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super late post… because again, life… so i went the annual giant lantern festival in san fernando, pampanga last… err… last december (sorry na). went on a weekday and not on the main event day because all you’ll ever see on that day are selfie sticks and people’s heads. was able to get really close to the lanterns and here are my favorite pixxors…


particularly liked sto. nino’s lantern though, it looked like a giant flower wreath most of the time but


it had a majestic finale.



dolores keeps winning yearly but i will always have a penchant for telabastagan, hihi. this baranggay won when i attended my first festival… they’re still awesome. so eun, it was fun watching the lights, hoping to see the lanterns again next time.

yun lang.

♥ melai

late post is late. haven’t blogged in a while because… life, haha. and so, we went to the up lantern parade some, ahem, three months ago. it was as always, really fun but there were so many people that night it was somewhat difficult to get good photos.

up lantern parade 2016 x chocolate kiss cafe fb
up lantern parade 2016 x chocolate kiss cafe fb
up lantern parade 2016 x chocolate kiss cafe fb

the building lights and the floats were very nice though, they had this ‘film’ theme going on too. on a side note, there was one point when, in an attempt to catch up with the floats, we tried crossing the whole of the sunken garden… which was very unwise, haha, but… at least to me, it was a funny moment (hey, i was wearing a dress and skate shoes with the waffles sticking to the wet ground). we stopped trying to cross after a few meters.

up lantern parade 2016 x chocolate kiss cafe transfers

we ended the night eating at the chocolate kiss cafe, i hadn’t eaten there in a long time, they still make all the old cakes (like dayap and devil’s food) and the acid orange tea. on a side note, if you’re going to have the bahay ng alumni as your meet-up place (which i did), better inform your unfamiliar friends that it is a building inside of up diliman… in my case everyone was asking “who” the alumni was… “bahay ng alumni? sinong alumni?”, nyahaha.

yun lang.

♥ melai

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