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i just wanted to document the time i ate at san sung korean restaurant with my officemates some months back… (months talaga, lol.) it’s just that with my family being so far away, it’s nice to be able share food and eat with people at times.

on a side note, the place reminded me of my best friend, maki, too, we used to have sam gyeop sal on nice days and we’d try to read the hanggeul in the menus while fangirling on korean singers, haha. good old days, huh?


anyhoo, we got sam gyeop sal and woo sam gyeop for grilling and some really soft chap chae. and then these came with a bunch of ban chan or side dishes. i remember blabbing about the number of plates korean ladies might have to wash, haha.


i ate so much that day and i would have ordered bap but it was so expensive! i think i had a bottle of beer though… i wish we could always go eat out like this.

yun lang.

♥ melai



next on our list was burnham park… i’ve passed by this park several times but haven’t really explored it, because i was more focused before on getting to more uncommon touristy spots in baguio and err… eating at new restaurants, haha.

the main attraction of the place was of course, the boat rides in the man-made lake found at the center of it. We got onto one and it was the shakiest thing i have ever been on, it was somewhat a terrifying experience, and i kept calm only because i was with friends.

on the other hand, the scenery looked kind of pretty, with little swan boats and trees in the background and of course, happy faces on the boats.


i wondered what would happen if our boat fell over though, they didn’t provide us life vests. but mostly, we were already drenched in the rain, i was thinking more of laundry costs, lol.


the following morning, i set up to do an errand that my dad asked me to do (i miss you, dad!), and i agreed to meet our group at good shepherd, famous for their peanut brittle, ube jams, and angel cookies. i love ube but i was more interested in the angel cookies… for some reason, bumabait ang taong pinagbibigyan ko nito, char.

the place is also picturesque, there were really pretty gardens and floors that have intricate designs… this is pertinent to me because i like to photograph where my shoes have been.

after buying our pasalubongs, we checked out of our hotel and went home. baguio will always have a place in my heart, it is a place where i created memories with friends and family and i will always go back since there will always be new things to see and new memories to create.

yun lang.

♥ melai

went back to baguio with friends last june… i’ve been to baguio several times already but haven’t been there with really close friends so this was a new experience for me.

baguio june 2016 co gaki

camp john hay ended up as our initial stop, and uh,,, we ate at yellow cab (for the love of–, hahaha!) i knew tons of good places to eat around but i got a bit shy recommending where to eat because they were somewhat expensive and in the end everyone agreed to eat at the said restaurant, lolz.


we roamed around and smoked a bit. i honestly never had time to just ogle at camp john hay before since i was usually with a tour group but it was fun being able to just look around and…


be weird. yes, i have saltik, haha. and it was nice to be with people who could tolerate me being weird.

baguio june 2016 co gaki

we also decided to ride some horses… i’ve never tried riding one before during my previous visits because most of them looked underfed. but this time, i’ve got friends and they forced me. bwahaha. on a side note, the horse i rode on looked somewhat healthy and the ride turned out to be fun.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai


just wanted to document the company outing i joined sometime last may because i thought the place, the grass garden resort and villas was somewhat pretty… possibly because of all the plant shizz. also, i haven’t been to plaridel in a long while so i thought of it as kind of a coming back home trip to bulacan, which was where i was born.


the place had a sort of lagoon and you can shove that pesky co-worker into it err… you can play around on a boat.


but i really enjoyed just ogling the plant life. i grew up in houses with gardens and used to tend one too. daming plants although wala naman zombies, wala ring grass type pokemon, nyahaha!


the entrance to the swimming pool had hanging pots… want! and uh, yes they had pools but i’m not the biggest fan of swimming, haha. so anyhoo, i watched my co-workers chug beer and lounge around for the rest of the day tapos umuwi na kami…

yun lang.

♥ melai

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