antique august 2016 part one: malumpati cold spring

Posted on: October 30, 2016


inahing manok kidnapped err… invited me to go to antique from boracay because we’ve already been to boracay a few times and i agreed because i could cross antique off my list. our first stop was malumpati cold spring and it was very nice… it’s a place where totoro and fairies might lounge around for beers, heehee.


the water was extremely clear… and yes, above are two of my favorite persons and they look like they were stuck in lime jell-o.


the place had really pretty spots, i kept wondering when totoro would show up.


here they are, inahing manok and nyles, their skin look nice after swimming… i wish i could swim too, my parents weren’t the outgoing type at least until they were together… (my dad travels now it seems when i browse his facebook pixxors but i think he likes shopping more than travelling) and since we never went to beaches and the sort, i never learned how to swim.


i walked around this pretty place while my friends went tubing, still didn’t find totoro though, lols.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai


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hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.

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