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i was hesitant in going to mararison island, it was raining like crazy that afternoon and i was tired but we pushed through because the rain stopped for a bit. i had lots of weird thoughts on the boat such as… ‘the ocean is going to eat me’ or that ‘i cannot for the life of me survive as a castaway’, and ‘is that a shark?’ haha.


but i was glad that we did push through… and that we didn’t die, haha. the place isn’t exactly paradise but it has its charms. we stayed in a small cottage which is kind of cozy… it had seashells and clams and corals for decorations.



there were a lot of boats too, (it’s an island after all, duh). they all had names… mostly regular ones, but some were cute like bhots and pom, there’s a cool one called gaschem antartic. now if i had one i will name it somewhat close to that of bogart (dad’s car), say… baldo or benok or bords (because… haha!).


mornings are awesome on this island, it’s the kind you’d want to pair with hot toast with a generous slab of warm butter and tea.


i didn’t know we had to do some trekking in antique so i didn’t pack any err… trek-appropriate clothes and to add to that i only had one piece of clothing left and it was a maxi dress, lol.


so there, i trekked mararison’s windswept hills wearing a purple maxi dress. the struggle was real, very much real.


but i got to the top anyway, and it was teh ozumness. from the top, you have inahing manok and then nyles (total babe, hehe), and me.

so eun, i kind of liked antique and how it’s not swarmed by tourists, how clean it is, and how quiet it is that you get to really enjoy it… the sea breeze, the soft grass and the little jug plants… nature itself. will definitely comeback!

yun lang.

♥ melai



inahing manok kidnapped err… invited me to go to antique from boracay because we’ve already been to boracay a few times and i agreed because i could cross antique off my list. our first stop was malumpati cold spring and it was very nice… it’s a place where totoro and fairies might lounge around for beers, heehee.


the water was extremely clear… and yes, above are two of my favorite persons and they look like they were stuck in lime jell-o.


the place had really pretty spots, i kept wondering when totoro would show up.


here they are, inahing manok and nyles, their skin look nice after swimming… i wish i could swim too, my parents weren’t the outgoing type at least until they were together… (my dad travels now it seems when i browse his facebook pixxors but i think he likes shopping more than travelling) and since we never went to beaches and the sort, i never learned how to swim.


i walked around this pretty place while my friends went tubing, still didn’t find totoro though, lols.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

i usually ignore raffles and stuff like that because you never win anyway, but they frakking called my ticket number and i won a trip to boracay… and if you must know, this happened at work, during our last christmas party, while i was wolfing down the remnants of someone else’s salad, haha.

but then i had no one to bring so i got my office family to come instead… that involved begging several directors and fighting some jedi. i decided to use the prize for my birthday, last july…

boracay 2016 shared

now this was my advance party, haha. renz couldn’t come (peace tayo dung, if by any chance, you get to read this, lelz) but jb found a way to include him in the trip.


everything else went smoothly until my inahing manok, got left at the airport, for the love of buddha, haha. so two of my favorite persons couldn’t come to my birthday and it was miserable… somewhat. on a side note, i took a shoefie at naia because #sponsor. (kind ma’am, or sir from vans, i need new skate shoes, pls.)

boracay 2016 fb

i landed in kalibo with my… ahem, bodyguards i mean bosses. they are too cute, like bears… we also met with ma’am lyn before boarding the bus to the seaport. it was eventful getting to boracay island, there were tons of screaming kids on the ferry and gorgeous but smelly tourists rode with us to our hotels. by the time i reached our hotel, a few veins were pulsating around my temples, i thought i was having the most depressing birthday ever.

boracay 2016 fb

the following morning, which was my birthday, oh surprise! they bought me a fudgee bar, hahaha! jb is such a cheapskate that him buying me anything is a surprise. i highly appreciated this.

boracay 2016 fb

we had a hearty breakfast at don vito ristorante somewhere in the middle of station 2 and well… tocino and mango juice are kind of far from being italian but eating with good friends… on your birthday… was exceptionally great. had a new friend too, gracia, who is annielyn’s friend. she smokes, i vape, we good yo, huzzah!


on a somewhat related note, i ate like a cow in boracay, or at least gorged down anything i fancied like the churros above.


we went island hopping, i’ve done this so many times though, that i was beggining to get bored, i was just looking forward to having cake on the island. i badgered everyone to get me cake when the activity ends… they kind of ignored me, all afternoon.


paano ba patitigilin ang bagyo kung ang gusto mo lang ay ambon? it was raining at times that afternoon, i felt like a chilled margarita glass. my birthday was turning out to be sucky and also, i still hadn’t had cake.

boracay 2016 shared

when we got back to our hotel, i got the most pleasant surprise from my inahing manok (all my pixxors with her suck, so i’ll just add the ones from antique, heehee), she actually booked another flight and bought me cake, and everyone was in on it. i was so psyched! …and since they deprived me all afternoon, i was elated.

we ate at the old all you can eat seafood restaurant, where we ate the first time we went to boracay and bought trinkets and pasalubong after. this was one of those memorable birthdays, i wish i’d get to see everyone on the next one.

yun lang.

♥ melai



i haven’t hiked in ages so when my officemates offered to go on one, i accepted. the place was bantakay cave and falls in atimonan, quezon. and that was us… kuya onion, anna, eking, and me… before the jump.


the trek started pretty easy… there were stairs for about a kilometer or two and then some well-maintained paths and then little bamboo bridges…


and it wasn’t too hot due to all the trees and plants around…

bantakay cave and falls fb

until… we were climbing rocks and hanging onto roots and trodding on mud, haha.


we got to the cave first, it was… err, dark, haha. i thought it looked like a little mystery hole filled with weird stuff and uh, stalactites and stalagmites.

bantakay cave and falls fb
bantakay cave and falls fb

we got out eventually.


after a few more walking, or more like, crawling and hanging on to roots, we reached the falls…


where the water’s very clear


and the sky was mighty beautiful.

yun lang.

♥ melai

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