hundred islands

Posted on: November 19, 2016


joined a tour group with my office kuya, kuya onion, to see the hundred islands national park last september. i’ve gone there before when i was kid, but i didn’t really appreciate it then due to my bickering old folks, lols. this adventure happened to be kind of peaceful and a happy one.

we arrived at the port in alaminos early in the morning but the sun was already beating down on us… i find that this is typical in pangasinan, or at least it’s similar to what i have experienced in bolinao and infanta. the port isnt packed with merchants any more though, or maybe it was too early…


the water was pretty calm that day, which was a blessing, because i’ve been travelling during crazy weather from the start of the year.


high tide or low tide? the hundred islands range from little stony hills to medium sized ones, with lush vegetation that make them look like they were dusted with matcha powder from a distance.


and of course, the larger islands which are occupied by people… either privately owned or filled with resorts. we docked in some of those large ones and well there were lots of stuff to ogle…


this was actually the last island that we went to, i can’t remember what it was called, but i’d like to discuss it first because it wasn’t as nice as the others. it had a cave… that is sort of being destroyed by tourists and that smelled like urine. but it kind of looked interesting from the outside. this island also had a diving spot, although, you have to watch out from protruding nails from the little bamboo ledge and the huts.


quezon island was a little better, it was kind of pretty with mermaid statues and interesting jars and benches… it was kind of like a messy garden. it also had a creepy statue of president manuel quezon after which the island was named. somehow, the statue seemed alive and i thought it might walk around the island at night.


governor’s island is way better now, there were people selling food, and there were ziplines, even a bridge to virgin island. it had none of those when we stayed when i was younger (my family was trying to kill me… with boredom and hunger before, haha.)


so eun, i’ve had a lot of fun this time around at the park, i did try counting them at one point but gave up when kuya gave me an exasperated look. might come back with family someday when they’re no longer fussy and stressful, hehe.

yun lang.

♥ melai

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