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a few months back, my friend from work, tammy, invited me to join their team building… and since i am kaladkarin and also because tammy is so soft, fluffy and cute and reminds me of a marshmallow, i agreed on the spot. and so i went to laiya, batangas and we lounged our butts in a place called…


punto miguel… it wasn’t exactly a luxurious resort but it was the homey kind, with huts and sand littered with shells and hand painted murals although some had faded already… also there were chickens roaming about, there was a particularly fat one and that would have made an excellent adobo, lols.


there were lots of people selling stuff around the beach and i bought a few, it’s kind of sad though because once you buy something, sellers would come to you and well… i can’t afford to buy from each…


and then there’s the beach which is filled with little boats and lots of life… there were a bunch of starfish moving around every meter or so… and then God kind of made a little masterpiece on the mountains, you know… those were really beautiful most especially during sunrise.

so eun, this trip was brief but it was really fun, they got me drunk for the love of… haha. on a side note i did enjoy pinching tammy so much, that cutie. i hope i could come back soon.

yun lang.

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