon, which meant we were all bloated piggies at the end of the day, haha. on a side note, i also ate a lot of air, due to laughing too much… you know you’re in good company when the conversations include fruits and vegetables from the bahay kubo song. also, they’d blurt out na busog na daw… pero sumusubo pa! hahaha!

birthday kick 2015 fb

i forced everyone to eat this cake after i butchered it, haha. everyone was so kind to me on my birthday, special thanks for the jokes at my expense, nyahaha! lab lab.

yun lang.

♥ melai


this year’s cake is brought to you by tetsu ojisan care of maki! this was really good, super fluffy and not too sweet… i ate a third in one sitting! on the other hand, had a really ozummm birthday. visited my sister and niece, who took this pixxor. then ate out and watched guardians of the galaxy, which is my second marvel favorite after the winter soldier (because so many bucky feels, heehee)!

they say you find out what you really want in life when you reach 28 years and i did. i did see that there is more to life… (long story, lol) and now at 29, i’m just so excited to continue my adventures, to get sad, to get happy, to get whole… to eat more cheesecake din, hahaha!

yun lang. thanks to all who greeted! huzzah!

♥ melai

dad and me

it’s my dad’s birthday today! lol, see the resemblance… hahaha. also, why am i so small? i never really grew up with him, he’s lived in the us for a very long time and only got to visit us every few years, he has his own family now, so we don’t really have the closest parent-kid kind of relationship.

but i find that despite some gaps in our lives he can still be adorbs… he buys me better clothes now, you know, the girly kind, hahaha! also, he’s a really great cook, which is his best strength in my opinion, once, i woke up to the smell of sauteed oysters and clams during his visit last year. those were ozumm noms. but most of all, he would find some time to chat once in a while, which is kind of nice because he could have chosen to move on with his life and his new family and have chosen to forget me but he didn’t.

so eun, before i get sappy, have a good one dad!

yun lang.

♥ melai

having moved to a different company, i knew that i would’nt be able to take some time off for my birthday, so i just decided to drown myself in kicks (cakes). hahaha!

chocolate forest

chocolate forest … i brought this to work. my officemates had fun camwhoring with it! lol. having this new job is actually one of the best gifts i have received. people at my new company are so adorkable! they say they’re not nice, although i think they are, but more importantly they know the meaning of respect for uniqueness, something that i value so much. note that i still try to separate work from my personal life.

so there, going back to the cake… i’ve been eyeing this from tous les jours for a long time. it’s the sweetest cake in the planet, everyone went adhd when they had this, haha. i specially liked the chocolate shavings at the top because they kind of turned into rosettes. chocolate will always be one of the best things in life. oh yeah.

mango bravo

mango bravo … my favorite of the bunch! i bought this from conti’s… for myself. haha, please allow me to be selfish on my birthday! it’s just ozummm. it’s shaped like a tower so i thought it would be heavy but it’s very light, kind of like tiramisu, only better. plus it had mangoes and chocolate sauce, the kind the freezes up, and some wafers inside too. talagang bravo!

chocolate mousse

chocolate mousse … i bought this because of the broas or ladyfingers. according to the person who attended to me at max’s bakery, this was called, cake na may bakod, referring to the finger shaped biscuits… although i’d like to think of them as cats’ tongues. hahaha! loved the broas so much though, i haven’t had them in a long time. anyhoo, brought this to my sister because i missed her and my hyper niece. i thought she liked it too.

so eun, i’m probably bloated by now, lol. but my birthday was a happy one. lots of friends greeted me and i received some very nice gifts. i still have pending treats for my closest friends though, hoping their schedules would clear up soon! huzzah!

yun lang.

♥ melai

so i had a pre-birthday celebration with david and post birthday celebrations with miming and then max which i might put in another post… but i had a simple birthday. i kind of devoured red velvet cupcakes and chapchae while watching harry potter and the deathly hallows parts one and two. harry potter movies usually comes out during my birthday month and since harry, shane, and i have the same birthday… well there you go. afterwards, i met up with maki and we had some

chicken heaven

chicken heaven … bakit ba, eh gusto kong kumain ng manok sa birthday ko. i wanted to try hainanese chicken a long time ago, kasi naman naadik sa bon chon. hahaha! and of course we had cake!

melai cake+
love inspiration

melai cake … we got this from tous les jours, i think it’s called love inspiration. nom nom nom. it’s sweet and the red powdered top is sour which made it taste kind of lemony sweet. wish they offered smaller cakes because i can have this everyday!

so eun, i had a pretty good birthday, got ozumm gifts, and warm hugs and kisses. uh so, another year olderrr, please call me big sister nao. hahaha! here’s to birthday kicks and blessings and friendship, and love and family, and cake! cheers!

yun lng.

♥ melai

what i thought would have been one of my happiest birthdays turned out to be one of the saddest. i had plans, i usually do… but something had happened and i’d decided not to push through with those plans… pakiramdam ko boss fight na talaga yung birthday ko. ang hirap pala mag-isip matapos masira yung mga plano.

i wore my favorite red dress and heels that morning… i had to slave off say around 6.5 hours–of my birthday–although my team mates made me feel so much better spamming glorious pictures of cakes and they even waited for me for lunch.

the commute home was uneventful… nagpahinga lang ako ng konti pagkauwi ko pagkatapos nagdecide na kong imeet si maki. i decided to forego the dress and wear an old red shirt, shorts, at ang mahiwagang bota ni ms. montano. hahaha. that’s what miming calls my red boots. grabe, i’m talking about what i wore. ganyan siya kalungkot. lol. i think maki was amused with the boots though. birthday ko, suot ko trip ko. hehehe.

nakakatuwa naman kase si shane din pumunta… wala rin pala siyang plano. sabay nga kasi kami ng birthday. we horked down pasta, something i’d had wanted for my birthday since the first of july and engrossed ourselves in a bit of window shopping. i loved this part because we get to go to so many fancy shops and… annoy the sales ladies. when shane left, nanood na kami ni maki ng captain america. it was fun pointing out parts where chris evans’ head weren’t proportionate to his body double… but hey… ang gwapo pa rin nya!

e bakit parang masaya? i admit i was distracted for a while… pero nung umalis si maki, nalungkot na naman ako. naalala naman niya ako and he greeted me. but i wish i saw him. i was awake till 12 midnight kasi ako nga si cindermelai eh, kaya lang walang tagasuot nung bota ko. haha. if only things had been different… kaya lang dumating na nga yung hating-gabi. tapos na yung birthday ko…

so kumuha nalang ako ng kutsilyo at…


melaicake … it’s my birthday cake! a gift from maki. hehehe. oks ba! i would like to thank all those who greeted me, those who remembered, to all my friends and loved ones… 26 years na ko sa earth! i labshu all!

yun lang.

♥ melai

hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.