antique august 2016 part two: mararison island

Posted on: October 31, 2016

i was hesitant in going to mararison island, it was raining like crazy that afternoon and i was tired but we pushed through because the rain stopped for a bit. i had lots of weird thoughts on the boat such as… ‘the ocean is going to eat me’ or that ‘i cannot for the life of me survive as a castaway’, and ‘is that a shark?’ haha.


but i was glad that we did push through… and that we didn’t die, haha. the place isn’t exactly paradise but it has its charms. we stayed in a small cottage which is kind of cozy… it had seashells and clams and corals for decorations.



there were a lot of boats too, (it’s an island after all, duh). they all had names… mostly regular ones, but some were cute like bhots and pom, there’s a cool one called gaschem antartic. now if i had one i will name it somewhat close to that of bogart (dad’s car), say… baldo or benok or bords (because… haha!).


mornings are awesome on this island, it’s the kind you’d want to pair with hot toast with a generous slab of warm butter and tea.


i didn’t know we had to do some trekking in antique so i didn’t pack any err… trek-appropriate clothes and to add to that i only had one piece of clothing left and it was a maxi dress, lol.


so there, i trekked mararison’s windswept hills wearing a purple maxi dress. the struggle was real, very much real.


but i got to the top anyway, and it was teh ozumness. from the top, you have inahing manok and then nyles (total babe, hehe), and me.

so eun, i kind of liked antique and how it’s not swarmed by tourists, how clean it is, and how quiet it is that you get to really enjoy it… the sea breeze, the soft grass and the little jug plants… nature itself. will definitely comeback!

yun lang.

♥ melai


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